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  1. I'm 99% sure Punisher is a stat. Look at the left of his neck.
  2. This whole thing looks really off. Look at the color markings. It looks hand written and the spacing on TS is MASSIVE, which I've never seen like that on World Color Bristol.
  3. Too much tom foolery and too much self-interest. Have you ever been to their office? So much amazing art hanging on the wall.... that they own. When someone walks in and brings a major piece, Vinnie has been known to offer two deals. 1) I'll auction it in the next auction and take 10% or 2) you can walk out of here with $xxx,xxx.00 cash in hand and then CC owns it... Which is why there is so much amazing art hanging on their wall. When you're not routinely bringing major pieces to market (because you're buying them instead) you are going to lose mind share. (Comic Link has been killing it lately with the pieces they are bringing to market, and Heritage is Heritage.) Then there's the tom foolery. Their ridiculous auction format. Heritage is straight forward. Live auctioneer going piece by piece. While I can proxy bid ahead of time, when the piece I want is featured, all of my attention is on that. Even if there is two pieces in the auction I am interested in, only one piece is up at a time. CC has this stupid anti-snipe system, where if someone bids at the end, it extends the closure time by 2 minutes. If I have a piece that is closing at 8:30pm and a piece closing at 8:45pm, it's fine if no-one bids against me. BUT, if anyone comes in and bids near the end of the 8:30pm piece, it extends the closure to 8:32, then 8:34 etc... and suddenly the two pieces I'm interested in are finishing at the same time. Now, which piece am I defending? If I'm busy defending the 8:30pm piece, someone could swoop in and nab the 8:45pm piece. This does the consignor a disservice because it removes a willing bidder from the pool (alternatively, it also makes me cautious, If my nut to spend at HA is $10,000, and the main piece I want is first and I don't get it, I still have my $10,000 nut to spend on subsequent pieces, if I am high bidder on the 8:30pm and the 8:45pm piece and the 8:30pm piece gets extended, I have to be cautious on my bids because after a certain amount of extension time, now both pieces are in play and I can be on the hook for having to pay for both, which means I have to balance my $10,000 nut (meaning the best I can do is $5,000 max on each bid), again hurting consignors.
  4. The staining on it is incredible. Very concerning.
  5. God I miss that stadium
  6. Just back from my framer. All four of the brothers. Pencil and ink by the great Peter Laird and colored by Steve Lavigne.
  7. Any chance you have a link to those cases/display tables? I really want to pick those up.
  8. Those are real, not counterfeit. Illusion Studios was the official Russian publisher.