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  1. I’ve recently acquired this book and was wondering how this printing defect will affect the grade. I’ve read that it shouldn’t but wanted some other opinions. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Very happy to join the club! Bought this off of Instagram the other week, the white pages did it for me.
  3. Took me a few years to get these but keep your goal and someday you will get there too
  4. I may be late to the party with getting these but i finally got them!
  5. Looking to acquire a Fantastic Four #5 with ow/w or white pages. Looking for mid to low grade. I also have some nice key cgc books for trade which if you let me know what you are looking for I may be able to help out. If you have instagram you can check out some of the books just search for Rounder247_comics_and_cards. I have many more that aren't posted yet as well.
  6. Thanks bob that’s what i was looking for!
  7. Is there a thread that has websites for all the dealers who are on the boards here? If not all dealers should drop a website link in the thread so everyone has it.