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  1. Hello there anyone going to this con, just need 1 book signed, I've been trying to get dale for about 4 years now with no luck, also need marc silvestri on one book at c2e2. Also don't know if anyone knows when lucy lawless will show up again. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hello there, I need some assistance in finding 3 people, Marc Silvestri, Dale Keown & Lucy Lawless. Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated
  3. Need help getting lucy lawless on a poster, any help would be appreciated
  4. Hello everyone I am seeking a couple of my rare books, Shipping depends on how fast you would like the book to get to you. Payment through Paypal only, please goods and services only. Famous Monsters Of Filmland #9 F/VF- Signed by Basil Gogos (First Professional Work) $300 Obo Twilight Zone #82 F/VF- Signed by Frank Miller (First Professional Work) $250 Obo Boris Karloff #2 VF-/VF+ Signed & Sketched by Herb Trimpe (2nd Professional Work) $200 obo
  5. id be in for 1 on an 11x17, going to get the cast from spooky empire, need the few folk who arent going
  6. I believe it was wizard #16 the book came out in December 92
  7. Sorry didn't know cgc graded 11x17
  8. Isnt official pix doing this?
  9. the warriors will not be going, they are assigned for only Super megafest and warriors festival
  10. It's the small one they handed out at celebration
  11. Id like to get my first offical poster signed by them