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  1. The thought that I had after reading this post? Man, it would have been great to add Stan’s sig to these books.
  2. Thanks for giving me a chance to clarify. I am seeking the first series, with DD on the cover.Thanks for giving me a chance to clarify. I am seeking the first series, with DD on the cover.
  3. Exactly! I was trying to figure out what that cryptic reply meant. If I can find the perfect copy, I would pay OVER triple GPA...
  4. Will pay triple GPA for a well-centered copy with white pages. Anyone have one?
  5. I had to look him up. A comic book artist who painted Ronald Reagan’s official portrait! I love it!
  6. See the above link — I just posted a link to an example of the work of the Restoration Lab on my AF 15. Susan Cicconi does terrific work and has been doing this a long time. I have used her more than once. I highly recommend her. As an aside, I find it funny that you asked whom to use, not whether you should get restoration at all. Yet most people chose to answer the latter question.
  7. I thought some of you might find this interesting. Several years ago, I bought a lower-grade AF 15. I know that most would advise keeping it unrestored, but I decided to send it to Susan Cicconi for some tender loving care. After she professionally restored it, I had Stan sign it. It is one of the prizes of my collection now. Here is the book, with both before and after photos:
  8. While we are on Mister X, here is one of my favorite signature series books. The sigs are like further artwork on the cover, perfectly placed: