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  1. I'm closing this topic and moving it. I think we're well past the initial phase of adapting to the new boards, and sorting out critical questions about how the software works, and spotting key configuration / feature problems. I'm aware there are still some people who don't like certain aspects of the new software, but at a certain point we need to move past the differences from the old boards and learn to use the new features to accomplish old tasks. That said, I'm still always on the lookout to improve the experience, so I'm not saying we're closed to feedback. Far from it. But at this stage, that's best done in the questions about the new boards, or feature suggestions, or (as seems to be the most recent topic) in the moderation discussion area.
  2. Yes, go to Settings --> Ignored Users. This list is not just a list of users who you have entirely ignored, but also any part of a user you have ignored (like a signature). Next to each ignore entry is a little "gear" icon that contains some options, including removing that ignore.
  3. Rules updated. Let's try something a little more structured and see how people like it.
  4. It looks like what you did was to create a description of your album in which you have inserted all the images that are actually in your album. If you edit your album, you can get to to the description area and clear it out. That's just supposed to be a place for an overview of your album, why you made it, what it's about, etc.. I edited it for you to remove the attachments that you had been putting in the album description. Now what you'll find on the left is the one image that you choose as the cover photo, and your small description of the album underneath that.
  5. MAybe propose allowing those things in the guidelines discussion thread. If everyone seems to like it, I'll amend the guidelines to make that clear.
  6. Should we move the How to Pack Your Books and the N00B Guide to the new Newbie Questions board just to cut down on things we have to scroll past to get to new threads?
  7. It's probably due to the caches having to refill on the new servers at the database, application, and CDN levels, but we'll keep an eye on it.
  8. Hello all, I turned on the ability for members to create albums in some of the gallery categories. All you do is: Go to Browse --> Galleries Click the "Add Images" button The system will prompt you to pick a category if you aren't already in one The system will prompt you to either CREATE or PICK one of your albums Then you can upload Current gallery categories are: Top Pop CGC Graded Comics (no albums - just one big list) Member's Themed Albums (albums allowed) For Sale Galleries (albums allowed) Show Report Albums (albums allowed) Test Gallery (albums allowed) Once you've created an album of images, you can also easily add those images to posts using the "Insert Other Media" down down on the bottom-right of the reply box. Give it a try. I've seen one or two rough spots in the gallery interface (like the buttons that let your switch between list / large previews / thumbnails being invisible unless it's the one currently selected), but it's still a pretty cool feature. Let me know if you see a need for different categories.
  9. I do have to admit, though, there was a certain interesting kind of style to image-only posts. Maybe we should have a pictures-only discussion board, heh heh.
  10. Sorry for the inconvenience, all. We've filed a ticket with the boards host. I don't believe a server move should mean that users have to clear cookies, etc. to get back to business as usual. We will be addressing this with the boards host.
  11. Hello, This forum is a good place for new members to ask any kind of newbie questions you'd like, but there are a few simple things to know to get the best value out of this area. People with Questions If you have a question, you should do a few things: Review the popular questions, and search this forum before posting a question. Many of the basic questions may already have been answered, so it is ALWAYS good forum etiquette to try to find existing answers first. People do get tired of answering the same questions over and over again, so a new question that's already been answered may not get much of a response. Highlight the EXISTING QUESTIONS that were helpful to you. If you find an interesting question with a great answer that taught you something important, then GO TO THE TOP of the post, look to the LEFT of the thread title, find the up-carrot icon and click it to up-vote the whole question. If you found it helpful, then there's a GREAT chance that other people will as well. This will help them find it. State your question briefly and clearly in the title. It's very helpful to those answering questions AND to other newbies with the same question to be able to read the actual question you have right there in the title. This helps generate better answers, and helps future newbies to find that same information without have to ask again. Try to ask GENERAL questions that would be helpful to many people. The general idea is to ask how-to kinds of questions that could be helpful to anyone and that will teach you to "fish" for yourself instead of just handing you a fish. i.e. "How do I find the value of a comic book?" is better than "How much money is an Action Comics #1 worth?" Highlight the answers that helped you the most by up-voting and marking the best answers. When you get answers, you can do two things to help highlight the helpful answers. Any answer that was helpful, you can click the up-arrow to the left of the post to add an "up-vote" to the answer. This helps push that answer to the top so it can be quickly discovered by anyone reading the thread in the future. It's also a "thank you" to helpful responders. A STRONGER form of this is to click that check-mark icon on the left of the post. If you are the person who asked the question originally, you can set a particular answer as the BEST answer to your question. And that really makes it easy for future readers to get a great answer right away. It also moves that answer to the top of the responses so it's read first. Please do this. It helps other people know if a question received an answer that solved the issue. This allows the experienced collectors to move on and focus time on the questions WITHOUT a best answer People Reading / Answering Questions If you are either reading or answering questions, you can also help highlight the best questions and answers to make the board more valuable and cut down on repeat questions and answers. Answer questions with good context / general information. Often people with newbie questions won't know quite what to ask or where to begin. So it's super-helpful to offer a bit more background rather than just answer their specific question. Highlight the questions that seem the most helpful to many users by up-voting. When you find a question that seems general enough to be of good use to many people, or uncovers an important area of collecting that people just plain should know about, then at the TOP on the LEFT of the thread, you can find an up-carrot looking icon that allows you to up-vote the whole question. This will help highlight the great questions for other people. Highlight the most informative answers by up-voting. On any answer that was helpful, you can click the up-arrow to the left of the post to add an "up-vote" to the answer. This helps push that answer to the top so it can be quickly discovered by anyone reading the thread in the future. It's also a "thank you" to helpful responders.
  12. What kinds of questions should I ask here? And if I'm answering questions, what are the best ways to do that? Are there any guidelines for doing these things in the proper way?
  13. Please see this announcement for a fix:
  14. I'm wondering if we should just set a standard of making posts about stolen comics in the marketplace forums in the for sale section. It might better assure that those who are buying that type of comics keep their eyes open for the stolen goods. I'm guessing that has better results then just notifying everyone in general. What do you think?
  15. Please see this announcement for information and a fix: