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  1. Yes, there at least a few examples like this. The Superman 12 pack reprint originally came in the 3-packs that were sold in Kay-Bee toys, Costco, K-mart, etc. These packs were made around the height of the comic book boom in the early 1990s. My theory is that the printing company eventually got away from putting the bar code on these subsequent printings because it would show thru the plastic of the pack, and thus could be accidentally scanned by the clerk instead of using the real price tag. For example, in the case of the 3rd printings of Batman 414, 415, and 416, someone placed a DC bullet sticker over the bar code to keep it covered up. Examples that are similar to the Superman 12 pack reprint with bar code on cover above are 2nd printings of Batman 414, 415 and 416.
  2. Dear Revat -- Yes, the ones toward the end of the run of Mark Jeweler variants can be tough to find. I suggest you create a search on ebay called "Darkhawk mark jewelers", and that way you will be the first to see them when they come up for sale. Also, you might want to check ebay Germany for Darkhawk newsstand issues from that time period. Since they were sold in military PX's over there, you might be more likely to find them on German ebay. Also, send private message to @awe4one (he seems to be the king of Marvel Mark Jeweler variants).
  3. lol. Perhaps my count is confusing. Here's the summary: 1. 692 jewelers should exist in those 5 titles (Batman, TEC, Superman, Action and JLA) 2. I know at least 673 of the possible 692 jeweler variants in those 5 titles have been found or seen before. That leaves 19 that I have yet to find (see list above for those 19) 3. Of the 673 known jeweler variants, I have 660 in my collection (all but 11 of them are at least vgFN or better... most VF and above) 4. Of the 13 that I still don't have in my collection, a friend of mine has 5 of those in hand (and he won't sell no matter what I offer). 5. Thus, I'm missing 32 total jeweler variants of the 692 that should exist (less than 5 percent)
  4. Well, I'm hoping my buddy eventually cracks and sells those 5 that I need. I'm thinking of offering him $500 for the set of 5. I will send you PM with my entire want list.
  5. Following is an updated list of Mark Jeweler variants that “should” exist in the five titles I collect but I have not yet found. Out of 692 jeweler variants that should exist, I have found all but 19 of them (I and I am only missing 13 of the 673 known jeweler variants in those 5 titles that I collected). I friend of mine has 5 of those 13 that I still don't have in my collection, but he doesn't seem willing to sell them at any price. Jeweler variants that "should" exist but not yet found: Action 516, 524, 533, 579, 580, 581 Batman 245, 324, 326, 390 Detective 470, 548, 564 Superman 359, 361, 413 Justice League of America 107, 161, 195
  6. Another year has gone by without another new discovery of one of the rare Adv of SM 443 mall variants. They are usually found with a 1 or 2 dollar price tag and once they are listed on ebay, they will almost assuredly get bought for more than $100. It makes me wonder if very many people are keeping an eye out for these.
  7. Your analysis makes me wonder about all those 2nd printings that were produced for 3 packs. Most of them are indistinguishable from the 1st printing when only looking at the front cover (the back covers are usually different though). Examples include: Adv of Superman 463 and 467 Action 654 and 660 Superman (1987 series) 44, 51, and 52 Justice League America 36, 37 and 45 Justice League Europe 6, 10 Flash 40, 41, 44 Wonder Woman 47, 48 Superboy 1, 8 Batman 445, 446, 447 (I've yet to see the pack containing these by the way, it is the only one I have not found) Batman 467, 468, 469
  8. A couple months ago, I found a FN- copy of Superman 50 2nd print news for $2 in Denver (and promptly sold it to a friend).
  9. Having seen a bunch of these over the years, I concur with RMA. None of these are easy to find, especially in high grades. I've also found them in the packs, and those black covers tend to get dinged slightly even when they stayed in the packs for all those years.
  10. I'm still looking for Superman 113 and 117 DCUs. To give an example of how rare they are, I would gladly pay $100 for each. Also looking for Adv of SM 530, Superman 95 and Superman MOS 49 DCUs, but I don't think those exist (might be an error from Jerome's original list... it was known to have a few errors). By the way, I recently came across these two gems. One is SM MOS 42 DCU and a stickered Detective 690 DCU. These are just spares, so if you are in need of them, feel free to shoot me a PM.
  11. Shouldn't Alfred be reading a newsstand issue in order to make this posting relevant to the topic?
  12. And here's an article that provides information and a list of the last DC newsstand articles, in case you missed it. The list is pretty accurate, and the article references back to a CGC thread I wrote that has the latest list. https://blog.comichron.com/2018/02/end-of-era-last-dc-newsstand-issues.html
  13. Thanks RMA. As always, you are a wealth of interesting information. p.s. I think if anyone ever claims to find a jeweler in a direct sales comic book, it will either be an error copy or someone added it to the direct sales issue. A close examination of the insert will probably show that the original staples do not line up exactly with the insert's original staple penetrations.