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  1. SM 106 DCU probably came from a 2-pack. I think Revat is right on the money about price.... the people who would be willing to pay $50 for it already have it in hand. So I would say a reasonable asking price is about $20.
  2. exactly. I wish I would have paid attention to those packs at the time they were coming out. Back then most of us collectors avoided 2nd printings like the plague... only a first printing would do!
  3. I hear you. I've noticed that some of those packs are not consistent regarding whether or not they contained a DCU vs a regular copy of a particular comic book. My wedding pack had a DC variant of Superman 118. Did your wedding back have the same or was it direct sales version of Superman 118?
  4. I know of some DC Universe variants that showed up in more than one place, and those are pretty easy to find. Examples: 1. I have a Superman 118 DCU in a two-pack and also one from a boxed Superman wedding set. 2. I have a two-pack that contains Superman Man of Steel 31 and Superman 88 DCUs; but both also came in 20-pack bricks are both are easy to find. 3. I saw a two-pack that contains Adv of Superman 509 and Action 696 DCUs; but both also came in 20-pack bricks are both are easy to find.
  5. Interesting. Adv of SM 532 is among the hard to find. I've noticed that if a DCU doesn't come in a 20-pack brick nor a boxed set (in other words, it came from a 2-pack), it can be hard to find.
  6. Nice! Now what is on the other side of the pack?
  7. Here's another Adv of Superman 521 with DC Universe logo. I paid $100 for this beat up copy, because this is only the 2nd one to surface after several of us have been on the hunt for years now. I would gladly pay another $100 to trade this copy for one in better condition if someone finds another copy.
  8. Just to pile on to Warlord’s posting: As stated on Revat’s list, there are two separate DC Universe variants of Superman the Wedding Album, but some other versions as well. Following is a summary of all known ones: 1. Warlord showed the photo of the Wedding Album that came out in newsstands, which has the newsstand bar code on the front cover. He also shows in the photo above the corresponding direct sales copy of that issue, which had a DC Universe symbol on the front cover and a bar code with the words “DIRECT SALES” next to it on the back cover (I have a record of buying that exact same direct sales copy from Geppi’s comic book stores when it came out). Following is front and back cover of the newsstand copy: following is front and back cover of the non-deluxe direct sales copy that I got from Geppi's when it originally came out 2. At the same time I bought the non-deluxe direct sales copy shown above, I also bought the deluxe white embossed variant from Geppi’s, which has a bar code on the back cover with words “DIRECT SALES” next to it. Photos of front and back covers below. 3. Then there is also a deluxe white embossed cover that had a DC Universe symbol on the back cover. I have two of those in hand… one was pulled from a Superman wedding boxed set and the other was pulled from a Superman Fiercest Foes boxed set. Photos below of the front and back cover of the comic book, as well as both of the packs that contained this DC Universe variant: Foes Pack: Wedding Pack: 4. And for some reason, there is also a direct sales version that has the words “DIRECT SALES” next to the bar code on the front cover. It is the same as the newsstand version above, but with bar code on the front that has the words "DIRECT SALES" next to it (exact same back cover, though). I can only assume that it was also sold in comic book shops (but my copy came from ebay, so I don’t know for sure…. But it does seem odd that one non-deluxe version has the direct sales bar on the front cover, and the other non-deluxe version has DC Universe symbol on front cover the direct sales bar code the back cover…. go figure). 5. And to make matters worse, there’s a sixth (RRP version) as well from 1996. You can see those on ebay (asking price is $1K and more). Fortunately, for collectors of DCU variants, there’s no DC Universe symbol on that one!)
  9. The Last DC Newsstand Issues

    Thanks Joosh. By the way, today I found out from a reliable source inside Mile High comics that they did indeed obtain almost all their newsstand issues in the last six years from two different Barnes and Nobles stores in the Denver area.
  10. The Last DC Newsstand Issues

    My experience is one of pure insanity.... Not only did I find them all, but if one was not in high grade, I had to replace it. The lowest grade I would accept is a FN. Of 1800 newsies, all are VF to NM except approximately ten of them, which are FN to VF-. The Batman Rebirth 14 shown above is an example of one of the lower grade newsstand issues I own (you can see a tiny bit on spine stress in on the black part of the cover.... it was hard to find... so I had to ask my son's wife to go to a Barnes & Noble in Atlanta to pick it up, and I forgot to tell her to pick the best copy!) I was usually pretty picky about the newsies I bought. But after going through them all, I decided that I could not have any with significant spine stress or a dreaded crease on the corners. So I probably had to replace 40 of so of them toward the end. Of course, I had to have all the direct sales copies too, in high grade. While surely insane, the run is impressive. After all this work, I'm pretty sure at least 3 or 4 other guys will think it is neat, but that might be about it... I think most other people would think "What a colossal waste of time and money!". They are probably right... but for me it was a fun and interesting Easter egg hunt.
  11. The Last DC Newsstand Issues

    Thanks Joosh. Your initial list made this list much easier to compile. It looks like Mile High has a scan of every single one of the "last" issues shown above. That seems to validate my statement that Mile High had a pretty good source for these newsstand issues. It makes me wonder where they got them. If anyone can find a newsstand issue of Superman New 52 #8, I would love to see it (just send me PM or email). I've found every single direct and newsstand variant of Batman, Detective, Superman and Action Comics except that one issue. regards, Kirk Ticknor (kwticknor@aol.com)
  12. The Last DC Newsstand Issues

    Update: Last newsstand issues (price and cover date also shown below; I have seen all of these except the Teen Titans 11). Note that scans of all these newsstand issues can be seen on Mile High Comics if you use the advanced search option. The advanced option shows issues that are both in-stock and out-of-stock. I believe Mile High had a fairly reliable source of these newsstand issues. I don't know if it was coincidence, but I published a fairly well-read newsstand article when Batman New 52 #13 hit the stands, and Mile High seems to have had almost all newsstand issues after that time. My theory is that for some reason the value of newsstand issues became well known at that time, so Mile High started buying them off the newsstand and putting them in their on-line store. If you check it out, their stock of newsstand issues prior to that time is very hit or miss, especially between the years of 2000 and late 2012. I personally started visiting Barnes and Noble every week around the time that Batman New 52 #13 hit the newsstands. For the most part, my B&N store had a reliable supply of Batman, Superman, Action and Detective. It seems like every once in awhile my store did not have an issue of Detective, but those were easily found in other stores. For some odd reason, Batman Rebirth #14 was hard to find. I had to try about 6 different B&N stores before I finally found it. Here's the latest list of last known DC newsstand issues (we believe the last ones correspond to the direct sales issues that were scheduled to ship on 8/16/17 per Comichron): Action 985 $3.99 Oct 2017 Aquaman 27 $4.99 Oct 2017 Batgirl 13 $4.99 Sept 2017 Batman 29 $3.99 Oct 2017 Detective 962 $3.99 Oct 2017 Flash 28 $3.99 Oct 2017 Green Arrow 29 $3.99 last half Oct 2017 Green Lanterns 29 $3.99 Oct 2017 Hal Jordan Green Lantern Corps 26 $4.99 Oct 2017 Harley Quinn 26 $3.99 Oct 2017 Justice League 27 $3.99 Oct 2017 Justice League of America 12 $3.99 Oct 2017 Nightwing 27 $3.99 Oct 2017 Scooby Doo Team Up 28 $2.99 Sept 2017 Scooby Doo Where Are You 84 $2.99 Oct 2017 Suicide Squad 23 $3.99 Oct 2017 Super Sons 7 $4.99 Oct 2017 Superman 29 $3.99 Oct 2017 Teen Titans 10 $4.99 Sept 2017 (Davidone thought there might be a #11 but not sure now) Teen Titans Go! 23 $2.99 Oct 2017 Trinity 12 $4.99 Oct 2017 Wonder Woman 28 $3.99 Oct 2017 I noticed that that Batgirl and Teen Titans are the only super hero titles that I cannot find a newsstand issue from Oct 2017. Also, following is an in-depth article by John Jackson Miller regarding the end of DC newsstand production: http://blog.comichron.com/2018/02/end-of-era-last-dc-newsstand-issues.html Because Warlord wants photos with every post, here's a photo of Batman Rebirth 14 (direct and news).... see if you can find the news variant... not easy!
  13. Variants within DC Newsstand Issues

    No.... they are the same. p.s. I know a guy who has found every single Canadian variant of Batman and Detective comics in high grade. If ever there's a doubt, he can confirm no differences in ads.... just the variant in price.