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  1. Awesome @Brock.... that seems like a pretty rare artifact. Did you end up selling it on ebay? If yes, would you mind telling us what was the sales price?
  2. thanks to @waaaghboss, I have found another one of the missing Mark Jeweler variants on my want list (namely Superman 413). He found an obscure shop that had a 3 long boxes of jeweler variants. Up until now, I had never seen a Superman 413 with jeweler insert after looking for more than 8 years. This means: 1. I've found every single issues in the run of Superman that could contain a jeweler insert from issues 255 through 420, with one exception (still have not seen Superman 359). 2. In the five titles I'm collecting (Batman, TEC, Superman, Action and JLA), there should exist 690 jeweler variants and I've seen all but 9 of them. The 9 not yet found are Batman 245, 324, 326, 390, Detective 470, 548, Superman 359, Action 579, and JLA 161. Note that on three of those titles, only one jeweler variant has not been spotted. This makes me pretty confident that no issues were skipped except super sized or square bound issues. The search continues. I've been graphing the number that I find each year, and it gets harder to find them as there are fewer left to be found. I estimate I will have found them all in the next 6 to 8 years.
  3. Whoops. In my original answer to you, I said you could go to the beginning of this thread for a listing of the colors and codes of DC jeweler variants. I should have said "Go to the beginning of the following thread"
  4. I believe Superboy 12 is among the harder to find. I would definitely grab it if I were you.
  5. If you go back to the beginning of the following thread, you will see that I've attempted to list all the different variations (color and numerical code) of all the inserts that ever appeared in DC comics. I think I have them all. When I get more time one day, I could post photos of each (but then again, I have to wonder if anyone would ever really care). As far as why they printed different colors with different numerical codes on the ordering coupons, I can only guess. But here's one guess.... they changed colors and codes so they could figure out which months of advertising produced the greatest number of sales. Or heck.... maybe as they printed these ads, they just wanted to change them up. For the first few years they printed the ad on a heavier paper stock (which almost feels like thin cardboard). After that, they printed the ads on a thin slick paper stock. Given that thousands of these ads were produced each month for DC and Marvel comic books, I'm sure cost was a factor. Someone should reach out to the Mark Jewelers company right now to see if there's anyone who remembers this ad campaign. I will add that to my "to do" list.
  6. Going off on a tangent here... but I have a Batman 392 and a Detective 590 where another copy of the front cover was placed into the centerfold, just like a Mark Jewelers insert. So technically those issues have a "double cover" but the extra cover is in the centerfold. I probably found these when I was hunting for Mark Jeweler inserts.
  7. Oh.. now I understand your question. I've never seen a CGC slab make note of a double insert. Of course, those double insert issues will be few and far between.
  8. Hey @ADAMANTIUM, I don't understand your question. Can you please clarify?
  9. Someone mentioned that they have rarely seen a double MJ insert. Here's one that I have in Superman 310. I'm not big on collecting error variants like double covers, but this type of error must be extremely rare. First of all, in DC comics I think you will only find a Mark Jewelers insert in about every 100 or 200 comic books. Now add the additional unlikelihood of the double MJ insert, and it is hard to imagine how few of these are out there.
  10. True, you don't normally see the star with the circle around it. But I have approximately 1,000 DC jeweler variants, and I would say I've seen this type of star stamp on at least 10 of them.
  11. Nice. It is very rare to see someone actually pull them out like that. Thanks for mentioning it.
  12. Thanks. And yes, the general consensus is that the DCs are harder to find than Marvels. It would be great to find a jeweler variant of Action Comics 579. Then we could say that run received the insert for every single issue that could possibly contain the insert. For whatever it is worth, I would gladly pay finder's fees and premiums for the ones I'm missing. I also have lots of jeweler variants for trade, and I'm always willing to help fellow collectors. My collecting friends have been a key to finding these jeweler variants. There's a great guy in Germany who keeps an eye out for them too.
  13. Thanks. Here's the other hard part. Getting them all in FN or better condition. In that run of Action Comics, I would say they are all in FN or better with exception of one or two that are in the vg to FN range.
  14. Here's a shout-out to Gary at Frank-N-Freds for connecting me with the buyer of those Action 522 and 533 Mark Jeweler variants. The buyer was willing to trade them for a bunch of spare Batman Mark Jeweler variants that I had on hand. I have now found 680 of the 690 possible jeweler variants in the titles of Batman, Detective, Superman, Action and JLA. Based on that, and the report below, I am starting to get confident that there was a jeweler variant in each non-oversized or non-squarebound issue of those mainstream titles with cover dates of August 1972 thru July 1986. Hard to believe that the those oldest jeweler variants are now approaching 50 years old. Here's my current status: 1. I have all of the jeweler variants from Action 415 thru 580. with the only exception being Action 579. I believe Action 579 jeweler variant should exist. 2. I have found all jeweler variants from JLA 100 thru 252 with the only exception being JLA 161. I have proof that JLA 100, 107 and 207 exist but don't yet have those in my collection. 3. I have found all jeweler variants from Superman 255 thru 420 with the only exceptions being Superman 359 and 413. I have proof that Superman 255, 258, 262 and 292 exist but I don't yet have them. 4. I have found all jeweler variants from Batman 243 thru 396 with the only exceptions being Batman 245, 324, 326, and 390. I have proof that Batman 247 exists but I don't yet have it. 5. I have found all jeweler variants from Detective 426 thru 563 with the only exceptions being TEC 470 and 548. I have proof that TEC 454 exists but I don't yet have it.