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  1. That is an awesome sig, couldn’t have been better. Congrats! I didn’t weigh in, but having a double-cover book signed on the exterior cover is a no-brainer, IMO. It is only the interior color that is graded. For a purist who doesn’t want to buy a signed comic, he could remove the exterior (signed) cover and still preserve the grade. Best-case scenario. I just bought a double-cover book on eBay to have signed at NYCC, with the same thought in mind.
  2. Long shot here, but you never know if you don’t try. I recently bought a custom pound collection of Defenders, 21 through 30. By any chance, does anyone on here have issues 31 through 40 already bound?
  3. I believe he was just at Heroes Con in June.
  4. That is one of the most memorable comics of my youth. I remember being shaken by Daredevil’s death. Good luck!
  5. Will pay $100 for CGC 9.6, or $200 for CGC 9.8.
  6. I agree. It is so good that someone has picked up the mantle to keep this going. It has always been really helpful to me. Thank you.
  7. Excellent. I will send you a PM later tonight.
  8. Any facilitator going? Have at least four books for Kerry Gammill.
  9. Did someone mention Wulf the Barbarian?