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  1. I will Thank you, mikej
  2. mikej61

    HighRadArt Feedback

    Excellent Transaction with Michael for ASM. Excellent communication and fast shipping. THANK YOU for the freebie. mikej
  3. mikej61

    [CLOSED] Closed

    I take the 144 and 194 Please add to my pile
  4. mikej61

    [CLOSED] Closed

    53,54.55, 60,65 per PM Thanks!
  5. Remember, this is NOT eBay, But very serous collectors and dealers. Good Luck.
  6. mikej61

    A Few Keys and Uncanny's...

    Hello The Batman 181
  7. mikej61

    15% off E-Bay Coupon! Today only!

    Yes, that is what I did to get an excellent deal on this tie! NEW $165 Ermenegildo Zegna Blue With Silver Squares Silk Tie Made in Italy
  8. Welcome to the Boards, These statements are what PMs (Private Message) are for if you want to negotiate or discuss his price. Most Boardies use GPA, which is the standard for slabbed books.
  9. + 42, 44, (95/96) Thanks Ed per PM
  10. mikej61

    Kramerica's Kudos!

    Hello Mark. Thank you for the books, they were shipped very fast and packed well. mike
  11. mikej61

    Spiderman Copper to Modern

    per PM ASM 361, 277, marvels 0 mikej