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  1. But they're not canon. It's basically a fan book. Can I make a one-off book, pay Kevin to do a nice commission on the back cover and then slab and sell it and hope it sells for $50,000? Like Turtle says, I don't get the appeal. It's cool to have in the collection, but not $31,000 cool. You can pick up 8 pages of early Mirage art for that kinda scratch.
  2. Wargs only warg into Wolves or dogs. Skinchanger is the generic name for someone who can enter an animal. Generally you enter a specific animal (Jon for instance wargs into Ghost). Varamyr and Bran are the only people that generally inhabit more than one animal, and Varamyr explained it as something that he could do because he was using animals that had been previously inhabited by other skinchangers. The common belief is/was that Bran was able to control Hodor because he was "simple". He shouldn't be able to just take over Dany.
  3. It's not so much "Hollywood-izing" it, but rather story telling. You've built up a character as beyond evil. She's the reason our beloved Ned Stark is dead. You've set up Arya for wanting revenge because of Cersei. The cruel Joffrey is because of her, she brought the Faith Militant back etc. All of this is setting up the idea that SOMEONE is going to "get the rub" by killing her. Otherwise you might as well either 1) have her escape or 2) "win" the whole thing. Killing her off in the most meaningless of ways, almost redeeming her (at least she had her love with her at the last moment) is just bleh storytelling. You still want to drop a castle on her and kill her, FINE, but do it in a better way. Here's a free suggestion. Cersei and Jamie are running to the tunnels. They reach the entrance and see the row boat sitting there. Both breath a sigh of relief thinking they are going to escape. The camera pauses and suddenly Euron emerges. Jamie screams at him "I killed you, how?" Jamie pushes Cersei behind himself and lunges forward to strike Euron down, only to miss. Euron strikes a near fatal blow to Jamie, who is on his knees choking on his own blood, fear in his eyes as he sees Euron continuing unbroken towards Cersei.. Euron walks to Cersei, who has relaxed, thinking she has control over him. She starts talking to him about how they will rule the iron isles and one day reclaim their throne. She reaches out to kiss him, to seduce him for her safety but feels something is wrong. Euron is Cold, unresponsive to her advances as he had been in the past. He reaches up and pulls off his face, to reveal instead it is Arya. Meanwhile, Dany's attack continues and the castle is falling down around them. Arya gives a short but poignant speech explaining that, by all rights she should kill her for what she (Cersei) did to her father, but instead has realized she just isn't worth it. That instead, she wants to thank Cersei for everything she has given her, how because of her she has become what she always wanted. And as a Thank You, she will give Cersei what she has always dreamed of, always wanted, always schemed to get, the Red Keep and the Iron Throne. As she says all this, she steps back as the castle ceiling collapses, crushing Cersei, who dies scared, alone, and destroyed by her own desires. Jamie, seeing all of this, lets out a soft moan of great sadness, choking to death on his own blood and the lasting realization that he has lost what is most dear to him (His sister and his child). Arya takes the row boat and sets off to Braavos. Think about how something like that changes 3 stories. 1) Arya goes back to being a badbutt, deserving of having killed the Night's King, not gosh darn Arya Underfoot. 2) Cersei dies in a much more satisfying and cathartic way (even though it's still the same set piece of dropping a castle on her). 3) Jamie dies broken and saddened, having been defeated by a girl. All of this is much more in keeping with the character developments that have transpired over the last 8 seasons, not Deus Ex Screenwriter.
  4. I watch on HBO Go (Better picture quality 1080p vs. 1080i) and the episode goes up at about 8:57pm EDT. It's "moveable" (meaning you can fast forward). I'm tempted to jump to the last 10 minutes and watch them and know by 9:15pm what happens and start texting my friends LOL.
  5. She's still his sister. She's still the love of his brother's life (the only person that cared about Tyrion). He doesn't want her dead. He wants to prevent a massacre. He's hoping Jamie can convince her to leave and raise their baby elsewhere (conceivably Essos) That's why he asks Davos to smuggle them out.
  6. that was resolved. He's dead and it wasn't the currency used by the Faceless Men. He was "getting" the scroll written by Sansa that was aimed at turning Arya against Sansa and giving Littlefinger control over her. Turns out, didn't work. Bye bye uncle Peter.
  7. Varys would/did HATE that fellow. There is no chance they were working together nor would any fan theory made sense. Why?
  8. Again no. One defacement is not worse than another. If you write over Mona Lisa's face, it's not worse or better than if you write over her chest.
  9. No. Disagree. There are other copies of the book out there. I don't care if they deface one copy when others exist. This is the art. That's it. This is where it came from. You defaced it. It's like someone scribbling on the sistine chapel .
  10. One of the WORST moments from Sunday is I mean you spend 4+ seasons building this person up to a machiavellian level schemer who is unbelievably important, gained a huge amount of power etc and then all you do with them is
  11. Maegi is not the eastern word for wizard. It is the eastern word for wise. A maegi is a female who practices blood magic. "Maggy the frog" did exactly this by tasting Cercei's blood.