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  1. Some do really well especially the earlier books.
  2. But that is my point, the Foom book is her first published image. These days there are plenty of people who want such books. Don't believe me? go check recent sales for Foom 15!
  3. Convenient to eliminate people why buy comics. Aren't most of you sellers? You are making a lot of assumptions. Maybe the guy wants every book the character appears in or maybe she agrees with me because times have changed. You are assuming ALL buyers care about the first within the story. I am sorry but those days are gone. If we are talking selling the ncovers rule and there is nothing more nefarious than store variant sellers and other ways dealers and companies produce manufactured collectibles!
  4. Yea times change man and they are right now. Look a "depiction " is really just another way to avoid saying appearance. They appear on the cover and inside that book.
  5. All good, never claimed to be! I don't need to be an authority, I just use my eyes!
  6. CGC is not an authority, make errors all the time and even have labeled books as firsts where the character only appears on the cover.
  7. Yea this seems like a nice way to explain nothing. If I were to agree that everyone's opinion counts then I can say an image is a first appearance and I am correct. You can say the opposite and you would be correct. But if we just go by what we see then there is no need to argue! No. You don't need a sequential work to define a first. There are many example where a character's first happens on a cover and they are not part of the narrative within. There are also many comics in existence that have no sequential art but are still technically comic books. What can I say times change. Without the internet we wouldn't even be having this conversation unless you like waiting for a letter. They actually define a first a a debut and a debut is defined as the first time a character appears anywhere. ANYWHERE!!! Just to let you know the most recent Overstreet has given some validity to previews, etc. Sorry but that panel with Sabretooth is easily missed and he's in shadow. We all miss things, look at Archangel. He appears in issue 23 and in 21 or 22. But because of the cover to 24 the market continues to be wrong. And no the market does not consider 180 Woilverine's first appearance thanks to that cover on 181. Times are changing on that too, thank god. I am not going to try and convince you but if CCG notes a first appearance on a cover where there is no appearance inside then it's really just a pinup no? The real problem is that because there is no real definition you and I can use all sorts of examples to justify our positions. What is needed more than ever is a definition!
  8. Since that other thread is closed I figured I would post this. If people here who say that a first appearance requires a story ( where is that definition??? ) then how do you explain Foom 15? Danvers appears in pinup. That's not a preview of her comic at all. The cover is " previewed " but the art is just an original pinup. My point here is that you don't need a narrative to make a first appearance a first appearance. Someone said it's a visual medium and that is correct. Today people are concerned with cover art over story and it's not even close. Her first cover appearance as Cap was in the sampler. Avenging 9 took off because it has other things going for it such as it's an iconic cover and it's a Spidey cover. The sampler was some giveaway most people missed, Does the story really matter anymore? To speculators and those of us who deal in comics for profit the answer is probably no. Anyone have a list of valuable modern books that sell for big money because of the story? A great story is why we READ comics but these days it has little to do with making money off comics. I can name a hundred stories that should be worth a ton but unless there's a badass cover or it's a rare variant, 9/10 times it's going nowhere. There is no definition anywhere that says a first appearance can only occur in a story and just because an easily manipulate market says a book is first and that book sells for a large sum, it in no way means that it's actually a first. All it says is that the book is valued over others or a litany of reasons, many of which cannot be relied upon.