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    1. No HOSers/Probies, etc. 2. PayPal/check/MO accepted 3. Shipping included within the continental US; international, please contact me first 4. The book is CGC graded, so no returns 5. in the thread wins
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    Detective Comics 37 CGC 7.0 OWW

    Bump. Offers/trade for keys welcome.
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    Kevin...Feedback Thread

    Paid fast, easy to work with. Thanks
  5. 1. No probies/HOSers/ignore etc. 2. Payment by check/cash only. 3. Shipping included with insured Registered Mail within the US. International, please PM me. 4. No returns. 5. in thread wins but PMs/offers welcome.
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    I'll take the ww105 at 20% off.
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    Closed sold

    Bump and price cut.
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    Closed sold

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    Closed sold

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    Closed sold

    1. PayPal, personal check, or cash (if in NYC) acceptable. 2. Shipping included in the US; international possible, but please PM me first. 3. No returns on CGC graded books. 4. PMs/offers welcome; in thread wins.