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  1. Thanks. Those DC jeweler variants seem to be few and far between.
  2. I've found the sale of DCU's to be highly variable. I'm looking forward to seeing the separate sales of those six 2-packs that were sold by SeattleGoodwill for almost $1900. It is hard to imagine each pack by itself selling for more than $300. I've seen packs with some of rare DCU's sit on ebay for months at prices around $150 and not selling. That said, some of the packs in the SeattleGoodwill lot contained DCU variants that had never been seen before. My thanks again to @revat for starting this thread almost 6 years ago.
  3. Great compilation of record sales, @onlyweaknesskryptonite .... thanks!
  4. I wonder why none of the super-rare June 1980 Whitmans (like Batman 324, DCCP 22, Superman 348, JLA 179 and Action 508) have not been found in a Whitman pack? I also wonder why they tend to surface in Canada more often than anywhere else. Were they perhaps released in Canada in some different way than a pack? Had to believe it has been 40 years since June 1980... makes me wonder if an original owner of one of these comic books could ever be found with direct knowledge of how he or she got one of those rare Whitmans.
  5. Just curious... what made you want to restrict the ideas to just Silver Age?
  6. Now down to 14 jeweler variants that I've never seen nor heard of someone having. Those are Batman 245, 324, 326, 390, JLA 161, Detective 470, 548, 564, Superman 359, 413, Action Comics 524, 533, 579, 581. If anyone ever finds those issues with jeweler insert, I would sure love to hear about it. Also getting confident that Detective 564 and Action 581 don't exist, which means I've really found all but 12 of the possible 690 variants. At this rate, I may find them all within the next 5 to 6 years.
  7. Great thread. Thanks. The ones I am still after are super rare, so I don't dare say what I'm after for fear that someone else will swipe them up before I buy them.
  8. Feedback rating of 0 is always a big warning sign to me.
  9. Dang it... now there's a another one on my want list. If someone comes across a JL 94 DC Universe variant and wants to sell, I would gladly pay $200 in VF better. I'm also still missing Superman 113 & 117 as well as Superman Man of Steel 39.
  10. You can add this one to your list of high grade comic books with odd inserts. It is Action Comics 484 with the cellophane insert. This one still has an unopened cellophane packed stapled into the comic book. The cello package contains a one of 4 different Superman posters. I would be very surprised to see another one come along in this grade or higher. You can learn more about it by checking out the following post:
  11. 9.8 DC Mark Jewelers? Not easy. I have approximately 670 DC Mark Jewelers in the titles of Batman, Detective, Superman, Action and JLA. Plus a few hundred more random DC Mark Jeweler variants. I have made it a goal to get them all in FN or better, and many of them are in really high grade. But 9.8 DC's with a Mark Jeweler insert are super hard to find. They were printed and sent all the way overseas, sat on a rack in a military PX, and then somehow made it back to the United States to get graded. After all of that, it would be hard for the comic book to make a 9.8 grade. Out of approximately 1,000 that I own, I suspect only 1 to 10 of them would grade 9.8. I suspect those super high-grade comic books somehow escaped the normal process of sitting on a rack to be sold. As far as slabbing MJs goes, I have bought slabbed ones just to get them, but I immediately free them from their cage.
  12. Great observations. I would think that trying to chase down all pack variations would drive one a little batty.