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  1. SW3D

    Comic Spinner Racks

    Wow... just so awesome! It's like a candy store! SW3D
  2. Hello N2WDW, I'm glad to see you are still posting journals. I'm looking forward to the next entry. SW3D
  3. Pretty cool! Gotta admit... someone at DC was having fun with this. SW3D
  4. SW3D

    Swamp Thing #7

    Such as strange and twisted tale! I'm a really big fan of Swamp Thing, but I largely avoided anything that wasn't written by Len Wein or Alan Moore... and now I know why. But still... your summary has me intrigued and I may look for a reprint collection of these comics before the Alan Moore run. I'm looking forward to your next entry. SW3D
  5. Things are good. I'm trying to change things up with my collection... but still not sure what direction I should go in. My gut tells me "less is more". I feel I have another "holy grail" calling in my future. SW3D
  6. Hello Professor Pecora, Congratulations on acquiring such a beautiful example of Incredible Hulk 181. As always, I'm impressed by your passion for comics. You are an consummate collector with an eye for detail... can't wait to see what you acquire next. Thank you for sharing these wonderful things with us. SW3D P.S.: Love the rich details and history of your journal... it's a great read!
  7. SW3D

    Swamp Thing #6

    Hello FutureFlash, Great review! I'm really enjoying your journal Into the DC Swamp. Looking forward to the next entry. SW3D
  8. Hello All, Just posted for sale on eBay a beautiful copy of the 1st Full Appearance of Hellboy in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2; CGC 9.6; White Pages; see link: http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?item=282505330232&hash=item41c6a13e38%3Ag%3A0AYAAOSwjL5ZMMyz&_ssn=screenwriter3d&_sop=16 Plus there is a listing of other key comics. If you have any questions about any of the items for sale, do not hesitate to send me a message. Thanks for looking. SW3D
  9. Savage Dragon 102 CGC 9.8 Signed Robert Kirkman 1st Invincible Super Hot Key! 1st Full Appearance of Invincible in Preview (Pre-dates Invincible #1 and Tech Jacket #1) CGC 9.8; White Pages; Signature Series: Signed by Robert Kirkman (This is the first Savage Dragon 102 ever signed by Robert Kirkman in 2011) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Savage-Dragon-102-CGC-9-8-1st-Invincible-Preview-Signed-by-Robert-Kirkman-/282508492738?hash=item41c6d17fc2:g:~nIAAOSwKytZM1lE According to Image Comics, Savage Dragon 102 was published on August 1, 2002 predating Tech Jacket #1 (published on October 30, 2002) and Invincible #1; see links below for verification of my source. https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/savage-dragon-102 https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/tech-jacket-2002-1 Incredible Price: $999.00 or make best offer; includes free shipping (USPS Priority Mail Medium Box; Continental U.S. Only); latest sales for Invincible #1 at 9.8 suggest $1,200 and above; see GPA. Outstanding Eye Appeal: has High Gloss and Reflectivity and is Very Well Centered; clean case... see photos. Packing Assurance: I know what it's like to collect comics, and every collector needs assurance that the condition of the comic book isn't compromised during the shipping process. Each graded comic I sell is expertly packed in bubble wrap, and, for further protection, the interior USPS box is filled with styrofoam chips. In addition, the exterior of the box is clearly labeled: "Fragile, Do Not Bend, Handle with Care!" Buy with Confidence: Check out my growing Reputation and Seller Feedback! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Savage-Dragon-102-CGC-9-8-1st-Invincible-Preview-Signed-by-Robert-Kirkman-/282508492738?hash=item41c6d17fc2:g:~nIAAOSwKytZM1lE
  10. ACA Comix No. 1 John Bryne Holy Grail for Sale! eBay Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ACA-Comix-No-1-CGC-8-5-WP-John-Brynes-1st-Published-Comic-Book-/282505330232?hash=item41c6a13e38:g:0AYAAOSwjL5ZMMyz John Byrne Holy Grail! ACA Comix No. 1, The Death's Head Knight... John Byrne's 1st Published Comic Book Ever!!!! CGC 8.5, White Pages; Highest Graded on the CGC Census; 1 of only 2 copies. Ultra Rare! Highest Graded Copy: 1 of only 2 copies graded by the CGC. Ultra Rare: Although I cannot prove what the statistics are for this publication, my research leads me to believe no more than 500 copies went to press. How many examples currently exist graded or raw? From the comments of many John Byrne enthusiasts and collectors, this is probably his rarest comic book as few copies surface for sale. Key Notes: ACA Comix No. 1 is the first published comic book work of John Byrne; but note, it is not Byrne's first published work nor is it his first professional comic book work, but it is his very 1st published comic book ever. Background: Considered a prized "Holy Grail" to many collectors, ACA Comix No. 1 is a comic book both written and illustrated by John Byrne. As a student, John Byrne attended the Alberta College of Art (ACA) in Canada, and was asked to pen and illustrate a comic book specifically for a Student Art Exhibition whose theme was Comic Book Art. The exhibition was held at the college sometime in May 1971, and copies were distributed free of charge for those who attended. The statistics on the total published copies are currently unverifiable; not many known copies are said to exist. Buy It Now Price: $9,500.00 Price includes USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box and Registered Mail Restricted Delivery (Continental U.S. Only; No International Shipping) Payment: PayPal Only; Payment must be received within 5 business days of purchase, no exception. Delivery: USPS Registered Mail Restricted Delivery (Added Insurance and You Must Sign for it!) eBay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ACA-Comix-No-1-CGC-8-5-WP-John-Brynes-1st-Published-Comic-Book-/282505330232?hash=item41c6a13e38:g:0AYAAOSwjL5ZMMyz
  11. Coincidentally, I watched the '95 version yesterday and I do like it. Although Stallone does Stallone, the movie does have some faithful aspects to it that keeps me satisfied. Without a doubt Urban's Dredd is far superior... and the movie as a whole succeeds probably because of the lower production value, which forced the producers to make a tight story versus a slam-bang Hollywood bloated vehicle that Stallone's came to be. My only complaint about 2012's Dredd was it went for Nolanesque dark: it tried too hard to be gritty and real like the Dark Knight films, and lacked the wry, black humour and feel of the 2000AD comic. SW3D
  12. Here's an idea... get Stallone to do the same (bracing myself for the fallout for such a suggestion). SW3D
  13. Is it me or does life employ invisible agents of fate... manipulating events in a peripheral way so that the things that were meant to be yours will somehow become. Congrats! SW3D
  14. Awesome journal... and a most awesome introduction into the world of comics. I can't remember the very first comic I ever came across or seen. It may have been Superman 295 where on the cover he confronts father time, circa 1976. I believe I saw this on the newsstand rack and I was in awe of it. Another very early one is the Amazing Spider-Man 155 which has an action-packed montage of spidey taking on several threats. The image of villain choking Spidey with the metallic hands always fascinated me. Who was that guy? And why was Spidey always in big trouble? This is got my mom to buy for me. I also remember Magnus the Robot Fighter 42, my first indie comic from Golden Key, which had a cool painted cover by Russ Manning, 1976. I remember that comic being so different from the others... maybe because it was very violent, futuristic and apocalyptic and had an underground feel to it... like a B-movie. And I also recall my father bringing home several DC treasury sized editions... featuring Superman, Batman, JLA... mostly reprints of the Silver Age, but so very cool with those oversized covers and pages. And like you, I barely read them, just stared at the artwork for hours as i tried to piece together the story. I even tried my hand at tracing and drawing. Sadly, I don't own any of these comics any longer... they ended up in the trash or given away. But my first comics I ever bought with my milk money were Fantastic Four 209 with Herbie on the cover, Iron Man 124 with a great cover of Iron Man battling Blizzard, Whiplash, and Melter in Atlantic City, and The Mighty Thor 289 where he battles the Destroyer with the spirit of his beloved Sif trapped inside. Batman 315 and Superman 341 were the first DC titles I ever bought. But Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Thor were the titles high on my pull list and the ones i bought religiously; that was about 1979 and that was when it really began for me. Thanks for sharing and evoking some cherished memories. SW3D
  15. Welcome Back Professor! It's been a long time and I'm so happy to read your journal and also to know you are collecting again. Great topic... cameos vs. 1st full appearances... a debate that could go on forever, with so many opinions and pov's that it is plain to see there is no one way to view it. I'm the kind of collector, that if I love the character enough, I'll probably collect the cameo and 1st full appearance, if such exist. If I'm buying strictly for investment purposes, I may buy one or the other, of both if I feel there is value and fits into my budget. It's obvious the comic book market is tricky and subjective... and unpredictable. SW3D