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  1. I agree. Some we thought might not exist eventually showed up. And new ones keep showing up every year.... especially when LikeEmScanned keeps looking... he has uncanny ability to find new ones.
  2. Great post... thanks. A little off topic but in a similar vein, there was an image of Batman #420 that was produced for the "Ten Nights of the Beast" trade paperback. The slightly different cover got into distribution as a stock image on ebay, which made some people think it really existed as a variant (it does not exist). Newkadia uses this stock image on ebay. It has a "newsstand" price box and a "direct sales" symbol in the UPC box. Following is a photo of it from the trade paper back.
  3. Very true Revat. I am sure the ones I am looking for are rare. I am OK with people thinking they are rare because I would gladly pay a large finders fee to anyone who can find them (in my mind, the more people look for them, the better). I know several collectors who have been combing shops and conventions for almost 10 years now, and have not found some of the ones on my want list (or only one or two have been found). Rare is Adv of Superman 521 (two found), 530(none found), Superman Man of Steel 49(none found), Superman Man of Steel 50(one found), Azrael 22 (I've yet to see a photo, but I did hear someone found it), Superman 95 (none found), Superman 113 (one found), Superman 117 (one found). I'm offering $100 or more for these. Some of the ones listed above that have never been found might have been typos or mistakes from the legendary Jerome Wenker list (he admittedly had mistakes on his list). Some have been thought in the past to be non-existent but then popped up in quantities later. Action 706 (I think at least 5 have been found now) and Superman 117(one found) are good examples.
  4. Nice haul. I'm guessing that HeroesCon is one the very best shows for people who like to find back issues. I recall going through the convention booths before dealers knew anything about variants, and there was always lots of good stuff to be found.
  5. Thanks Jim. I'm up to 610 MJs in the titles of Batman, Detective, Superman, Action and JLA. Always willing to share my list with anyone and would love to see what others have found in these titles. My email address is kwticknor@aol.com
  6. Interesting. I recall seeing an image of Adv of Superman 499 2nd print, but it was just a doctored image of an Adv of Superman 499 3rd print.
  7. when I first created the posting, there was a spot where you could "tag" your posting. I just typed "mark jeweler variant" into that spot.
  8. That was a great thread back in 2011. I recall seeing when I was first trying to figure out DC jeweler variants. I was amazed at the info that was compiled by Jim, and I thought "Since no one has done that for DC jeweler variants, then maybe I need to do that". I believe I have the most complete database for inserts in Batman, Detective, Superman, Action and JLA. I've found anywhere from 96% to 94% of all possible inserts for those titles. For example, in the title of Batman I'm only missing evidence of the jeweler variant on Batman 245, 283, 324, 326, 376 and 390. Would love to hear if anyone every finds those, and I'm glad to share my database with anyone who wants it.
  9. yes, good point and thanks for pointing that out. I've got Black Magic 8 jeweler variant too. The Black Magic 8 is dated Feb/March 1975 even though the cover says "March" with the square box around it. It was released at the same time as other issues that only had Feb 1975 in the indicia (for example, Action 444, for which I have a copy with the jeweler insert). I have to give a shout out to "Mike Amazing world of Comics" for the newsstand feature of that website. It really makes looking things up like this very easy. I should have said "We will never see a DC containing the jeweler insert if it has an indicia date of solely March 1975"
  10. nice... I always enjoy seeing your photos
  11. awesome kenaran. That is really rare to find the "death" DCUs still in the pack.
  12. Other thoughts: 1. Keep in mind my JLA 195 with star stamp was found in the middle of a run of JLA's that all contained the insert (and some had star stamps on them). So my JLA 195 probably did come from overseas, since the other JLAs in that run had inserts. I think this strengthens my theory that at least some, if not all, JLA 195's were intended to get the insert but did not due to error or shortage of inserts. This makes me think that it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to find a JLA 195 with insert. 2. I found a similar situation with JLA 116 and 117. I found these 2 issues (both with star stamps) in a comic book store in the middle of a run of approximately 20 JLAs. All those JLA's had star stamps and came with jeweler insert except 116 (because it was a giant sized issue) and 117 (because I believe no DC issues from April 1975 ever contained the insert). So JLA 117 is similar to 195, in regards to the fact that it should have contained an insert (because it came from an overseas PX and it was not a giant sized issue). I am confident that we will never see a JLA 117 nor another other DC issue from Mar 1975 with jeweler insert.
  13. Just to pile on.... If these jeweler variants were only sold overseas, I can see why it is so hard to find them. If a person were in the military and bought some comic books overseas, it is very easy to see how they would be thrown away overseas before going through the hassle of bringing them back to the states. I also recall how disposable comics were in the 70's. I recall them being available at barber shops to read until they wore out... and me and my friends would roll them up, read until worn out, and pass them around to other friends, etc. Not so much any more.... I almost wonder if any comic book gets thrown away these days by the original owners. Sold yes, but never thrown away.