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  1. Warlord -- You continue to amaze me with your collecting accomplishments. Congrats on these recent finds! Here's a another goal for you.... obtain every single of Warlord comic books that contain the Mark Jewelers insert. That one might take you 10 years too... lol.
  2. The 15 jeweler variants I've never seen before are Batman 245, 324, 326, 390, JLA 161, Detective 470, 548, 564, Superman 359, 413, Action Comics 516, 524, 533, 579, 581. If anyone ever finds those issues with jeweler insert, I would sure love to hear about it. I'm pretty sure the TEC 564 and the Action 581 do not exist, because I believe they were printed after the last run of jeweler inserts. I believe that the issues that were released during the last week of that month (such as TEC 564 and Action 581) were not printed with jeweler inserts.
  3. I believe that it does not exist. I've seen every 16 and 20-pack brick from Nov 1992 thru Nov 1994 (one exists for each month). Starting in Dec 1994, there are quite a few titles for which we have never seen a DCU symbol on the cover. Thus, it seems to add credence that there was no pack in Dec 1994. Examples of Dec 1994 issues with no known DCU symbol are Batman 513, Superman 95, Justice League 94, Superman Man of Steel 39. After Nov 1994, I think some of the DCU reprints are hard to find because they were only produced for two-packs.
  4. whoops... I did not mean to mislead you. My 10.0 was a regular Action Comics (not a jeweler). But I do have a lot of 9.6 jewelers. Not sure I've ever seen a 9.8 jeweler until this JLA 230 came along. Totally unrelated, but one of my favorite CGC posts was something called "Show Us Your 10's". Of course there were lots of 10.0's shown, but someone also showed a photo of Bo Derek in that thread.
  5. This past week I found a Justice League of America 230 in NM condition. I'm pretty sure it would rate a 9.8. I have lot of CGC 9.6s and 9.8s, and one 10.0, so I'm pretty sure that my guess of 9.8 is close. It seems incredible to me that a jeweler variant could get printed in the US, make its way overseas, sit on the rack at the military PX, and then make its way back to the US in 9.8 condition. How does that happen?
  6. Very interesting. And yes, some of the jeweler variants seem to be nearly worthless, as I have seen them get listed on ebay for a couple bucks, and get no bids. And others are surprisingly in demand. I mentioned it earlier in this thread, but a couple months ago I lost out on the bidding for a JLA 107 jeweler variant in vg+ (normally a $1 comic book without the insert). I think I lost out somewhere around $90 against just one other bidder. Crazy. p.s. One of the reasons I posted extensive information on these variants was simply because I could not find anything out there about them. The other reason was in hopes that people would seek me out if they had some to sell. That has worked for me to some extent.
  7. The 11 jeweler variants know to exist that I still don't have are: Batman 247 & 288, Detective 454, Superman 255, 258, 261, 292 and 419, and JLA 100, 107, and 207.
  8. Roger that. For whatever it is worth, the jeweler variants that I still have not yet found are Batman 245, 324, 326 & 390, Detective 470, 548 & 564, Superman 359 & 413, Action 516, 524, 533, 579 & 581, and JLA 161. The earlier ones like Batman 245, TEC 470 and JLA 161 surprise me that they have never surfaced yet... I'm very confident that those must exist because all other issues from those time frames have been found.
  9. LOL. The rest of the story is that there at 11 jeweler variants that I know exist, but still don't have in my collection. I know a guy who has 4 of the 11 that I'm looking for, but he can't seem to part with those yet. Since I collect variants, there are several issues where I have 3 or 4 of the same comic book, all with slightly different variations. Example: Batman 394 in direct sales format, newsstand format, Mark Jeweler format, and reader survey variant.
  10. I continue to hunt for these Mark Jeweler variants in the titles of Batman, Detective, Superman, Action and JLA on ebay. I just ask the seller if the comic book contains the insert, and I also give the seller my jeweler want list. After combing through more than 100 stores and asking more than 900 sellers on ebay, I now have found 677 of the possible 692 jeweler variants for those five titles (which means there are still 15 out there that I have not yet found). I'm starting to think that I might eventually find all 692 jeweler variants within the next several years, or come darn close. In the last few months, I found a few (namely JLA 195 and Action 580) that I thought might not have ever received the insert. I created a graph (see below) that shows how many of the jeweler variants I've been able to find since I started looking for them 8 years ago. The straight horizontal line at the top of the graph represents the total theoretically possible 692 jeweler variants for Batman, Detective, Superman, Action and JLA titles. The "x" axis is the number of years I've been trying to find these. You can see the curve approaches 692 jeweler variants as the years go by (I'm currently sitting at 8 years), but then the curve starts to flatten out toward the end if we use regression analysis. So will the curve ever reach all the way up to 692?... only time will tell. (you can probably tell that I'm an engineer)
  11. I think this the Batman 457 2nd print news and Superman 50 2nd print news are the only DC Batman and Superman variants for which I do not know the origin. Would love to find out someday.
  12. I would agree. The exception is that they can be pretty easily found from about 2012 until the last year they were made. That is when people started collecting and speculating with them when many people became aware of the topic. Of course, they can be expensive after 2012 for that reason. The other exception is that toward the last year of DC newsstands, (that is, 2017) some can be really hard to find because of spotty and low distribution.
  13. wow... what a great first-hand story. I recall seeing CGC story thread where there was another guy who worked at Barnes & Noble. But instead of throwing them all in the trash, he took some home (in other words, stole them). There were some high value newsstand issues in there (some of the first issues of New 52, plus some of the last issues of the original iines of DC comics). He then sold them to a guy, who in turn sold a Superman New 52 #8 newsstand to me from that stash. It was the last newsstand issue that I had not yet found.