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  1. Hello Friends, I am a total newbie at grading. What do you think about this comic book from my collection? I am including also an interior photo to show you the color of pages.
  2. I add my contribution to this thread by saying that I also recently discovered Collectorz and it's bringing me back to the comic books world. I have been an avid comic book reader for my entire life, but I stopped buying and collecting some years ago. I was tired of all the relaunches, the new titles, etc. It was difficult to keep track of everything. Collectorz makes it so easy to add comics and follow a series! I have scanned all my comics in few minutes using their iPhone app, and now I am having fun going through my collection with the web-based software, and I can finally see any gap
  3. Hello Friends, I feel the Christmas time and I would love to get some nice back issue with great holiday stories in the super-hero and Disney genre. Which issues would you recommend me to buy? Nothing crazy expensive. Thanks!
  4. I would like to follow-up on this thread and ask whether your opinion has changed and if you guys have new recommendations. I am particularly interested in online services that allow you to monitor your pull-list online, make changes every week (if you want) and that do not require pre-orders from Previews.