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  1. My request for Joseph Linsner to do a cover for the 911 cover. He predated the new ASM 55 cover by over 8 years
  2. Again, Sharon made some new masks for me and my family received as gifts and they really loved them. THANK you very much. mike
  3. Hello Sharon, I will take 3 masks, I will PM' the choices, THANK YOU! BTW - These are of excellent quality, I have revived several already! Thanks mike
  4. Sharon made some masks for me, Spiderman, Peanuts, Yoda..... They were fantastic and high quality. Everyone is commenting on them and they are excellent. THANK YOU VERY MUCH mike
  5. Hello Everyone, Tony sold me some nice Spidernans and easy transaction and excellent communication.. The books were packed very well. WILL Do businesses again!!! miikej
  6. Hello, Bought some real nice books from Patrick. They were excellent and came in an almost bulletproof packaging. Thanks again, mike