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  1. Is this price right with 4 days to go — $340? Does that price account for the large pieces out of the back cover?
  2. Since he won’t post here, has anyone found him angrily misspelling rants on other forums?
  3. You know this is Dylan, right? In other threads he is the antithesis of all those things. Also, why is he posting here? Shouldn’t he be knee-deep in litigation?
  4. Thanks. This one always seems to go up and down throughout the year. Liquidating a bunch of my stuff and trying to figure out if this will eventually lead to real Bloodstone news or just sell while it’s up.
  5. You should probably read the thread next time.
  6. Local talent. Can see the toll the job has taken comparing the old ad to the current guy.
  7. Knew this guy was trouble awhile ago. Sorry you had to endure him and a missing comic. Any slab I send — especially the newer cases — is always around or over 2 lbs. Either he sent without the comic or he was trying to save on marginal shipping fees; pretty easy to see what the answer is.
  8. Is anyone able to determine what this beat Raph #1 went for?
  9. Number 1 2nd print 9.4 sold for $3,750. How is that in relation to recent sales?