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  1. Thank you sir! Interesting idea about Jurgen's inspiration for the Cyborg Superman. Are you still reading the pre-More Swamp Thing run?
  2. Thank you AJD. Yes, it was disappointing. The person in question has several registry sets that increase by several hundred points each week.
  3. Action Comics in the Bronze Age

    I got a few new ones.
  4. Here goes... The last four months have brought some really special pieces my way, giving my Action Comics collection a much needed shot of vitamin c, or a can of Red Bull! I had a dry spell from December 2015 to November 2017. Then things picked up, and brought some GIANT books my way. As of February, 2018, I now had two of my holy grails with the addition of AC #437, the first grail was AC #443 (also a 100 Page Giant). I couldn't (and still can't) believe it, and I couldn't be happier with my Action Comics collection. However There was also a third grail on my list, a book I first noticed on the CGC gallery way back in 2008. The book? Action Comics #398, CGC 9.8 from the Pacific Coast pedigree. This book would fit right in with my Action Comics collection, dedicated to high grade pieces from the Bronze Age. There was just one problem, the book never came up for sale. When the scan of AC #398 was uploaded to the CGC gallery in 2008, the book had just been graded. Ever since then, I wondered who owned it. The years passed and I would wonder if this bad boy would ever be offered for sale. I even put a WTB posting in the registry in 2015, no luck. Then... In December, 2017 I noticed a preview on ComicLink for some nice books that were to be auctioned off in the Winter Featured auction, ending in February, 2018. Of course I $#it my pants! Once I saw AC #384, I knew I would see Action #398 in the auction preview as well. I had to have both books. After a decade of drooling, dreaming and dreading, dreading that AC #398 Pacific Coast might not ever be offered for sale, or worse yet, lost or destroyed, I would finally get a shot at a dream book, a grail. I had also wondered where all the other Pacific Coast examples for Action Comics had been all theses years - most Action examples from the popular pedigree appear to be locked away in private collections. I had almost two months to plan, I tried not to stress. I also came across Action #437, 9.8 White Paged, 100 Page Giant that I was not expecting. I sold several books to get the 100 pager, then I went back to planning for the two Pacific Coast examples I had my eye on. Also, another collector reached out to me, stating that they were not good at bidding and that they needed my help, help in bidding on several Action Comics examples for them, from the Pacific Coast pedigree in the upcoming February ComicLink auction. I was offered funds up front and commission if I agreed. Of course I saw through the red flags and declined, I was not born yesterday! Finally, the night came when the auction ended, and I did alright! I also did great price wise, nowhere near what I thought I would have to pay! Then another book appeared elsewhere, I won that one and had two packages arrive for me, on the same night! The third book was Action Comics #397, Twin Cities copy. All three books are spectacular. The Pacific Coast examples are very fresh with superb structure, everything I thought a Pacific Coast example would be and more. The slabs are in great shape also, as I did worry they would be scratched up, being graded 10 years ago. The Twin Cites piece also has really vibrant colors. It feels really good to finally hold AC #398 in my hands, ain't nothing like a great Neal Adams cover in high grade! After a decade of waiting and another collector's attempt to distract and or con me, I now have my grail list completed with the addition of AC #398.
  5. My Warren Eerie collection

    Awesome first posts, I'm looking forward to more! Beautiful books, friend!
  6. You've gotten a lot of Slab of the Day honors, well deserved. You also have some nice Featured Slabs! Question, do the Gerber Mylar D® 914M2 sleeves help to bring out the colors? Some of these older holders are looking more and more terrible to me as I accumulate more of the newer holders. I say "some" because I've noticed holders from the mid 2000s seem to lack that clarity. Maybe it's just me but I thought I noticed some improvement around 2010. Those books look really good together!
  7. The B.S.P.C.C.A.V.A.! I LOVE IT! The cover alignment on ASM #66 is so tight that you don't even see any of the front cover creeping up on the back cover spine! Also, awesome that you're getting a new holder. ComicLink is also so dope! Um, both books are nice '68 9.6s, nothing to sneeze at. The only thing I really see on the CVA book is very exceptional sharp top right corner. But that's only going by the scan. I'm with you, I don't get the price difference either. I also didn't realize CVA was still a thing.
  8. Speaking of grail books, stay tuned. I'm on fire!
  9. Hey man, can you spot me a buck? I'll get ya' back next week.
  10. I see that now, on page 3 the OP mentioned residing in Costa Rica. Still, this is a strange thread, going against not only the Library of Congress but also the knowledge and experience of several members who have shared their experiences here.
  11. Speaking of reading, I can't believe I just read all 4 pages of this thread. Is this a Bizzarro thread? Not just in terms of content, but also in punctuation. I not store books in mylar... I also half expected bitcoin to appear somewhere after page 3.
  12. Yes it does! I first saw this book in 2008, in the CGC gallery. 10 years of dreaming, wondering if it would ever be brought to the market, or if it still existed. It feels really good to post this, even if the WTB post had nothing to do with my acquisition of this piece.
  13. Superman Death-Return Print Variant Collection

    It's been very quite here... I just added this to my set.
  14. Love the randomness! I'm sure you learned a valuable lesson from this childhood experience. You also grew up into a successful adult, living well is the best revenge they say.