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  1. Recent exchange... Buyer: "Hey, what's the lowest you can go? I got like $40." Me: "I have it listed for $100, BUT juuuuuuust for you, I'll do $125" B: "What, that's more... I don't wanna pay more." M: "Sorry, that offer has expired now. $150 is the minimum now." B: "Why do you keep raising the price? I'm looking for a deal." M: "Oops, too late. Now it's $175. Because you're annoying me." B: "But, it's still listed at $100?" M: "Yeah, and you can quit annoying me and just buy it for that. Since I'm at $200 JUST FOR YOU now." B: "Dude, you're messed up." M: "$400 now." B: "Seriously man, you have a problem." M: "$800... oh, wait, that's expired now too. Blocked." I have too much time on my hands, apparently.
  2. Stumbling around this morning and found RockMyAmadeus' list, which has reminded me of many long forgotten series and books I now have to add to my want list (greatly appreciated list, by the way. SO much good stuff I haven't thought of in years on here.) Anyway, just wondering if the time periods from the above quote were ever posted on here anywhere as well? Or, at least the 1980-1983 period. That is a period I'm much, much more hazy on, being a predominantly late 80's-early 90's era collector.
  3. I like it when they add, "This will be my ONLY offer." Makes sending back "Oh no, please feel free to continue with your ridiculous low-ball offers. I'm more than happy to reject all of them." very satisfying.
  4. I work with many 20-ish to early 30's people, all of whom utterly adore all the comic book movies and TV shows and toys and cons and cosplay and so forth. They endlessly discuss the films and shows aand all the speculation leading up to opening day, they cosplay their favorite characters at work, one is working on full tattoo sleeves (one Avengers, one Star Wars), a few collect toys related to the comics... but not one reads a comic book. Ever. Not even digitally, before you head down that path for possible redemption. I've tried to interest a few of them, offering small runs of Avengers or Hulk, graphic novels and so forth. The movies are amazingly cool and absolute must-see events on opening day (true story: the manager had us at less than half staff on Endgame opening Friday because he is such a fan and everybody else HAD to go. This is a food service delivery business, usually with 20 drivers on a Friday night. We had 8. I've never worked such a disaster of a night, thanks to a movie) but the comics from which they are drawn... completely contemptible. Over 30 years of reading and following comics, and I'm still the weirdo for actually READING... and that I dislike some of the films because of how much they deviate from the books? Never would I have suspected my strange little hobby could become so mainstream cool, while the actual hobby that is the basis for all that they claim to love is almost totally ignored and even viewed as unnecessary and antiquated and for OLD PEOPLE who still READ (insert snotty sigh and eye roll here). I don't even hate the movies and shows, honestly. Not all of them, not completely. I like a few, a bit. I wouldn't emigrate to Logan510's Island, not just yet, anyway. But I feel closer to that attitude with every new release that comes along. I'm just... truly baffled.
  5. This year, Daredevil #158 & #168, Heavy Metal magazine #1, Cerebus #1, continue filling in runs of Creepy and Eerie, and some more pre-code horror books. Still need to pick up a Hellblazer #1 in 9.8 also. Unfortunately, just too broke lately
  6. There were TONS of great books, and I was out of money within barely an hour I believe I saw on Little Giant's Facebook they've already reserved the arena for same time next year, so I'm gonna need to start saving now if year #2 is as good as this year was.
  7. Turnout was strong. Way busier than I expected. Opening line up to get in went pretty much all the way around the building, although it moved quickly. Didn't seem too cold to me on show day, but I always carry at least a light jacket through June or so anyway
  8. First shop I really remember was a used bookstore called Jolie's Books, in Stuart. Dusty, old book and comic smelling place, cheap as could be and fairly generous on trade-in credit. May have been a few finds in that wall of long boxes, maybe about 30-40, all packed full with mostly loose books, a few in bags. Jolie's and a dealer at the B&A Flea Market on Saturday and Sunday, J&J Rare Coins, who had a shop up in Port St. Lucie. Mostly baseball cards and coins, but there was a comic guy a booth or two away a lot. Might have been the same dealer? First real shop, though, I have no idea what the actual name was, but it was in a stand-alone building in the parking lot of a Publix on U.S.1 in south Stuart, Florida. About 1987-1988ish, the marquee above only said "Stamps". When I first wandered in it, at 12 years old around '87, it was still about half a stamp shop, which I collected with my grandfather, along with coins and currency. The other half was devoted mostly to baseball cards. Bought a 1978 Topps Reggie Jackson for all of $2, which I still have. Prices always seemed high, but the owner was always a nice guy and willing to deal, and always willing to talk to younger collectors, although I can't for the life of me remember his name. Four or five years later, the stamps were mostly gone and comics had overtaken the shop. Maybe about a quarter of the space was still sports cards, might have been a few stamps left in the display cases. No idea what he had for back issues, as I was young and dumb and only cared about new stuff. Distinctly remember paying $12 for Spawn #4 and $6 for Pitt #1 off the "HOT BOOKS" wall. I can only imagine the books I passed over for these... Last time I visited was probably around 2000ish, and it had again shifted focus, this time toward coins, what with the popularity of the State Quarters at the time. Still a fair few comics, but seemed to mostly just be newer stuff and recent back issues. I still collected cards and coins and stamps then (still do), but the new guy running the coin counter just seemed kinda skeevy, so I left. Place is long gone now, probably folded in the earlier 2000's.
  9. Can't say for certain that it's him, but the username is the same over here, fifth post down. It is a thread about the upcoming Avengers movie, so quite possibly the same guy. Anybody registered over at Blowout can maybe try to contact him through there, as he was still posting only two days ago. I only lurk and am not sure if I'm even registered on Blowout...
  10. Just had a bit over a foot a few days ago, another foot or so expected in the next couple of days. No worries though, it'll be gone by the end of April. Probably.
  11. I'll be there. Trying to drag a bunch of friends up from Boston as well.
  12. I'll be there. Just around the corner from me. For anybody attending, I'll be looking for raw Hellblazer issues between #50 - 150ish, Miller Daredevil and a bunch of other stuff!