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  1. Yep! Sounds like a great thing to post.
  2. Architecht

    HOS and Posting Privileges

    No easy way that I see to link to the most RECENT HOS/Probation list post. It's easy to link to the thread, or to a specific page number, but no dynamic link that will always take you to the last page. I did just turn the links red, though, and up the size. Easy to do, and a good idea so they're not missed.
  3. Architecht

    HOS and Posting Privileges

    Hi all, This issue isn't a new one, and has been addressed before. Just for reference, if you're curious about past discussions - here is one thread (among many by the community in general) where moderation treatment was outlined. The most relevant portion of that thread in terms of moderation policy is probably this: The buy/sell area isn't monitored or policed by moderation in terms of transaction success / failure. Posting guidelines are enforced, but not more than that. There are a number of reasons for that. CGC isn't responsible for transactions, and can't verify what did or didn't happen between parties in a transaction. For the legal version of this, please see our terms of use - as I don't want to misword the actual limitations. In general, though, we can see what has been posted, but we can't tell what happened away from the boards. The boards are an advertising venue in that regard, not a transaction processor. Transactions are the responsibility of the parties of the transaction. The HOS and probation lists are great community-run tools to "review" buyers and sellers, but they have never been mandatory for all transactions on the boards. That's not just a moderation rule, it has been a community conclusions as well. Some people don't mind working with HOS / probation list members. That's their decision - wise or unwise. A person's inability to transact responsibly doesn't mean they are incapable of being a contributing poster, which is why we don't ban them for what may or may not have happened in a transaction. We think that providing relevant factual information on a buy/sell thread - dispassionately and simply, is something the community can do without running afoul of moderation guidelines - meaning on either a buy or sell post, one simply reminder that this person has a history on the HOS or probation lists is appropriate. But it doesn't need to get nasty, it doesn't need to be all over the boards - marketplace only please - and it doesn't need to be repetitive. Are there exceptions to this? Yes. If, for example, law enforcement verifies that a person has engaged in criminal activity related to the comics community, we may ban them because a trusted authority has established the facts. CGC may ban someone based on its own verified knowledge of the actions of an individual, but it's not related to being on or off the HOS or probation list directly. We also have banned specific individuals when the community disruption is too significant to tolerate - but others causing the disruption may go with them - judged on a case by case basis. Regarding the PM issues Again, members are buying and selling at their own risk, but we encourage everyone to take full advantage of the community knowledge of the reliability and honesty of various members based on past actions and make their own judgments. PMs are not just a tool to discuss buying and selling on the boards, though. I get it. Someone on the HOS list who PMs a newer user may conduct buys and sells without anyone alerting the newer user to the community tools, or to a particular person's status on them. It's something worth thinking about.
  4. The Infinite Golden Age Threads List This thread is a link to a search that lists cool threads in the Golden Age boards that are never ending.
  5. Architecht

    Sharing My Weekly Haul Video

    Hi, The best thing to do is to start a journal, and post these updates there. That area is intended to give people a place to share their personal views on comics in more of a posting-to-the-masses way rather than a discussion format. But it still allows comments and discussions!
  6. Architecht

    Removing Spoiler Tags

    Are you trying to do it in bulk or something? What's the need? This might be an interesting tip for you, depending on what you are trying to accomplish: Say you have 30 spoiler blocks in a row. Highlight all of them, and copy. When you go to paste (at least on windows), right-click and choose "paste as plain text".
  7. Architecht

    Removing Spoiler Tags

    test Copy and paste it outside of spoiler tags, and then delete the original block. Is there any way, when editing a post, to remove the spoiler tags without disturbing the contents within the spoiler tags?
  8. I saw something about a fix in the small update we haven't applied yet (4.3.3) for session handling. That may be the bug that is causing this behavior. We'll look into it. In the meantime, you could try clearing your cookies and signing in fresh.
  9. Architecht

    Error 504 messages on the new chat forum

    @Scott =) I think this may be a performance bug that came in as part of the software upgrade. We already have a ticket open on this one, and were advised that a new minor release (4.3.3) has a fix for a performance related problem. I can't be 100% sure that is the problem here, but we'll probably need to install this fix before troubleshooting. Just as an FYI, we have a process of rolling out new releases to some smaller boards first before bringing them to CGC, so CGC doesn't always get these releases right away, but we're more sure they don't break anything significant when applied as the trade off. That fact that we're seeing timeouts in the current version though, will add priority to getting this latest one applied.
  10. Moved from newbie questions to comics general. Seems more appropriate.
  11. Architecht

    PMs Go To Page 1

    4.3 is out
  12. Architecht

    Is this place deader than ever?

    test typing them in works for me... What browser / device are you using where it doesn't work?
  13. Architecht

    Is this place deader than ever?

    I have configured that out of existence. BUT the search bar is still really cool.
  14. Architecht

    Is this place deader than ever?

    Ah, that must be part of the new version that was released. I'll see how configurable that is. In the meantime though - try the emoji search! For example, type banana in the search bar in the emoji pop up.