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  1. It's already on it's way to CGC. With tracking number.
  2. Fresh off ebay. Anthony Castrillo
  3. Did this one while sitting at my computer one night recently. I was bored. I probably could have done better if I'd had the right table.
  4. Ten of them. I'd probably send one or two here and there over time. I really love the clarity of the new cases and I have mostly original sketch covers. Sounds to me, from all the comments, that the more recent previous case and label aren't really getting much nostalgic love. I'm fine with that. I appreciate all the feedback from everyone. It's a huge help.
  5. I love the new case and label but I wonder if I should stick with the old case. The original CGC labels from way back seem to have a special history of being more strictly graded. I wonder if the case and label from just before the recent change will have collectible significance as well.
  6. That is so sweet! Love that signature. Do you know if TM colored the eyes?
  7. Thanks for the update. I would rather have you guys handle the books. Good call. All I'm concerned about is please remember to have mine signed in gold as requested. Not red or blue. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the advice you guys. It sounds like this could be a possibility.
  9. This is where I was hoping he could sign. It's not really that small of an area but I wouldn't want him to sign over the X-Men logo:
  10. Will stan sign within small spaces on cover? I've noticed a few books here and there where Stan actually made a tiny signature because the space was constrained. How possible is it to get him to do this? Has anyone had luck? I have a book where I would like him to sign within a small space but the question is: How?