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  1. Hey all, I took a little break from the hobby after my first child was born and returned a few months ago... I realised I’d missed a bunch of Bat events - like Metal, the Dark Knights, Punchline etc... but I still haven’t quite gotten on top of news and what is coming. Are there any “bat events” coming up that I should be keeping an eye out for? I heard there is a four part with Fox’s son as Batman... but not aware of much else. Any tips or comments would be appreciated.
  2. Just in case someone came here actually hoping to see a pristine 9.4:
  3. I should also mention that I’m tinkering with GoCollect to test it for research / watching books and associated pricing. I did arrange a trial of full membership, then got whacked upside the head by life and didn’t get to test it properly in the time frame. What I’ve seen looks promising - not sure it’s going to dethrone GPA for me though.
  4. Welcome to the boards! Another vote for the CLZ software that sagekilz linked above. I’ve used it on desktop, browser and iOS on phone/iPad - and all of them are simply excellent. For research and just idly passing five minutes here and there I highly rate the Key Collector Comics app. To price / research pricing, for me GPA is gospel. Finally, for chatting - this place is the best. I also like r/comicbookcollecting on Reddit.
  5. My wife gave me The Joker Bronze Age omnibus for Christmas... so many books in there that I own in slabs that I can now read!! What a freaking legend.
  6. A few months ago IMDb ran a series of polls on Twitter to determine the best sci-fi show of all time. Even the Trekkies found themselves voting for The Expanse and it came out on top. So many people hadn’t heard of it and I hope it brought the books and the show a bigger audience. I’ve binged the first three episodes of S5 on Amazon Prime. It is already shaping up to be a phenomenal season. The week long wait for Ep 4 is going to draaaaag.
  7. Hey @Up in the Shed., Revat’s advice above is bang on. I’d post your pics in the following subforum and ask for help grading it: The boardies who lurk in that subforum will advise and also suggest whether it would be worth giving it a press to help flatten out some of those bends and waves.
  8. Nice pickup!! It's completely outside my focus, but I'm pretty interested in one of your Spawns when you start flipping buddy. I only flipped mine because it was CBCS and not CGC and that made me go like this whenever I saw it in my collection:
  9. Yes! Noisy-, 714 M2’s. They look amazing though!!
  10. Makes perfect sense. Whoever picks it up will have to wade through a mountain of licensing and exclusivity rights internationally.. but eventually will get everything under one banner (for example, “Swamp Thing” is streaming exclusively on Foxtel / Binge in Australia and isn’t available on Amazon Prime)
  11. I read this and was all up in arms.. HELL NO!! What a disgrace!! Think of the children!!! But then, I saw this... And I have retracted my earlier position and replaced it with a desire to get faced on bat branded dark ale.
  12. Steve Krug published a famous book on human/computer interaction design and web usability titled “don’t make me think”. While I like the more modern feel to much of the GPA redesign, they’ve totally messed up the UX and interaction design. Too many clicks to get to sales data. Hard to save titles/issues etc for research vs your own collection (as u/telerites points out above). I have to hunt for functionality - which is worse than having to think. Frankly, I like the face-lift (CSS) but I dislike trying to drive the site and get things done. I hope the team are strongly focused on
  13. Thread status: While there were some great posts in amongst all that horse sheet, there were times I felt like I needed running spikes to keep my feet in that slippery filth. Glad you got it sorted, OP. FWIW, I would’ve done the same thing.
  14. Some have had issues with the M4 flap popping the tape and opening. Scoring is, basically, using something to crease the flap at the fold point to help keep it closed. Some examples/discussion here: