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  1. 2011 - 2020 is the speculation Age
  2. After the 1st Guardians movie came out, with Knowhere in it, I accelerated my buying of this series with the Goal of completing it all in 9.8. Haven't really bought much for a few years, but I am a huge Eternals fan (Sersi will be the main character for sure). It's great seeing it getting love and going mainstream. I have multiple NM+++ copies of any of the books I dont already have in 9.8 (excluding price variants, not my cup of tea). I think I have the whole series in 9.8, but really should have got them slabbed earlier. Any issues I end up only hitting 9.6 on will be a lot more to purchase in 9.8 now, then when I did most of the collecting on this.
  3. God Bless you Stan, the greatest of all time. Even after 95 years years, and when its been coming for a while, its hard to let the legends go.
  4. So: a.) "I follow as many spec sites as I can find.... I bought 30 copies of a book" b.) ....dont blame speculators/spec sites K, got it. I subscribed to and read the book when it came out ("Sometimes you have to actually read modern books to understand what's going on in the market"), and picked up a couple extra because i knew the speculator horde would eventually descend on the book. It's very amusing the hoops some sites and people will go through to not call a spade a spade. The Honey Badger character was much better in the original series she launched in, for the record. As time went on,she became a bit of a caricature of herself. She's an SJW dream though, so I am sure she will continue to get lots of books, and future play in multimedia spin offs (games or tv/movies).
  5. one of the great ones, from a better time, RIP
  6. That's not a good thing, for any book. That's the definition of manufactured rarity...
  7. yah 1.) you left out the quote where you said it wouldnt make $850, which is WHAT i responded to, with everything I said. 2.) $854 is around $860 I like you for the most part, but your March reply is a person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed bag childish PoS thing. I have said my response. I am done in this thread. Grow up, be a man, and dont play misquoting games just cause you got it wrong.
  8. I wrote about the fact it would make $850 guaranteed. You said it wouldnt. You were wrong. The End My numbers were based on a direct comparison on a week to week basis. I said its theoretical max was $875, if it tracked the other movie exactly, but that its international wasnt there. My prediction was $850 guaranteed, final around $860. Thats what it was. You predicted it would fail to make $850, and were wrong.
  9. just saw this now. My prediction was guaranteed $850, final total "around $860", as you quoted final number was $854. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/world/ Actual analysis was ACTUAL and nailed it.
  10. This actually sounds good, the limitless comparison is a good one too in this thread. That show was outstanding, sad it got cancelled, fabulous fabulous writing on that show.
  11. Sure hope not. Black Widow & Hawkeye has been my prediction for Phase 4 for a long time, and I hope that's what they go with. Having the Hawkeye & Winter Soldier book come out under Tales of Suspense felt like a non-coincidence. Winter Soldier would fit right in with a Black Widow story, set in the present or the past. Sure as heck don't need Wakandans, Valkyries, or Guadians in a Black Widow film. The writer is pretty green, but at least she's a rising star which suits Marvel's M.O. MCU needs to keep going with the best people and meritocracy, not virtue signalling. If they go Female Director and Producer, just because MUH Female Lead Character, they sure as heck better be darn-talented and not just hacks like what happened with so many of the print comics.
  12. I agree with everything you say, other than wikipedia being quoted as an authority on anything. If this was a legitimate claim, the goal would be punishment, not winning the lottery. Just like so often people accuse politicians of things, and then as soon as the election passes, the accusers vanish like Keyser Söze into thin air. If the accusations are real, the person will want justice regardless of whether it benefits them directly or not. Since Stan Lee will have an estate after he is gone, I would expect this nonsense will not go away anytime soon. My thoughts: If he actually physically assaulted someone, charge him and put him in prison. If he was rude and there is proof, make him apologize and stop working for him but no LOTTO MAX paydays for hurt feelings. If the person accused him falsely, sue her into homelessness and throw her into debtors prison...