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  1. This debate can go on forever, but I firmly believe Adam Warlock makes his first full appearance in Fantastic Four #67 (and its not a cameo). Definition of a Cameo: "A small character part that stands out from other minor parts". It's clear from reading FF 66 and FF 67, HIM/Warlock is the main focus of the two-part story: his role is a major role, not a minor role or cameo role; he is the impetus and very reason for the story (as told in two parts). In Part One: We have his Origin and Creation explained in FF 66 by The Enclave. In Part Two (FF 67): we explore Him/Warlock's interactions with Alicia Masters. Throughout FF 67, Him/Warlock appears in the Cocoon and telepathically communicates to Alicia Masters. From the Cocoon, HIM displays his awesome power and eventually emerges from the Cocoon in full splendor to confront his evil creators. The two-part story concludes open-ended, exactly as Stan Lee had intended, with a possibility of HIM's return in a future story. There is really no debating that this is Adam Warlock's first full appearance, as it does not satisfy the definition of a cameo since he is crucial to the entire plot. Recap: FF #66: Origin of HIM; first appearance of the Enclave. FF #67: First FULL Appearance of HIM (later becomes Adam Warlock); first appearance of The Cocoon. HIM's next appearance is Thor 165 and Thor 166, where he battles the goldrn Asgardian after kidnapping Sif. But there's not much to his development; it's the same character from FF 66/67. And, from my previous explanation, there is no reason to believe Thor 165 is Him/Warlock's first full appearance... that is clearly an error or misunderstanding. At best it's his 2nd appearance. Interestly, CBCS grading considers Thor 165 his third appearance overall, as they consider FF 66/67 his 1st and 2nd appearances respectively. In Marvel Premiere #1, we see his next stage of development and this is arguably his most important stage of development where the High Evolutionary bequeaths the Soul Gem and bestows the appellation upon Him as Warlock. The newly named Warlock also crafts a costume to round-out his new superhero status. This is by far his most important key after FF #67, but it can be reasonably argued that this is when Warlock becomes Warlock, meaning it's the most vital stage of development in Warlock's history. I hold this issue as having much greater importance to the canon of Warlock than Thor 165. Recap: Marvel Premiere #1: 1st Appearance of HIM as Warlock; 1st Appearance of the Soul Stone; 1st Appearance of Warlock in Costume; Origin re-told. Lastly... Let's look at the CGC Registry points for each comic: FF #66: 9.8 Universal: 2,760 FF #67: 9.8 Universal: 3,312 Thor #165: 9.8 Universal: 1,280 Marvel Premiere #1: 9.8 Universal: 1,600 So the CGC has adjusted the registry points for Adam Warlock keys in accordance with the importance of these issues as they contribute to his canon, with FF 67, FF 66, and MP 1 individually getting more points than Thor 165. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude FF 67 is the most important Adam Walock key above all. These are my thoughts and opinions, substantiated in part by comic sources. It's okay to disagree... and let's be respectful about it. Happy Collecting! SW3D
  2. Hello fellow collectors, Just added some more great comics to an already awesome list on eBay: ACA Comic No. 1: John Byrne's first published comic book; extremely rare and highest graded at 8.5 with white pages Swamp Thing Volume 1, Number 1: CGC 9.8; White Pages; 1st Appearance of Alec Holland (the modern Swamp Thing); Origin of the Swamp Thing Marvel Premiere #2: CGC 9.8; White Pages; Suscha News Pedigree Go to the eBay link for further details: https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?item=283542117621&hash=item42046d5cf5%3Ag%3A1bgAAOSwTm9dI6te&_ssn=screenwriter3d&_sop=16 Thanks for looking. SW3D
  3. Hello fellow CGC Collectors, I'm offering opportunities to acquire several keys from my personal collection including: Adam Warlock: Fantastic Four #67: CGC 9.4; White Pages; 1st Appearance of HIM (Adam Warlock) Fantastic Four # 66: CGC 9.4; White Pages; Massachusetts Pedigree (Origin of HIM aka Adam Warlock) Marvel Premiere #1: CGC 9.6; White Pages; Suscha News Pedigree (1st appearance of the Soul Stone and what many believe to be the first true appearance of Adam Warlock) Fantastic Four #66: CGC 8.0; White Pages; Origin of HIM aka Adam Warlock Invincible: Savage Dragon #102: Signature Series; CGC 9.8; White Pages; 1st Appearance of Invincible (in a 5-page preview which pre-dates Invincible #1); Signed by Robert Kirkman (creator of Invincible and The Walking Dead) Masters of the Universe #1: CGC 9.8; White Pages; Gold Foil Edition; 6-page Preview pre-dates Invincible #1 Witchblade: Cyblade Shi #1 The Battle for the Independents: Signature Series; CGC 9.6; White Pages; Variant Cover; 1st Appearance of Sara Pezzini (the Witchblade); Signed by Marc Silvestri (creator of Witchblade), Billy Tucci (creator of Shi), and Matt Banning (superstar inker) Cyblade Shi #1 The Battle for the Independents: Signature Series; CGC 9.4; White Pages; Standard Cover; 1st Appearance of Sara Pezzini (the Witchblade); Signed by Marc Silvestri (creator of Witchblade), Billy Tucci (creator of Shi), and Matt Banning (superstar inker) Witchblade #100: Signature Series; CGC 9.8: White Pages; Marc Silvestri Variant Cover; 100th Issue Anniversary of Witchblade; Signed by cover artist Mike Choi Angela: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, #5: Signature Series; CGC 9.8; White Pages; Variant Cover; 1st Appearance of Angela on Guardians of the Galaxy; Signed by Sara Pichelli (main artist) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, #6: Signature Series; CGC 9.8; White Pages; Variant Cover; Angela joins the Guardians of the Galaxy; Signed by Sara Pichelli (main artist) and Justin Ponsor (colorist) In addition... HARD TO FIND NEWSSTAND EDITION comics from the Cooper and Modern Eras. Come take a look on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?item=282508313615&hash=item41c6cec40f%3Ag%3A000AAOSw8HBZMyko&_ssn=screenwriter3d&_sop=16 And message me with any questions. Thanks for looking! SW3D
  4. June 6, 2019 It's been a long time since I posted a comment or written a journal. I've been on the sidelines watching the world of comics vicariously through the movies, TV shows, the internet, and auction houses. What brings me back is the sad and dissapointing news that the DC Universe has pulled the plug on the new Swamp Thing series after having only aired one episode. It's a head scratching decision since the show was given absolutely no chance to succeed, yet it has drawn glowing critical reception from fans and critics alike. What were the suits at AT&T thinking? Sure... there's talk about a new Warner streaming service to debut sometime soon, which may mean all Warner related media gets scooped up and thrown-in a central service blender, including all things DC, but then why not keep the show going until then and simply allow DC Universe subscribers to migrate over after the consolidation is complete? Why not allow this high-quality show to keep going and gain momentum and be the anchor show the DC universe really needs? I'm sure if it was ported to the Warner platform, DC fans would follow. Apparently the high production costs, lack of faith, and changes in the direction of the entertainment division killed the Guardian of the Green, as well as the Doom Patrol... which is really a bad move considering there are so many remedies to get the DC Universe profitable and get the cash flow moving towards producing more and more content to keep suscribers happy and attract new ones. I for one was about to subscribe, because of Swamp Thing, until today. I was hopeful to see Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, and perhaps hundreds of other heroes and stories that deserve to be told. Imagine an Animal Man series, or Gaiman's Sandman, or Kirby's The Demon, or Ditko's The Creeper, or Moore's Hellblazer? Imagine Vertigo's line of comics finally made into live action series. Imagine a Green Lantern's corps, or a Dr. Fate, or Deadman, or hundreds of others? James Wan, Len Wiseman, Gary Dauberman, and Mark Verheiden need to be congratulated for producing the best looking Swamp Thing to ever grace the silver or small screen. Quite frankly, the costume is breath taking. It's a shame all this artistry won't be given a chance to blossom. It's so very sad. SW3D
  5. SW3D

    Comic Spinner Racks

    Wow... just so awesome! It's like a candy store! SW3D
  6. Hello N2WDW, I'm glad to see you are still posting journals. I'm looking forward to the next entry. SW3D
  7. Pretty cool! Gotta admit... someone at DC was having fun with this. SW3D
  8. SW3D

    Swamp Thing #7

    Such as strange and twisted tale! I'm a really big fan of Swamp Thing, but I largely avoided anything that wasn't written by Len Wein or Alan Moore... and now I know why. But still... your summary has me intrigued and I may look for a reprint collection of these comics before the Alan Moore run. I'm looking forward to your next entry. SW3D
  9. Things are good. I'm trying to change things up with my collection... but still not sure what direction I should go in. My gut tells me "less is more". I feel I have another "holy grail" calling in my future. SW3D
  10. Hello Professor Pecora, Congratulations on acquiring such a beautiful example of Incredible Hulk 181. As always, I'm impressed by your passion for comics. You are an consummate collector with an eye for detail... can't wait to see what you acquire next. Thank you for sharing these wonderful things with us. SW3D P.S.: Love the rich details and history of your journal... it's a great read!
  11. SW3D

    Swamp Thing #6

    Hello FutureFlash, Great review! I'm really enjoying your journal Into the DC Swamp. Looking forward to the next entry. SW3D
  12. Hello All, Just posted for sale on eBay a beautiful copy of the 1st Full Appearance of Hellboy in San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2; CGC 9.6; White Pages; see link: http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?item=282505330232&hash=item41c6a13e38%3Ag%3A0AYAAOSwjL5ZMMyz&_ssn=screenwriter3d&_sop=16 Plus there is a listing of other key comics. If you have any questions about any of the items for sale, do not hesitate to send me a message. Thanks for looking. SW3D
  13. Savage Dragon 102 CGC 9.8 Signed Robert Kirkman 1st Invincible Super Hot Key! 1st Full Appearance of Invincible in Preview (Pre-dates Invincible #1 and Tech Jacket #1) CGC 9.8; White Pages; Signature Series: Signed by Robert Kirkman (This is the first Savage Dragon 102 ever signed by Robert Kirkman in 2011) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Savage-Dragon-102-CGC-9-8-1st-Invincible-Preview-Signed-by-Robert-Kirkman-/282508492738?hash=item41c6d17fc2:g:~nIAAOSwKytZM1lE According to Image Comics, Savage Dragon 102 was published on August 1, 2002 predating Tech Jacket #1 (published on October 30, 2002) and Invincible #1; see links below for verification of my source. https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/savage-dragon-102 https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/tech-jacket-2002-1 Incredible Price: $999.00 or make best offer; includes free shipping (USPS Priority Mail Medium Box; Continental U.S. Only); latest sales for Invincible #1 at 9.8 suggest $1,200 and above; see GPA. Outstanding Eye Appeal: has High Gloss and Reflectivity and is Very Well Centered; clean case... see photos. Packing Assurance: I know what it's like to collect comics, and every collector needs assurance that the condition of the comic book isn't compromised during the shipping process. Each graded comic I sell is expertly packed in bubble wrap, and, for further protection, the interior USPS box is filled with styrofoam chips. In addition, the exterior of the box is clearly labeled: "Fragile, Do Not Bend, Handle with Care!" Buy with Confidence: Check out my growing Reputation and Seller Feedback! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Savage-Dragon-102-CGC-9-8-1st-Invincible-Preview-Signed-by-Robert-Kirkman-/282508492738?hash=item41c6d17fc2:g:~nIAAOSwKytZM1lE
  14. ACA Comix No. 1 John Bryne Holy Grail for Sale! eBay Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ACA-Comix-No-1-CGC-8-5-WP-John-Brynes-1st-Published-Comic-Book-/282505330232?hash=item41c6a13e38:g:0AYAAOSwjL5ZMMyz John Byrne Holy Grail! ACA Comix No. 1, The Death's Head Knight... John Byrne's 1st Published Comic Book Ever!!!! CGC 8.5, White Pages; Highest Graded on the CGC Census; 1 of only 2 copies. Ultra Rare! Highest Graded Copy: 1 of only 2 copies graded by the CGC. Ultra Rare: Although I cannot prove what the statistics are for this publication, my research leads me to believe no more than 500 copies went to press. How many examples currently exist graded or raw? From the comments of many John Byrne enthusiasts and collectors, this is probably his rarest comic book as few copies surface for sale. Key Notes: ACA Comix No. 1 is the first published comic book work of John Byrne; but note, it is not Byrne's first published work nor is it his first professional comic book work, but it is his very 1st published comic book ever. Background: Considered a prized "Holy Grail" to many collectors, ACA Comix No. 1 is a comic book both written and illustrated by John Byrne. As a student, John Byrne attended the Alberta College of Art (ACA) in Canada, and was asked to pen and illustrate a comic book specifically for a Student Art Exhibition whose theme was Comic Book Art. The exhibition was held at the college sometime in May 1971, and copies were distributed free of charge for those who attended. The statistics on the total published copies are currently unverifiable; not many known copies are said to exist. Buy It Now Price: $9,500.00 Price includes USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box and Registered Mail Restricted Delivery (Continental U.S. Only; No International Shipping) Payment: PayPal Only; Payment must be received within 5 business days of purchase, no exception. Delivery: USPS Registered Mail Restricted Delivery (Added Insurance and You Must Sign for it!) eBay link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ACA-Comix-No-1-CGC-8-5-WP-John-Brynes-1st-Published-Comic-Book-/282505330232?hash=item41c6a13e38:g:0AYAAOSwjL5ZMMyz