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  1. one copy: BATMAN DAMNED #1 (standard Bermejo cover) s/s series writer Brian Azzarello &- $125. Please add Lee Bermejo $20
  2. CATWOMAN #4 (Artgerm variant) s/s Artgerm & Joelle Jones - $135 (One copy:back up list, please.)
  3. Please forgive my confusion, Rich. How many 9.8 candidates for Starman 0 are available? I count three "taken" so far. Thanks for the clarification.
  4. Recently had the pleasure of purchasing an Animosity #1 CGC 9.8 Diamond Retailer Summit Edition from Kelly. Couldn't be happier. Ships just as fast as stated in the TERMS. Excellent packing. Friendly service. Highly recommended!
  5. I agree! Very professional. Definitely a template for other sellers to use as a "terms of sale" guideline. Great books, too!
  6. LINK LINK Since I am not a big fan of escapist language, is there a definition of "excessive"? How does a person assist another person with an assessment of what another person considers excessive? I think this is excessive, in my opinion. No, it is not. Why? Because 2 of us made the assessment it is not excessive, and we work in the Newton assessment office. Is there a Newton Assessment Degree that qualifies a person as a Newton Assessment Expert? Our boss formally listed it in the written notice to us about our job title. All such requests for assessment are now forwarded to us. That is our expertise. now. Oh, OK. Oh, man! Thank you Mr.Mcknowitall! Sincerely. I've had a really bad day, and you just made me laugh it ALL behind me. What you wrote reads like a brilliant Monty Python sketch! Very, very funny. MORE! PS--The LINKS don't seem to work as of this post.
  7. Recently bought a Crossed 0 CGC SS 9.8 Red Crossed Edition from Jonathon. Clear terms at the beginning of his thread, clear pictures and prices. Fast to respond to communication and to ship. Definitely the fastest transaction I've had with a Boardie. Hope to do business again!
  8. I've done bid'ness with Jason before, and I will do so again based on this recent transaction. Recently, it was a MARVEL KNIGHTS/MARVEL BOY GENESIS CGC 9.8. Jason's terms of sale were clear; his service fast and professional, as always. Recommended!
  9. There were several Palahniuk SS books done at SDCC :thumbsup: Must not be back from CGC yet.
  10. I haven't seen any CGC Palahniuk signature series for Fight Club 2--just Mack and/or Stewart. I know all three were at SDCC, and I've seen lots of raw copies signed by all three. Lots of raw copies signed just by Palahniuk too. Does he not do CGC?
  11. I recently purchased an Inhuman 1 Joe Madureira variant cover CGC 9.8 from Sean/Bird, and everything went smoothly: his terms were clear, as were his pricing and pictures; he shipped quickly and packed my book very well (double-boxed). He's a great seller and board member. I'm happy to have done business with him, and look forward to my next opportunity.