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  1. I only got to go there a couple times. Once, back in "the day" of the early 1980's when it was 2 stories of good stuff including tons of old books (not the comic type) upstairs. The second time was maybe 8 years ago, when it had been reopened as just a one level shop for a couple years. Pretty sure it has shut down again. However, I bought gobs of back issues through the years from Danny Wilson (one of the original partners) when he did those traveling "antique shows" that went around the local mall circuit. Man, those were the days.
  2. We have a thread for recent purchases, but how about those dusty horror tomes in everyone's vaults that have been there for awhile? Let's make this the place to post ALL of our favorite pre-code horror books, and talk about everything pre-code horror related in general. While we're at it...