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  1. Smoking! Good. I should have a few coming in soon. (And probably sell some soon, too.)
  2. Phew; I'm glad someone bought that on eBay and didn't have to go to the mall for a Maxx #2 Red.
  3. One book this time around. Rules: 1. First "takeit" or similar in thread or PM wins by timestamp 2. Payment via PayPal Goods and Services; due with 5 days of "takeit" 3. Shipping to US addresses only 4. No HoS or Probation buyers 5. No returns on CGC books 6. USPS Priority Shipping is included Amazing Spider-Man #101 CGC 8.0 Off-White to White Pages $680 shipped If you would like any additional pictures, please send me a PM.
  4. Is there a way -- or will there be a way -- for users to retrieve Sold item data from MCS?
  5. The Captain 6? An 8.5 just sold for $9,300 - no pedigree but Off-White.
  6. Does anyone know if the color touch and glue were part of the original collection or "added" later?
  7. The 21 looked nice. And I like how there were grades given but wish there was less cropping. I was waiting on the 26 and didn’t refresh in time. Which ones?
  8. Apart from the classic covers, or perennial front-runners, is PCH still hot?
  9. A rather eclectic mix from an LCS having a going out of business sale.
  10. Got it; thanks. Just a retailer dressing up (though quite some time ago) a regular Direct book.