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  1. Tell Overstreet and their definition that. Sounds to me like you want it to mean what YOU want it to mean. And the hobby has no accepted definition so it can, and does work however we want it to. If anything my logic is more sound, if we can't all agree on what a first is then let's go by the literal definition ( which just so happens to be the definition supplied by Overstreet! )
  2. Oh we aren't? I am. And someone is buying these crazy slabbed variant fro cover art alone at insane prices. Those are collectors AND flippers.
  3. What does desirability have to do with it. Tell e what is so special about the narrative in 181? It's the cover that mattered then and matters now. You are confusing value with what is right. 181 is worth worth ore but not the first.
  4. That is an opinion for sure! You are correct, comics are a storytelling medium but not ever collector collectors for the story. Some buy for cover art alone right? Some people buy third appearances and others collect last issues no matter what the story is inside. Today, maybe more than ever, collecting is less about the story and more about the rarity of the image. My point is that times change and there is clearly room for the Comics Journals of the world. Don't believe me? Check the market. Even I cannot believe what books like Amazing Heroes 131 go for now!
  5. It ends at published. If a napkin were published so be it. There is a published definition by Overstreet, it has been published in it's terms section for ever. It says nothing about a first needing to occur in a story and the definition predates the internet too!
  6. or had no real forum to do so. Look if the internet were around when Hulk 180 was published what do you think the first appearance would be.
  7. I don't believe " generations of collectors rejected the idea", they just never really though of it before. The internet has helped to create a great number of new avenues for collectors. Ads and previews are just examples of this.
  8. No, see Red Hulk and a host of others. Many collectors might prefer first appearances happen in stories but there is no definition that supports this.