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  1. Cpt Kirk

    Golden-Age Variants

    Here's some suggested additions: Batman 1 (two versions: one version has "No .1" on cover, other version has "No 1” on cover”) Batman 4 (two versions: one version has black 10 cents on cover, other has blue 10 cents) Superman 1 (there was a variant of Superman 1 that contained an ad on last page stating "Action Comics 14 on sale now" versus a copy with ad stating "Action Comics 14 on sale June 2nd") Superman 14 Work Book (some consider this workbook to be a variant of Superman 14 because it contains the same stories as Superman 14, along with puzzles and problems) Superman 28 overseas edition: Not pictured below, but Jerome Wenker told me a friend of this actually has this in hand Action Comics 32 (two versions: one version has 15 cents in Canada below 10 cent cover price, other is blank below 10 cent cover price) Action 223 (two versions: one version has 223 on the cover and the error variant has 233 on cover). Error variant is extremely hard to find. Here's scans of the Batman 1 variants: Here's Batman 4 variants: Here's scans of Superman 1 back covers with different dates of release for Action Comics 14: Here's scans of Superman 14 regular cover and Work Book cover: Here's scans of the two versions of Action Comics 32: Here's a scan of Action 223 regular, 223 error, and 233 regular covers:
  2. Cpt Kirk

    Newsstand Issues wanted:

    Here's is a revised list of my wants, as I recently found quite a few of the issues listed above: I would gladly pay $50 for any of these in VF or better (but contact me please if you have a lower grade of any of these). Action Comics 252 Millennium Edition Newsstand issue Detective Comics 813 Adventures of Superman 553
  3. Cpt Kirk

    Variants within DC Newsstand Issues

    Well I am really glad you found these and brought this info the boards. To me, you have lent some valuable insight as to what was happening to the B&N comic books that did not sell. And you have un-earthed some comic books that people have been looking for a long time, myself included.
  4. Cpt Kirk

    Variants within DC Newsstand Issues

    For sure. I think it is interesting to know what happened to the Barnes and Nobles overstock. I did not realize until now that they actually got shredded. I'm guessing no one has every found a large stash of newsstand issue like this before.... very unusual. I wish we know more about it.
  5. Cpt Kirk

    Variants within DC Newsstand Issues

    It is probably not practical, but I guess Lifesugggs could send DC a note and let them know he will send DC the amount of money they are due for each comic book that he decides to keep or sell.
  6. Exactly. I think there has been some documentation to confirm what you just said. He was meticulous about making sure the best copies were set aside for him.
  7. Cpt Kirk

    overstreet misprint?

    Good observation on your part and you are correct... Overstreet is in error. The last time Overstreet correctly listed Batman #216 as the first mention of "Pennyworth" was the 21st issue of The Price Guide. Starting with the 22nd issue and all issues after that, it has been incorrectly listed as #214. So it has been wrong in Overstreet now for approximately 27 years. I love the Overstreet Price Guide and it is a wealth of accurate information. However, it has errors and whenever I've sent an email to point out the error, the message was received and no corrections were made. I recommend you take some consolation with the following. Neither Batman 214 or Batman 216 is really a key issue in my mind. But 214 is an awesome story about a lady who wants to lure Batman into marriage. So just enjoy the story, the advertisements, and DC's letter explaining the huge price hike from 12 cents to 15 cents. You just bought a great comic book! And I'm sure you can go find a great copy of 216 right now, before the word gets out that it is actually the "Pennyworth" issue... LOL. Now I am looking forward to seeing if the next Overstreet Price Guide still has the same error. Shown below is a scan from issue #21 of the price guide showing issue 216 as being the "Pennyworth" issue:
  8. amazing. thanks for sharing!
  9. Cpt Kirk

    The Last DC Newsstand Issues

    Here's the photo of the sticker that came on a newsstand copy of Detective 806 from a friend in Venezuela. I have at least 5 other newsstand issues from the same era with the exact same sticker on them. The countries listed on the sticker are Columbia, Venezuela, and a few other countries in that vicinity.
  10. Amazing. I thought all the early Detectives stayed together. How did you get this one, if you don't mind saying?
  11. Cpt Kirk

    The Last DC Newsstand Issues

    I noticed that since about the year 2000 (very roughly) a lot of copies ended up in Venezuela with a distribution sticker on top of them. When my friend was gathering up newsstand issues for me from that era, every single one of them (there were about 10 of them) had the sticker on there. I will post a photo of that distribution sticker as soon as I can.
  12. Cpt Kirk

    The Last DC Newsstand Issues

    Comichron is a good source for data on this. He even had a connection to the company who distributed the newsstand copies. For whatever it is worth, Barnes and Noble has distribution and sales data. A clerk at my local store once showed me that they had the data of the number of newsstand copies received at their store for any given issue, as well as the number that actually sold. The clerk was also able to access data for other stores. I saw actual data on the Barnes and Noble computer that showed a lot of newsstand issues were never sold. This correlates well to my own observations of the newsstand rack... I visited the local Barnes and Noble almost weekly from 2012 until they stopped selling newsstand issues in 2017. During those years, I would see several issues of newsstand comics that would continue to stay on the rack week after week, getting more bent and worn until they were finally removed from the racks. The person who worked on the newsstand rack knew which ones needed to be removed each week. The only newsstand issues that seemed to sell well were the Batman's. Anyway, I'm sure someone at the HQ of Barnes and Noble (which had to be the biggest seller of newsstand issues from 2012 to 2017) would be able to compile all the distribution and sales data from all their stores for at least the last 10 years or so. So we need someone to get in contact with that person at B&N HQ to get that data while it still exists.