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  1. Thank you for this info. Had thought I missed my window. Black Widow 1 still bleh.
  2. There appears to be a section of comic collectors who are inclined to believe seller's claims of 9.8 (and even 9.9) for raw books, and they're happy to "save $100" and buy those books as if they're identical to CGC 9.8. This Solar #3 is claimed to be 9.8, but it's raw. A real CGC 9.8 Solar #3 is $150 - $200, so the buyer probably trusts the seller and wants to "save money" as opposed to what looks like overpaying to everyone else. I understand all that; I am also surprised a CGC 9.8 is selling for $150 and not $50.
  3. That Solar sale is rather surprising. I thought the Bloodshot movie would have severely dropped all Valiant keys based on movie spec. (Based on the $ return of Bloodshot; not speaking on it being good/bad.)
  4. These later printings are getting insane (usually for no "real" reason) compared to 1st prints.
  5. Very smooth and easy transaction. I sold a book to devald.
  6. Who's gonna pay 3K for a 2.0 But it's rare.
  7. Is this variant via a comic store or Marvel?
  8. Disney is what I think of when I think of good action/horror.
  9. Exactly. Long story short, was at a store (physical store) where back issues are $2 each (and clearly labeled as such). I pulled out several copies of a hot comic. Took them up and the owner said it’s a limit of one — even for 5 year old back issues. I put the extra copies back and bought one . Went back to the store and all the other copies are gone; they are now up on his eBay site at auction. Feel like I should get some sort of commission.
  10. There's a CGC 9.6 copy in Orinda, California: Per the Diamond site, allegedly 20 copies: "Plus, you will get a free, extremely rare Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 Pichelli Sketch Variant, limited to a print run of 20 total copies. This offer is on a first-come, first-served basis as supplies are limited."