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  1. Pretty sure I saw that one advertised on eBay? In any case, I think it's legit. His signature devolved over the years from fairly legible to hieroglyphics over the years.
  2. I would be shocked if that sig was not legit. Congrats!
  3. I would also add David Mazzucchelli, to round out the golf foursome.
  4. The impossible trio: John Byrne Barry Windsor-Smith Alan Moore
  5. NY Comics has included Terry Austin in their “Masters” tour every fall. I have sent several books to them for his signature over the years. There is no information on their website, however, as to whether they are still doing this.
  6. Would prefer CGC 7.5 with at least off-white pages. Probably paying around $1200 for that, depending on the book. Generally willing to pay full GPA.
  7. Sorry . . . it actually took me a couple of days to post the books on eBay. They are all there not, except the ones that have been sold. Let me know if you have any trouble finding them. You shouldn't.
  8. I am going to give this sale one more day on the boards and then move everything to eBay.
  9. And finally, one of the most underrated DD stories ever, Daredevil 191. Frank Miller's "goodbye" to the character. A sad day for fans, me among them. This issue is pretty difficult to find in a newsstand edition. I'll let it go for $65.