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  1. Brando-

    Vampirella's - Show 'em off

    Hot damn, you lucky basta#d!
  2. Brando-

    The Marvel Magazine Thread

    I just caught up on this amazing thread. Thank you@N e r Vfor putting this together. You have contributed great writing and quality pictures, I'll be coming back to this thread again.
  3. Brando-

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    When I got into comics as a kid in the '90s, "old" books were from the '70s and had that old paper smell. The same amount of time that had passed from the 1970s to 1990s has now passed today, and then some. Finding a drek '90s book makes me feel weird (not nostalgic), it also weird to see comics published in my lifetime on the LCS walls for more than $5...
  4. Brando-

    World-class Savage Sword of Conan #1 to 10

    Great gallery my friend! I like #9 the best.
  5. Brando-

    Action Comics in the Bronze Age

    Thank you otherworldsj331, those Actions are a sweet spot indeed! Is the Marlon on your avatar?
  6. Brando-

    Action Comics in the Bronze Age

    Well done, sir! Beautiful book with great cover alignment. I love this cover.
  7. Brando-

    Losing my religion

    Looking at this post, again, reminded me of this song. I hadn't heard this song since I was in college. I actually used to fall asleep to it, usually after partaking in the typical lifestyle of the college student. There were usually refreshments involved... Great cover (congrats on winning) and wedding highlights! This makes me want to read some TOD now!
  8. Brando-

    Losing my religion

    Three months?! Was this due to ComicLink being involved, combined with your location on the globe? Or the CGC summer time busyness? Beautiful books, all the more beautiful in new holders! 9.6s that look like 9.8s, I hope to have some 9.6s of that caliber for my Action Comics run from the early to mid 1960s some day, the same era as your beautiful Spider-Man books! I hope your having a good summer!
  9. No need to apologize, I was just being cheeky. Thanks for showing me comicbookrealm. Anyone else have a better image? Could this be faked?
  10. Here are a few things that I accept today. 1) Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, no conspiracy. 2) Climate Change is real 3) There is no Loch Ness Monster 4) There is no such thing as AOS #499 2nd printing. As for Action #683 3rd printing, that would be an amazing find, but I don't think we'll see it. AC #683 2nd print in 9.8 is actually one of my dream books for my CGC Death and Return of Superman set! I too have never seen a Superman #82 2nd printing in the wild. When I saw it in the guide, I wasn't sure it really existed until I saw a pic. Here is something interesting I found in the 2013 Death and Return of Superman Omnibus. A cover 'reproduction' of MOS #25 Notice the Roman Numeral? However... ...the reproduction of MOS #19 in the same omnibus is incorrect. The coloring of the title logo is wrong for the 2nd printing of MOS #19, the 2nd printing is title logo actually yellow and blue. I wonder if there might have been plans for a MOS #25 2nd printing as it is the 'return' of Superman, but it didn't make it to print. Perhaps when the omnibus was compiled, all that was left was a template for MOS #25 2nd printing? Who knows, it would be cool to discover something like this, but it seems too good.
  11. Do hair plugs count as restoration? Rogaine as 'conserved' or 'qualified'?
  12. I got nauseous as the pages were flipped... ...incorrectly! The book was held in the correct manner, but I thought you were supposed to flip the pages with your thumb as opposed to pulling the pages forward!
  13. Brando-

    The "Early" Action Comics Club (#1-24)

    Man, I wish I could be in this club! I love Action Comics and Superman but I really enjoy the non Superman covers of this run's infancy. Especially #9 (race car cover), #11 (battleship) and #12 and 14 (Zatara).
  14. Brando-

    Losing my religion

    What?! You sold one of your Rockies? That's a nice Conan #14, maybe someday your buyer will decided that the book should go back to it's true home in Colorado and hit me up. Kinda... I sold a few books recently.
  15. Oh man, if I had a dollar for every time my brother reminisced to me about 1984 (both the album and the actual year) I could buy me a mint Hulk #181!