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  1. No idea who owns it, but whoever does, got it for a steal. Nagel's "Joan Collins" sold 2 years ago for $200,000 and that was his highest auction sale to date.
  2. I'm fortunate enough to own this page from Issue 2. Freddie and Kevin both signed it. Freddie did the Batman and Kevin did the Turtles.
  3. So, not sure if anyone caught this, but the TMNT #1 that sold for $90,000 is currently listed on HA as for sale by owner with a BIN of $100,000, and was listed on 08/19/2019. My understanding is that if a bidder does not pay, Heritage buys the book and then lists it for sale. 16 days is about the turn around one would expect for the sale to fall through.
  4. The tomato tie isn't long enough
  5. (Shrug) I haven’t seen a 2nd in the wild since I bought mine in 2013.
  6. So, I found a picture on a website that shows what the "climate controlled indoor unit" looks like. SF was absolutely right, it's a chicken wire ceiling. I can't believe that someone would store $1.4 million dollars worth of books in something like that (no true ceiling, standard sprinklers which would DUMP water in there and destroy the collection, etc.)
  7. He also stole money from Kids, so I guess he is an equal opportunity thief. (Counts 47 and 48 of his disbarment specifically state that he worked to assist clients in hiding funds to avoid paying alimony and child support.)
  8. Interesting. Doesn't exactly sound like the kind of set up I would store $1.4 million in though. Maybe a used Sofa.
  9. There's no requirement to prove the goods were actually stolen. The prosecutor will just have to say that there was a police report filed for the goods matching this description.
  10. Not true at all. The accused in Arizona is charged with Possession of Stolen Goods and Trafficking in Stolen Goods. All the authorities there need to do is have a police report claiming the goods are stolen and a report saying they are in the accused's possession (and that s/he tried to sell them). They could care less if the goods were actually stolen etc, they just need that someone claims they were stolen.