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  1. A couple more to my fledgling collection.
  2. Another pickup for my fledgling Vampirella collection.
  3. Another Vampirella pickup for me this week.
  4. After stumbling into this forum from the ’Modern Age’, I’ve spent my time pursuing the threads in here, making mental notes of all the comics I would like to own. I’ve started on obtaining the Vampirella books which caught my eye. Apologies that my first is a modern, but I’ve noted that all era’s are welcome in here.
  5. I know they are modern’s, but I thought you guys may like to see them.
  6. Finally managed to pickup may favourite TRON homage cover.
  7. This cover always brings a smile to my face. It’s not an expensive pickup either, so win all round!
  8. I’m more of a lurker than poster. I normally stay in the ‘modern’ section, but recently I’ve been spending my time reading in here. I happened to see this Frazetta picture in the ‘Motherload’ thread, and it was love at first sight. My first CGC magazine, and probably not my last!
  9. I haven’t purchased anything in quite a while, however this cover was too good to pass by.
  10. Not too many people like the landscape format or the artwork in general, to each their own!
  11. I initially wanted to buy this purely for the front cover, but I’ve no idea what has happened to the image. What I thought would be the correct orientation seems not to be the case.