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  1. I'm only sort of aware of this one, but here's how I would state moderation position on this kind of question: We don't allow personal paypal for two reasons. It deprives buyers of protections that they should give up, and It's explicitly against the terms of use of PayPal If either of those things are also true about asking for an extra 3% for paypal, then I think we would veer towards disallowing it. If I understand things correctly, it's ok with PayPal if you say something like "3% discount for cash/check", though? I'm not familiar enough with the specific terms of PayPal use to know in this case what is and isn't acceptable. But if we see enough abuse of those terms, we'd clarify it and add it to the posting guidelines.
  2. Hm... yeah, that's interesting... I'd say that I would be concerned someone would end up in a PM conversation trying to "buy" the book, and then get burned. If we leave the bait up, it may catch someone. Also, it would create a need to make judgement calls about what is a simple guidelines violation versus what is a scammer. Guidelines violation would need to be removed, while scams would be locked, but there would be a large grey area in between. That will get messy. Theoretically, if they try again under the same terms, their posts will just be removed again. If they just make a new fake account they may not be caught anyway even if we leave their previous attempts up. There probably isn't an ideal treatment here. I might trend towards less complexity in that case. Thoughts?
  3. Increase Max Number of Likes

    ah! Yes, I see that now. We'll file a bug with the boards maker. I agree that it's frustrating for that to fail silently, @Scott =)
  4. Captcha? Is this something new here?

    @DeadOne @skypinkblu and anyone else on this thread - to bring it more back on topic: Is anyone regularly experiencing these challenges at this point? The intent is that a normal user is rarely / never challenged with a captcha screen. So if you are still seeing these as of today with any regularity, I'd love to know. Thanks!
  5. Captcha? Is this something new here?

    I think I can help provide you some perspective on a few of these things. I'm really an escalation point on boards issues rather than any day-to-day responder to issues. I tend to deal with moderation at a policy level, and boards performance and design at an oversight level. I check in, and occasionally respond directly to users just to add a little more communication where I can and because I value the community and like to stay in touch at a direct level where I can. I do tend to try to respond in brief. I think your frustration with these issues stems from a mismatch of expectations. You would like a community interaction process where all requests are responded to promptly, minor and major issues of any sort always get an answer as well as frequent updates along the way. That sounds pretty ideal to me as well, but alot of the types of issues you advocate for are lower priority issues for a variety of reasons. The issue doesn't impact that many users It's a preference request that there isn't major support for and/or has other side effects that we don't consider desirable It would be nice to do, but it's unclear how to achieve it The issue can easily be worked around so it is an inconvenience rather than a blocker It's possible to do, but probably would take too much time/resources/cost to be worth it We always want the boards to be better, and the users to be happier, but we do also have to make priority decision on what to address. Sometimes that means that your comments will go into the "suggestion box", will get read, but won't really have any effort allocated to resolving them. That isn't because we don't care. It's because we have to make decisions about where to focus time and energy. So, for example, this week the team has spent time on board performance and scalability. The security changes were an outcome of that attention. It cut a bunch of malicious and/or spider activity out and improved things. The team deployed a point release of the boards that addressed a variety of issues. The team is also currently testing and executing on a move of attachment storage to a new location in order to avoid running out of disk space and shutting the boards down. They have also spotted a system issue on the NGC boards that was eating 10GBs of storage with duplicate javascripts and made sure it was resolved. There are many more projects and issues being worked on across other web and mobile assets as well. Lots of these things are beneficial to everyone, and generally higher priority than some of the requests and issues that arise more directly from the members. We are very interested in suggestions and problem reports, and we do read them, but we are not guarantying a response to every item raised by the membership. You can think of it more like a suggestion box rather than a ticket system.
  6. Captcha? Is this something new here?

    What? No credit? Man. tough crowd.
  7. Captcha? Is this something new here?

    Maybe I'm just afraid that too many accolades would make me lazy. Sometimes a trophy is just atrophy.
  8. Captcha? Is this something new here?

    Phew. It sure does. The trophy thing especially scares me. I have this recurrent dream of a giant trophy falling on me. Is that weird?
  9. Increase Max Number of Likes

    Response to some of the quick issues to address: Likes - probably not going to increase this substantially, but if a modest number of people all still want more likes, I could see raising the ceiling a bit Gallery visibility - I added a sidebar for recent gallery additions Window for invisible edits - no way to do this. We can either allow ALL edits to be invisible (which I don't like), or none. We have no setting to allow invisible edits for X minutes or anything like this. Given the two choices, I prefer visible edits so people can tell if original post content was altered after people responded. Ask CGC - not handled by moderation - no opinion Old journal migration - not sure of the status on this one. Ignoring specific threads - no facility on the boards for this one. There might be a plugin out there for this, but I don't think I'm in favor of people narrowing their exposure to topics the community is responding to. I think if you are ignoring the original poster, though, then that thread is not see. Search drop down changes - Probably would have to be re-tested as a few minor boards versions have been released, and I know they keep messing with search. I haven't looked at this. Generally, we've been considering replacing the main search with a plugin that uses google instead. Mainly because the boards software's search facility is problematic in a number of way - not least that it's limited to a 4 year index and even that performs poorly. As a result, we're not investing much attention in it.
  10. Captcha? Is this something new here?

    I turned off likes for admin because someone made a shill and was just liking everything I posted as some kind of reverse psychology sarcasm trolling. It didn't seem worth the hassle, so I just turned off admin likes.
  11. Captcha? Is this something new here?

    I answered it because when we make a change that could possibly block people from using the boards, we treat that as higher priority and of general interest. Similar to how, when we migrated to the new boards software we allow commentary anywhere and everywhere, and tried to monitor and respond to issues however we could. Less urgent issues, even if repeatedly pushed by a single user, don't merit the same treatment. For example, these issues have different priority: A security change we made that could be preventing users from accessing the boards at all, or repeatedly challenging large numbers of users with captcha A single user asking for a higher limit on daily likes for a second time after the total was previously raised in response to the same request
  12. Captcha? Is this something new here?

    This is some added security we put on the site both to stop hack attacks if they are occurring, but also more specifically to cut down on the guest traffic from bots that was eating site resources for no reason. This has significantly cut down on bot/spider traffic on the web site so it's achieving its goal. We've dropped about 27% of the bot-driven guest users on the site on our 2 day average. That's good news for performance of the site for real users. There might be some legit activities though, that are getting swept up in the process. That's why we have it set to challenge a user with captcha as opposed to just blocking them. Since that appears to be the case, I just made two tweaks - I upped the allowed time on the site after solving a captcha to 1 hour, and I turned the security level down a bit to avoid catching real users at all. Ideally we will identify the specific firewall rules that are catching legit site activity and adjust them or turn them off, so we don't have to just generically lower the security level. But we'll refine that over time. For now, please let me know if this continues to happen frequently given the adjustments I just made. Thanks!
  13. Influx of new sellers on the boards

    Maybe a community maintained list... If you buy a book indicating it's a grail / collection piece, and then flip it within X time, you go on the list as a flipper -- not inherently a bad thing, but good information that might go into pricing...?
  14. Influx of new sellers on the boards

    Oh man... does a market-place specific thread qualify for my official "the end is coming/here" post? I think I need a ruling... who mods the mods? I might be busted for being off topic...