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  1. I was going through my books and I came across a few I got when this set of books came to market through these forums. Does anyone have any memories or recollections concerning these books...??
  2. Thanks. I didn't know where to sign up.
  3. What level of membership..??
  4. How do I access GPA...?
  5. Is GoCollect a good place to get the information on sales and book values??
  6. GoCollect has an AF15 in 6.0 recent sale at $98,000. Can anyone verify this?? That is one huge jump from a price hovering around $60,000. Thoughts.......
  7. What is there at the top is not "possible edge fraying", but what I call slightly bent overhang of the top of the cover. With that in mind, would your grade remain the same??
  8. One can clearly see the defects with this book from the pictures. I don't like taking this book out or fingering through it, but lets just say for the sake of argument, the centerfold is detached at the bottom staple.
  9. Book is complete. Nothing missing from front or back covers. There is a name written on the cover. Someone "added" another staple to the right of the bottom staple because of a rip in the book. The rip goes through the book but it gets "smaller" in length as it reaches the centerfold. Centerfold is attached. NO spine split! I need to get this book "fixed" and have someone remove the staple and give it a cleaning and a press, if warranted.
  10. The top "edge" is NOT heavily stressed. How did you come up with that?? As one can see, the interior pages show no "heavy stress"? Just askin'....??
  11. Excuse me, but there is no "close to detaching" centerfold. What you are seeing is the paper pushed out from the process of stapling the book.
  12. How much would it roughly cost to slab this book?
  13. Thanks, guys! Do you think I should get it graded..??
  14. There is no oxidation. I would have declared that if there were.......
  15. You are mistaken. The cenerfold is very tight on the book.