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  1. Agree, Lou! This is definitely not a sprint! I've been buying comics since the 70's and have decided to get this run of MTU's and call it quits. I'll probably go after some silver keys but no runs of anything after this. Another unfortunately thing, there's someone out there with deep pockets willing to spend 2-3 times more than GPA to get a book that is also collecting MTUs. This makes it costly for me. That's just the Doggett luck, I guess! LOL I'll keep plucking away at it. ONLY need 67 more!
  2. Made a transaction with Jim and it couldn't have gone better. Communication was great! No fuss, no muss. Good guy to deal with! Thanks, Jim! Need anything else, please let me know.
  3. Yeah, he has three of them up for sale. $375 is a bit steep for those books. Unfortunately, I can't get them at any cost. I still need to be reasonable about pricing. LOL The last sale of that book was $200 in May 2020.
  4. Hey Matt, this is my next installment of Marvel Team-Up books! Believe it or not, I want one to go down! I know, crazy, right?!? MTU Issue Current Pts (9.8) Last sales Sold price 76 48 06/13/2020 $97 77 48 03/10/2019 $143 79 56 11/04/2019 $150 01/28/2020 $131 08/07/2020 $189 81 56 10/11/2019 $125 82 40 03/14/2019 $172 11/19/2019 $120 10/11/2020 $80 84 40 08/07/2019 $105 08/11/2020 $149 87 40 09/05/2020 $159 10/11/2020 $168 89 40 09/23/2020 $111 91 40 07/12/2020 $165 93 40 12/30/2019 $150 01/08/2020 $123 06/01/2020 $145 95 480 1yr avg (14 sales) $222 90 day avg (2 sales) $209 99 40 01/28/2020 $110 09/09/2020 $109 09/30/2020 $110 100 72 1yr avg (17 sales) $144 90 day avg (4 sales) $144 @Robert Doggett Scores slightly increased. Please note that these are not grossly under valued. The sales seem to jump around a bit based on grade as well which makes it difficult to adjust properly. IE a 9.2 may have sold for more than a 9.4.
  5. Thanks, telerites! I have made a few purchases recently and updated the list of issues I need! 78 has been crossed off the list! if anyone has any of these or knows of kind people who are willing to part with them, please send them my way!! Many thanks!!
  6. Smart to go looking for the book in the wild! With only one out there in 9.8, best to look down multiple avenues to secure one!!
  7. $1009 for the E-Bay auction that ended last night. Nobody touched the one that sold for $710 when it was for sale @ $600 the week before.
  8. Thanks for the explanation of why MTU 131 sold for over $1K last night!
  9. I always thought it was ASM 252. Thanks for the insight! Not the point of my post, though! Not here to argue semantics, just want to know why this book is worth so much to some people.
  10. Telerites, White Rabbit is an afterthought at best. I was three days away from getting this book CGC 9.8 for $100. I took it for granted that it would have been on until I bought it. Now I'm kicking myself for it. But the price hike is soooo undeserved. I'll wait for the fanboys to get all of their copies and I'll get one in a few months at normal prices. Issue 141 (tied first black costume) goes for about $600, issue 65 (first Captain Britain in US print) goes for about $500. Granted issue 10 recently sold for $1K, I don't think it's worth that much. Alas, it was to somebody.
  11. OK, please confirm that I did not wake up in the Twilight Zone and justify why Marvel Team-Up 131 is selling for a higher price than any other Marvel Team-Up with the exception of issues 1 and 4? Marvel Team Up 131 is the first appearance of White Rabbit, it has a black cover and stars Spider-Man and Frog-Man. What am I missing here? A 9.8 sold not too long ago on E-Bay for over $700. I thought that there was a couple of overly zealous bidders that really, REALLY wanted that book but there's now another one up for auction on E-Bay that has eclipsed $400 with 2 days remaining. What is the draw to this book? White Rabbit and Frogman are jokes. The black cover would make it a bit more but nothing to this degree. I'm super confused as to the popularity of this book!!