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  1. Sorry . . . it actually took me a couple of days to post the books on eBay. They are all there not, except the ones that have been sold. Let me know if you have any trouble finding them. You shouldn't.
  2. I am going to give this sale one more day on the boards and then move everything to eBay.
  3. And finally, one of the most underrated DD stories ever, Daredevil 191. Frank Miller's "goodbye" to the character. A sad day for fans, me among them. This issue is pretty difficult to find in a newsstand edition. I'll let it go for $65.
  4. DD 188, CGC 9.8, White pages . . . it doesn't get any better than this . . . $65 UPDATE: SOLD TO BLACK_ADAM
  5. DD 183 ... CGC 9.8, White pages . . . terrific centering and wrap . . . $65 UPDATE: SOLD TO BLACK_ADAM
  6. Thanks, jimbo. I have a few comics left to post, I'll probably get to that tonight. I'm not going to leave the thread open for too long . . . maybe just until next weekend. If there's no interest here, I'm probably going to eBay.
  7. Daredevil 182, CGC 9.8, White pages, last sale (direct-sales version) $81. Take this rarer newsstand for $75.
  8. Daredevil 178 CGC 9.8 Off-White to White Pages. Perfect centering and wrap. A bargain at $100.
  9. So Daredevil 176 is just super-rare in a newsstand edition CGC 9.8. I have come across only two of them in 20 years and snatched them both up. I will sell my second one, below, for $350.00.
  10. My DD 175 below is another beautiful copy of this book. Well-centered, excellent wrap, CGC 9.8 and White pages. $200.00.
  11. DD 174, CGC 9.8 with White Pages. Another really, really appealing example of this book. $200.00.