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  1. Still a chance. I've upped the number of lines that are displayed before abbreviation a couple of times due to feedback. Looking for the sweet spot to see if there's a "right" setting, or if we should just remove it. Just letting it marinate.
  2. Sounds like this part of the FAQ: Some people get too excessive, get reported for doing it overly much, and get a warning.
  3. No... but also yes... I know, confusing. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. We can no longer remove "this post and all of its replies". What we can do is multi-select each individual post we want to remove and remove all of them that were individually selected. THAT means it's easier to pull out one or two offending posts, and leave the rest in place even if they were in a chain of replies to the offending post. BUT, it ALSO means that it's MORE time consuming to remove a bunch of posts that violate guidelines, because you have to select them one at a time. That could result in needed to pull a whole thread because it's too far gone, and too time consuming to clean up. Or it could result in having to just select a pages of posts and clip them because they keep quoting the bad stuff. However, in most cases, I think it will result in more targeted clean ups and less removal of posts that are "fine".
  4. Sure it is. In fact, it's been in a FAQ since 2014, and was true long before that...
  5. I filed this further issue with Invision. I'm not sure if they're going to to anything about it. They are working on a new 4.2 release with some big changes. My guess is if they address it, it's either going to be in that version (and so we won't see any fixes until that releases and we upgrade) or after that version.
  6. Then bother @jonjesper more thoroughly by using a mention.
  7. You can try adding the sending address to a whitelist in AOL: Whitelist an Email Sender in AOL You must add the email address or corporate domain of the sender to your address book or custom sender list to make sure email gets delivered to your AOL inbox. First, click on the "Spam Controls" link at the lower right side of your inbox screen. A "Mail and Spam Controls" box will appear. Now click on the "Customer Sender" list link and choose the "Allow email from ..." option. Enter the sender's name here, then click "add" and "save." In more recent versions of AOL, you can also simply add the name of the sender to your Contacts list. AOL will then recognize that this is someone you want to communicate with. Just click on the sender's email address. A menu should drop down. Select "Add Contact."
  8. As far as I'm aware, there is no general problem with emails. I get them, apparently Timmay does. I think it's working. There must be an issue specific to you.
  9. I see this when I look for it, but it's not noticeable to me. I think it's depends on your connection speed / computer speed. If everything is fast, it happens so fast you don't see it. If the load is slow for some reason, it probably becomes visible.
  10. I prefer to make a custom stream, and select Content Items Only and "Takes me to first unread". This way it's alot more like the thread list in a forum - it just blends several forums together. The default All Activity view gives you a line for every reply. The Content Items Only choice in a custom stream gives you one line for every thread.
  11. Yes, but not the first post, as that content wouldn't be a quote. Do you find value in seeing those pictures again multiple times as people quote them?
  12. I scrolled through a couple of sales threads where the giant quote + a one-liner got much shorter / smoother and saved a bunch of scrolling. I -think- that was a good thing, but I'm also not a buyer/seller, so my perspective is not that informed.
  13. We have one negative reaction once we turned it on. Is anyone expressly liking it? Does it serve a useful purpose for some?
  14. The root cause of this was a DDOS protection system inappropriately blocking a proxy server that it thought was an attacking IP address. Rules have been adjusted so this shouldn't happen again.