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  1. I don’t want to read the book until the series finishes, but definitely going to check it out after
  2. Is anyone watching this? If not, I highly recommend starting. Think first season of true detective meets Stephen King. Fantastic story and acting. It’s a 10 part anthology And the finale is Sunday so you have a week to catch up.
  3. Another fantastic episode. Can’t wait for the finale, but I’m also dreading it
  4. Read this on ign. I didn’t make this connection, curious if anyone else did? ”Like the comic, the show continues to draw admirably on superhero iconography. Its opening scene, which introduces the trillionaire Lady Trieu (Hong Chau), begins with a childless farmer couple and their otherwise warm & loving life, and ends with an object from outer space crashing down on their farm. Like the Black Wall Street Massacre prologue in Episode 1, it’s the Superman mythos re-written — the farmer’s name is Jonathan Clark, a mere stone’s throw from Jonathan Kent (father to Superman/Clark Kent) — but what happens between the introduction of the Clarks and the yet-to-be-revealed alien arrival speaks to the intrusion of money and power, in a story that might otherwise feel idyllic. What if, rather than adopting a divinely delivered saviour, Superman’s kindly parents bartered their farm for a biological son they didn’t think they could have? A son engineered, without their consent, by a Lex Luthor type, who then takes charge of whatever alien ship or object makes contact? It’s a chilling thought, since Trieu’s motivations remain shrouded in mystery.”
  5. Had a bit of a hard time through the first 2 episodes, but the third definitely cranked up my interest. Couple theories...
  6. For anyone interested, HBO has been releasing these files after each episode to explain how some of the events in the show are connected or a direct result of the comic. Some interesting reading. https://www.hbo.com/peteypedia
  7. I’m looking for the Man of Steel art print from sideshow collectibles(based on his Superman Forever art print). if you have one you’re willing to let go of, please let me know. Thank you https://www.sideshow.com/collectibles/dc-comics-the-man-of-steel-alex-ross-art-500651
  8. I’ve honestly been having a hard time with this season. Thought the first episode was pretty good, but struggled with the next 3. Just watched this weeks episode and it finally gave me the Legion feeling from the first 2 seasons. Really hoping they continue like this and finish the series off strong.
  9. A colleague has asked me to look into a couple of pages her mother found in an old chest. Her cousins husband was the artist. Ive already run these by thirdgreenham, but figure more knowledge is always better. Mostly curious about how to maximize any sale of them...eBay, auction house etc? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Some of the Stephen King Easter eggs in this are fantastic!
  11. Anyone watching this? 4 episodes in and I’m pretty hooked. Love all the tie ins and references to his books.