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  1. Yes - what @thehumantorch says... I like that. You can keep your current grind of acquiring, grading, selling and saving going while you sort out what you want to do. If you could snag a low grade AF15 and still keep that run? That sounds like a damn fine outcome!
  2. “Even if you were assured”? That reads (or at least I read it) like you wouldn’t pay those prices out of principle. There is no doubt that the prices are crazy... Last sale of an AF15 3.0 was almost double the 2019 AVG. But, barring a record-breaking recession or some other kind of calamity, I can’t see it going back to 2019 prices now. It might go down a few K. But it might not too. If you want the book in your collection isn’t it almost a buy now or pay more later scenario?
  3. It’s a fairly major crossroads to be at mate. Based on today’s market, selling the run will be a decision that would be very hard to reverse in the future without major expense. As you know, I’ve sold many of the books in my collection over the years. I’ve sold some keys because I needed to fund stuff for the family and I’ve sold books to consolidate a larger collection into a smaller one full of books that are truly special to me. I am completely happy with the decisions I’ve made. I’d rather have a smaller collection of 1st appearances, classic covers and novelties like homa
  4. I'd been wondering if the shop mega-buys for the variants (as @FlyingDonut wrote about here) was playing havoc with true supply/demand interpretation... but you're right, they do it constantly.
  5. How come the second and third print are so hot when the first print is so readily available in huge numbers?
  6. I am not a huge YouTuber - but will check these suggestions out - thanks all for sharing them. I'm also interested in Podcast suggestions - does anyone have any?
  7. Thanks mate. It’s good to be back after the hiatus! Yeah - my old man got me into the Phantom as it was what he enjoyed when he was young. Full steam ahead on that Bats 189! I’ll send you some candidate pics as I get closer.
  8. As my old man would say - we learn something new every day. I picked up a pack of 30 or so 1950 “Australian” prints of funny books (Casper, Baby Huey etc) on Gumtree for $40. Sold them all individually between $10 and $50. OP, I figure that you (read: a person) can’t really judge what things sell for in this hobby. You don’t know the keys of unfamiliar titles and there’s no putting a price tag on what any individual book might mean to a collector. We crazy. 🤪
  9. This is hugely helpful. Thank you.
  10. I can't find a legal-sized scanner anywhere near where I am, or that has reasonable shipping rates (I'm in a regional part of Australia). I have a Cannon MG5765 here (A4 scan size) and I can easily take an unbroken scan of the comic, then scan the top of the slab and stitch the two together seamlessly on the bit of the slab that separates the label and the comic... buuuuut, the scanner seems to scan the outer shell of the slab, leaving the comic inside blurry. Has anyone discovered a fix for this using software?
  11. Actually, I found them down for some books and similar for others. I didn’t find examples of inflation. Overall, GoCollect values my portfolio of books several thousand less than GPA. FWIW, GoCollect can’t determine FMV on an SS book - which I have a few of, which will also account for some value problems. While I like GoCollect, I finished my month with less confidence in their data than GPA. Is that biased by overall portfolio valuation? I’d like to think not, but maybe a little. That said, I do think there is a closer correlation between GPA pricing and what people are asking
  12. Good Lord! 11K books catalogued by hand?! Epic work. Yes - the CLZ suite of products supports import of a .csv file. Steps: I am a massive fan of their products. They’re excellent. But even more than that, I am a massive fan of their customer support. If you run into troubles, they will undoubtedly have your back. Good luck! Edit: I forgot to add my $0.02 on pricing tools. I recently did a month with GoCollect and there is a lot to love about their service. Although I didn't nece
  13. There needs to be a post "reaction" for "love" for those moments something is so much more than "like"!
  14. In terms of collecting focuses, I guess mine are probably fairly common. 1. I'm just setting off on the journey to build a high-grade competitive registry set for The Joker (1975), called "Eat Your Hearts Out!". Even though this run has only a fist-full of books in it, I expect that it will take some time and even more luck to complete in high grade. The census numbers for 9.8's across the set are both dauntingly, and excitingly, low. 2. For fun, I also like collecting Joker covers, classic Batman covers, Batman-related homage / cover swipes and whenever I see those hounds (Batman #
  15. I picked up The Witcher omnibus (paperback) and have been loving it so far... Don’t really have much background on the characters or lore but it’s a fun read.