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  1. Updated the ebay / offbay labeling instructions for the new boards to describe using tags instead.
  2. @AJD I know you can manage your attachments here: And that would allow you to mass delete. And you CAN add images you have previously uploaded to a new post via the "insert other media" option. There is a way to move items between galleries, but I'm not sure whether that's just a moderator action, or someone an album owner has access to do. See the attached screen shot for where those controls are.
  3. Hello, Just make sure you read the guidelines carefully and follow them. You can find them at the link below. Good luck!
  4. The probation forum is basically that. If someone wants to see if there have been bad transactions highlighted - even if it's short of adding them to the probation list - they can look for nominations by searching that forum. Like this:
  5. Based on the feedback on my recent thread on this issue, it looks like some people are favoring a strongly worded rule that makes it clear that sellers can only have one open thread per marketplace section at a time. Basically, cut out the ambiguity, and one thread is plenty anyway is the thinking. This sentiment seems to have changed a bit since the original formulation of the rules for a variety of decent reasons, I'm sure. But just to double check how the larger group feels about it rather than rely on comments alone, here's a poll. UPDATE: Thank you all for your input. We've upda
  6. Ok. Give it a shot on the next one and see what happens. If the jury is still out, and people are unsure, we can try a second trial and then decide from there. @CCGmod0 and @CCGmod2 just a heads-up about this trial.
  7. Hi all, I started a thread here to help gather some guidance for new sellers on what is too many threads versus not: Thanks for any help you can give!
  8. Hi all, We have had a rule for a long time to group for sale items into "as few threads as is reasonable" to avoid wars for front page space. The rule itself has very limited information about what constitutes "reasonable", and in fact opinions vary on what is reasonable. It seems to be a bit of a trial and error process for new users. I was hoping you would all help out by contributing some examples of thread splitting that is OK versus thread splitting that isn't OK. These posts can serve as "case law" examples for new users to help them get a better feel for what the right treatme
  9. I've read the thread and seen the poll. Personally, I don't have much of a problem with a trial, although I'll stop short of saying that is a decision for the moment. Just as reminder, the reason that the rule was made originally was that people didn't like going to ebay, reviewing a bunch of books, then coming here and ending up just paging through the same books. The feeling was that people who were buying were reviewing ebay anyway, so there just wasn't value in posting books both places. Does that rationale apply to the VCC as well? Would people find it tedious to do their "regul
  10. No easy way that I see to link to the most RECENT HOS/Probation list post. It's easy to link to the thread, or to a specific page number, but no dynamic link that will always take you to the last page. I did just turn the links red, though, and up the size. Easy to do, and a good idea so they're not missed.
  11. Hi all, This issue isn't a new one, and has been addressed before. Just for reference, if you're curious about past discussions - here is one thread (among many by the community in general) where moderation treatment was outlined. The most relevant portion of that thread in terms of moderation policy is probably this: The buy/sell area isn't monitored or policed by moderation in terms of transaction success / failure. Posting guidelines are enforced, but not more than that. There are a number of reasons for that. CGC isn't responsible for transactions, and can't verif
  12. The Infinite Golden Age Threads List This thread is a link to a search that lists cool threads in the Golden Age boards that are never ending.
  13. Hi, The best thing to do is to start a journal, and post these updates there. That area is intended to give people a place to share their personal views on comics in more of a posting-to-the-masses way rather than a discussion format. But it still allows comments and discussions!
  14. Are you trying to do it in bulk or something? What's the need? This might be an interesting tip for you, depending on what you are trying to accomplish: Say you have 30 spoiler blocks in a row. Highlight all of them, and copy. When you go to paste (at least on windows), right-click and choose "paste as plain text".