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  1. The Infinite Golden Age Threads List This thread is a link to a search that lists cool threads in the Golden Age boards that are never ending.
  2. Hi all, I thought it would be cool to make a single thread as an index of all of the ongoing contribute-forever kind of threads FROM COMICS GENERAL ONLY so people could find those cool gems. Some of them are pinned to the top, but definitely not all - there wouldn't be room! I'm thinking that each forum could have a thread like this that gets pinned, and that might save some room at the top, while making space for more cool threads like these to be featured. HERE IS HOW IT WORKS: I added a tag to the threads listed below of "infinite". Because of that you can find the whole list of them AND click on the black dot to see new posts via this search: THE INFINITE THREADS LIST! Here are the first few that I tagged, but anyone who adds an "infinite" tag to a thread will show up in the search, so the community can add to it. This lets people easily find those threads without always having to scroll past them at the top.