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  1. What is wrong with my selling post?

    1. GermanFan


      I cannot see what guideline I have violated.

    2. Architecht


      Hi @GermanFan You can ask questions like that in the forum linked below:


  2. For clarity sake, I have updated rule #14 as follows: "ALSO HIDING YOUR POST AFTER BUMPING WILL NOT SAVE YOU. Yep, we can see that stuff." Please do not try to be "clever" to find a way to post a single book so you can make an "announcement" that isn't an announcement, and then bump it continuously while hiding the post. That will be considered post bumping and hogging the front page - because that is what the effect is, no matter what you intended. Thanks for saving yourself from having to re-post your threads.
  3. Can't get on the boards with Chrome

    Try clearing your cache and cookies.
  4. Is this place deader than ever?

    The problem with you is that every other post is a good custom title. You should just start ghost writing them for other people.
  5. PMs Go To Page 1

    The updates don't roll out automatically. We have discretion on when to apply them. We also usually trial them on other smaller CCG boards first and upgrade CGC last. Might want to request an upgrade free weekend from @Scott =)
  6. Size Matters

    It's just a a setting that allows us to reduce the icons on a mobile device so we don't take up too much of the screen real-estate with controls. I just added font size for the mobile view. We'll see if that generates some feedback that it's too much, but for now it's there.
  7. Custom titles

    Really? I don't remember that one. But I am getting old.
  8. Custom titles

    This is to inform you that according to paragraph 3 sub-section a, bullet point iv of the code of moderation I will not be laughing at that. At all. Not. at. all. Nope. It's a nope from me.
  9. Custom titles

    There's some kind of joke waiting to be made about playing the straight man here, but I think it's better for me if I just back away from the innuendo slowly and calmly.
  10. Custom titles

    No. Once a massive wiener has been removed, it cannot be put back.
  11. Custom titles

    That's already been decided. The custom field for long custom titles is at the bottom of the profile card that appears next to your post. Go ahead. I dare you. heh heh
  12. Custom titles

    By the way, I added a custom field, so if your custom title was long and no longer fit in the title field of the new boards, there is a place you can stick it. So... that didn't sound right...
  13. Custom titles

    Mmm, is your point that it didn't update the replies/views? I believe those counts are cached and only update on a timed interval to speed up loading of the thread list.
  14. Custom titles

    Mmmmmm.... maybe....
  15. Custom titles

    Just a quick reminder, that if you had one and it's missing, you can PM me with what it was to get it put back.