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  1. God I miss those days. Kid creature here. I learned so many great curses
  2. Did you get it directly from Steve!?? I so wish I knew this had been available
  3. So sorry for your loss. I’m glad your dad is still able to care for you and your mother this way. As to the value of a 9.4 3 lairds photo? Probably around $3500 or so. Shellback has a 9.2 listed at $3000 and it hasn’t gotten a bite. Good luck, it’s one of the books missing for my collection.
  4. Yes but not this metropolis comics. Robert Wilson owned that Metropolis comics, a chain of shops in Florida. So they commissioned a special and worked with Kevin and Peter to make it. Since they (metropolis) published it, that’s why it says that instead of mirage. It has 0 to do with comicconnect or Vince.
  5. This was on the back of a 1982 painting Kevin did.
  6. Shellback has 3 copies for sale. Reach out to Dee.
  7. It’s not needed. @Buzzetta that is only needed for commercial sales. But why is he using that form? Seller need only fill out a CN 22 or CN 23 form depending on weight and value of the package (I’ll double check but I believe the CN 22 is if the package is less than 20 kilos and 450 or so dollars and CN 23 is if it’s more than 450 dollars. Or something like that. What shipper is seller using?
  8. Naw. I have tmnt 1 2nd,3rd, 4th, 5th, FCBD and color special all signed along with tmnt adventures and Archie as well. (And 2nd, 3rd and 4th issues, o and Raph 1). The only one I don’t have signed is my first print. Not gonna break up that collection.
  9. I paid $5 for the book, $20 for the sig, and $40 for grading
  10. Nice. I just got this back from the framer the other day. Thank god I'm single with no kids LOL.