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  1. Received on 7/17/19 , Doorbell rang, by the time I got to the door, the package was on the front door step and the Fedex driver was back in his truck. Delivery confirmation shows as signed for by me.
  2. Grading/Quality Control 7/15/19 Shipped Safe 7/16/19
  3. Modern 12 Books(No Fast Track) Scheduled for grading 6/13/19
  4. 1st in the sales thread beats ANY agreement between parties via PM or elsewhere. I'm not always around (Getting ready for Megacon) so it may take a while to respond to PM's. If someone posts in the sales thread in the time it takes me to mark it sold to you from your PM, you also will lose item. If you're really worried about losing the item, then you better post it here in the sales thread - Paypal only please. Your paypal address must be confirmed and I only ship to the confirmed address noted in your paypal account. - No probies, HOS - Payment required within three days of posting . - Shipping is free. PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT currently shipping outside of the USA at this time. - Returns gladly accepted within 7 days of receipt of package at buyer's cost, no questions asked. One Book Mystic Comics 8. Missing cover, first wrap and centerfold. $200
  5. Two thumbs up for the police department for taking this theft seriously.
  6. 73 out of 100 at the moment. Doing 3 shows over the next 3 weeks so I'm sure total will fluctuate.
  7. Just got two back Incredible Hulk 181 CBCS 7.5 - CGC 7.0 Fantastic Four 48 CBCS 7.0 - CGC 6.5 Restored Slight B-1 Graders notes say (Color Touch(Average Qualiy or Materials small area) Right Top Front Cover B-1 and then below it it says (small, multiple writing indent Right Top of Front Cover. Could this just be writing marks and not Color Touch?
  8. I've got my fingers crossed for a Super Bowl Sunday Coupon. Have a ton of stuff in my cart, just waiting for the coupon to sweeten the deal.
  9. Thanks. Was on the fence on a book. Just saved 30 bucks.