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  1. They need to put “signed the day OJ was aquited” in the details as well.
  2. Not to mention, the term "The Last Ronin" denotes that it is not a new character at all, but rather the last remaining highly skilled warrior. So, given that this is a story that Kevin and Peter wrote in 1987, we can assume that it's not Jennika. Just because three of the brothers are gone (presumed dead but who knows, maybe they just decided to hang it up and only one is keeping up the fight they started, probably Raph) doesn't make this a first appearance. It's just Leo, or Donny, or Raph, or Mikey in a cool shirt holding a bunch of weapons.
  3. I am still waiting for an Andy Kaufman level reveal of some sort.
  4. This is only true with the premium and elite tiers. If you sign up for associate, your subscription fee is not put towards your submissions.
  5. "Fair market value" is a flexible concept. For the most part, CGC isn't going to worry too much about the value except for 2 reasons. 1) Insurance purposes on return shipment and 2) if you're trying to game the system. If you have an ASM 101 and you think it's VF and that VF's are selling for around $200 there's no issue with putting that down. Now if CGC looks and says "hey, wait a second, this is a 35 cent variant and it's NM+, and worth over $2,000 they will contact you and just bump it up in tier to the proper price and service. Basically, don't worry too much. Assign a fair grade to it and look for price comparisons on heritage, Ebay, guide etc. Then match to corresponding tier. They've basically streamlined the tiers at this point that all that matters is turn around times. Unless you're trying to submit a $1,000 book in the $200 tier, you'll be fine.
  6. Wow never even noticed it, especially in the first print. Always thought it was just the stomach armor
  7. While I agree with your entire rant, I do no recall the Utroms having a cover appearance before the 2nd printing of 7. Which one were you referring to?
  8. If still available, I'll take it at 10% off.
  9. 7.0 Blue label annotated "Kevin Eastman written on inside".
  10. Thanks Rich. I'm confirming Buzz's takeit for me on the TMNT 50 Cover B. Back in 2015 Peter signed and sketched the inside cover on 100 of the 1000 issues, so I was curious if either copy had that annotation (Since there is a sketch page on the inside back cover, it would still qualify for a blue label, though I'm not sure about a 9.8 grade). Thanks for checking!
  11. I know what's causing your internet issues. It's my wallet trying to protect me LOL. I'll be here waiting and salivating.
  12. Do you have any documentation on who's file copy this was? Usually CGC notes that it is that individuals file copy.
  13. @Rich_Henn Any chance you can add some of those Turtle books? Thanks.