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  1. Hello, I have a copy of Action Comics #451 for sale, $175 shipped. The terms: I will only ship to mainland U.S. and I only accept Pay Pal (USD). Please no hall of shamers or probies. first gets it. Payment due within 5 days. Feel free to ask any question and thanks for looking! My Kudos Thread My eBay Feedback
  2. Vampirella's - Show 'em off

    and more Vampirella mags!
  3. That's a great story, your love of EC is helping your community!
  4. You know what? That ain't bad! You still have time to figure out what books to send. As for me, I'll wait until the new year to send what I have picked out in.
  5. This. Thread. Is. Awesome! I really like the Shock SupsenStories #17
  6. That's some fine framing my friend! Mighty fine indeed. Your JND reference brought back some college memories, I was a Psych and English major.
  7. Thank you, but it's alright. This might sound surprising, especially after reading my most recent posts, but not every book I have in collection has to be a 9.8. If I collected Action Comics from the 1950s, 8.0 to 9.0 would be nothing to sneeze at! Some of my favorite pieces are books like the Vampirellas you mentioned in a previous post.
  8. Thank you, but I did conveniently leave out a few books I submitted this year. Time to fess up. My second submission arrived about a week or so after I received my first submission back. It was a disaster so to say, but it was a learning experience and a right of passage. These are three books that I would not send back in hopes of upgrading. The Detective is a neat Anniversary issue that I would like to have in a 9.8 holder, I just need a copy with a little less "spine stress." I cracked it, read it's WHITE Pages, enjoyed the art and story and put it back in my library. The Vengeance of Bane II was a wall book in mylar from a comic shop that had just come into a large collection, of which I picked out several books, some of them came back to me in 9.8 holders. This was a good example of always going with your fist instinct, when I looked at this book for the fist time out of it's sleeve, I wrote down 9.6. There is a printing smudge on the back cover, I cracked it's holder but left it intact in the inner well, it still displays nicely! The Batman #635 is a book I bought new from my LCS in 2005. I got a bit lost in the hype, because it is the first revelation of Jason Todd as Red Hood. This is a book that is all over eBay in 9.8 for $300 plus dollars. There is some spine stress, I cracked it out and put it back where it belongs, with my other Batman books I bought from my LCS.
  9. Thank you! It's really fun to pull books from the wild and have them come back in nice grades.
  10. As a collector of Action Comics, I must say that I am envious of you Marvel and Spidy fans. While completing a Spider-Man run is expensive, it is a goal that can be completed. Completing a run of Action Comics, not so much... Best of luck on your journey and congratulations on your recent submissions.
  11. While I'm looking back, here are the raw books I sent to Sarasota in 2017. This first batch was actually sent in December and arrived at my doorstep on January 7th, a great way to start the collecting year. April This Batman #568 came back a 9.6 the first time, I respectfully disagreed, cracked it out and sent it again. Dropped this sub off in July at Denver Comic Con, July was big comic month for me.
  12. Here's a look back at 2017! I actually made it until April without buying a slab! April 1) Batman #492 3rd Print July - busy month 2) Batman #525 3) Superman #82 Collector's Edition 4) Batman Annual #18 - Mignola cover! 5) Robin #27 DC Universe UPC Logo Variant 6) Robin #28DC Universe UPC Logo Variant 7) Batman #428 - The "Death" of Robin, also my second Mignola cover. I actually won this one half drunk, we were out brewery hopping on a Friday night and I won this on my phone - I did not expect to win! Then I didn't buy anything until November. 8) Bram Stoker's Dracula #1 - my third Mignola cover of the year! 9) Superman's Girfriend Lois Lane #123 10) Wonder Woman #64 11) Action Comics #374 12) Action Comics #360 - The Best for Last! What a year it was, on to 2018!