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  1. Posted elsewhere - but repeating here. I've seen / replicated the issue. This is being investigated. As of now I'm expecting / speculating that a code fix will just bring all the images back without any user action, but we'll see what responses I get.
  2. I have this as an issue filed with Invision to fix. I've confirmed that photobucket is working on the NGC instance, and we know it was working here as well. I think it's related to the fact that we now have to proxy any embedded images to make them display as https. Something about the board proxy fetching the images is not getting along with photobucket. I will SPECULATE that this will be a reasonable fix and that once fixed (and the cache expires) the images will just come flooding back. We'll see what response I get to the ticket.
  3. Fixed that. Weird that the webp was such low quality. Thanks for spotting this, guys.
  4. Just an update for everyone. It looks like we have turned the corner on this issue. We did have an outage on the morning of 4/22. This was actually not an outage due to the board software, but was at a different level of network infrastructure. Sorry for that inconvenience, but the good news is that the more intractable problem of regular board timeouts caused by database load seem to be behind us. Other than the known issue on 4/22, we've had pretty clear sailing according to the web monitors.
  5. I've tried this with a couple of URLs that look broken. Some don't load even going directly to Photobucket, and some redirect to an html page instead of a direct image load. Not sure what has changed yet, Photobucket or the boards, but we are tracking it down.
  6. You don't. You can just use the "insert other media" drop down and choose insert existing attachment. It's kind of interesting to scroll through your history of attachments.
  7. Hi Arch, Why are all the pics on the boards not showing up? Please I beg of you , get the pics back.

    1. Architecht


      Are you talking about photobucket stuff? I've seen some of those broken, but when I try to go straight to the URL to troubleshoot it, I can't load the image directly either. This makes me think it's a photobucket problem?

    2. oakman29


      Yeah it's a Photobucket problem.:frustrated:

  8. There was a problem on the server that generates the image. We have fixed that, but the boards have cached the broken image, and may hold on to it for up to 3 days. It SHOULD fix itself as your cached broken image expires and it goes and fetches a good copy. If it doesn't for whatever reason, you should be able to go grab the UBB code, delete the image that's in your signature, past the UBB code in again, and save it - that should work... or you can just wait it out.
  9. So you have two choices - you can unfollow those people you don't want notifications about, or you can stop getting notifications about people you follow. Unfollow people Go to Settings --> Manage Follow Content That brings you here: Scroll down, and on the left menu under "other" you can find "members" On that screen, you can use the "change preferences" to unfollow people, OR you can use the select check box to do that to a bunch of people at once. Stop notifications about people I follow Go to settings --> Notifications settings That brings you to here: Then scroll down, and find the "someone I am following makes a post" and turn it off.
  10. He's never mentioned anything. I don't mind either way. It isn't new information, though, so if you want to save yourself the headache, you can. We're using a service called site24x7 that monitors the site, so I've been able to match up the screen shots with the monitor's outage reports reliably. The provider has been steadily optimizing some queries related to search... today, it SEEMS to have produced some results at last. Hopefully that's because they have correctly identified that performance problem and made progress, as opposed to getting lucky on the timing, but we'll see. This graph is what things have looked like today, and this is much more what I expect. When the worst spike is 1.7 seconds, and it happens rarely, then that's not too bad.
  11. Https://
  12. I don't see enough detail here to know how to help. Can you describe exactly what doesn't work when you try it?
  13. The dot/star on the PMs work in the pop up you get from the envelope icon. They don't work on the full inbox list. This bug/feature request has been filed with Invision. Thanks for being one of the folks who spotted this.
  14. They applied another patch, and sorted this one out.
  15. This feature seems to be growing in popularity, so we'll likely be keeping it.