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  1. what an incredible memory you have Kenaran. How in the heck would anyone recall the "Six-Fifty" blurb on the cover of Action 650? And congats on getting those comic books for a bargain.
  2. you are the master of sniffing this stuff out before anyone else catches on. Congrats!
  3. Great find. That looks like a very high grade copy too. thanks for sharing!
  4. Most of the jeweler variants shown above were upgrades. If anyone needs some Superman, Batman or JLA jeweler variants, I have a ton of them. Just send me a PM if you need help filling holes in those titles.
  5. I thought of the same thing. I only checked Spiderman and did not see any jewelers. But if you google "Burning Comics Belgium" I'm sure the website will come up right away. It is an easy site to use, and you can quickly figure out what Marvel jeweler variants, if any, he has. I don't think he's on these boards but you can contact him by sending him a message thru his website.
  6. A significant development in my pursuit of Mark Jewelers happed this week. With this post, I will also provide a listing of all jeweler variants that should exist in the five DC titles that I collect. Thanks to Bart at ‘Burning Comics’ in Belgium, I was able to find some more Mark Jeweler variants that I have never seen before, as well as fill in some holes in my Mark Jeweler runs. Bart was extremely helpful and communicative… so if you are missing some DC Mark Jeweler variants, he would be a great source. Bart found an incredible run of DC jeweler variants, which are typicall
  7. If anyone ever wants to sell one, please send me PM. I think I'd pay at least $100 for one.
  8. p.s. late 1980's were an interesting time to be collecting comic books. There was a lot of buzz in the market when that Batman movie with Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger and Jack Nicholson came out. That, plus the first "Dark Knight", Batman: Year One, and relaunch of titles like Superman and Justice League made collecting and reading very fun for me. I remember thinking something like this about "The Dark Knight": "This looks like dooky but I can't stop reading and I'm fascinated".
  9. pretty gruesome cover when you stop and look at it.
  10. How in the heck did you find that advertisement, and where do you think it is from?
  11. I always cringe when I see that someone has posted something new to this thread, because I'm thinking "Oh god, someone just found another DCU variant that I don't have."