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  1. jaybuck43

    WTB ASM #1 3.5 white pages

    Old label and no marvel chipping???
  2. Anyone else notice what's going on with TMNT #5 page 6? It was up in the last HA auction (I bid it up a ways and then dropped out when it hit $3k+) and it hammered at $6,000 including the BP. Now it's listed in this month's CL. I mean what's the play on this? Gotta be buyers remorse or a fire sale right? No chance CL hits it for more than $6,600 (which is what the seller needs it to even just break even on the original price). I thought $6,000 was strong as heck back in November. Only other thing I could think of is that buyer backed out and seller decided to move it over to CL.
  3. jaybuck43

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    My guess is immaturity. When I was a teenager I thought I was god's gift to life, that I knew everything there is to know, that my parents were insufficiently_thoughtful_persons, and that all they wanted to do was harsh my good time. Then I went to college and learned 1) I'm nobody 2) I know less than 0.001% of what is out there to know and that there are billions of people with WAY more knowledge than I will ever have, and that I should listen to everyone I meet to learn from them 3) That my parents ARE insufficiently_thoughtful_persons (because we all are) but that they have decades of experience and wisdom that I do not yet posses, and to learn from them and 4) that my parents aren't trying to arbitrarily be pains. Rather, they see issues/problems/pitfalls that I am too young/stupid/inexperienced/blind to see and they are just trying to protect me and push me in the right direction. Sometimes they are pushing me in a direction I don't agree with, not because they hate me, but rather because they made those same mistakes and know the pain it causes and are trying to spare me it. 5) (and most important) For everything I have accomplished, all the hard work I have put in, the thousands and thousands of hours spent becoming the success I am today, I DID NOT DO IT ALONE. I stand on the shoulders of greatness. I stand on a mountain of sacrifices, tradeoffs, and the sleepless nights of others. I respect that. I appreciate that. And then I ask myself, if THEY were willing to do all of that for me, why should I be so proud to think similar things are beneath me? To have the hubris to think that I am better that that job, or that I know better than my boss etc. I truly hope something kicks Gabe in the butt and wakes him up. I know we joked earlier about Gabe and the military, but honestly that might be something that helps him. He needs a sense of purpose, drive, organization, and hard work. I really hope he finds it.
  4. You can also pre-register online so all you have to do when you arrive is give your ID, take a picture, and sign. Saves yourself a few minutes. https://www.loc.gov/rr/readerregistration.html
  5. jaybuck43

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    It's the Canadian military. Every grunt is issued a Moose, a cruller, and a phrase book of how to say "I'm Sorry" in 36 different languages.
  6. jaybuck43

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    So, let's not make assumptions. Put it all on the table. How many hours total did you work at Subway and Kelsey's? What was your rate of pay? Then when you "worked for yourself" how did you fund that enterprise? Were you on government assistance at the same time? Were you straight salary or business owner? Did you pay GPP on top of your taxes? What EVERYONE is trying to get across to you, and you for whatever reason keep ignoring, is that government assistance is not a separate pocket. You don't get to say "O, this is separate funds then my assistance." Liquidate EVERYTHING. Take whatever you can get. Sell the crypto, the comics, the toys, the video games. Even the "damaged inventory" (just disclose that it was exposed to dry wall). Take that money and invest in yourself. Get your resume together, get a nice interview outfit, and find a job, any job. Go stock shelves at a super market, go pick up carts at a store, basically anything. Get money in, and start paying off your debts (your credit score is terrible and will affect everything from your ability to rent apartments, get loans, get jobs etc). Build a nest egg of at least $5k. THEN you can start finding other things and having "disposable" income. As long as you are on government assistance you don't have money you can lose.
  7. jaybuck43

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    Can any of you canuckleheads explain to me how someone on government assistance is getting an income tax refund? Like, is Trudeau just wondering around on Mooseback handing out poutine and tax refunds? In the Great 48 (+2) you have to, you know, pay taxes to get an income tax refund. I'm just an unfrozen caveman NYC lawyer, but my understanding is you guys don't tax assistance payments. So.... what are you paying into the system in taxes to generate a refund?
  8. jaybuck43

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    Wait, what? This isn't rocket science. Before Christmas I bought more Shell stock at $57.00 a share. Today it's at $62.22. That means i'm up $5.22 per share. Whether I bought 1 share or 10,000 shares doesn't matter. With Crypto you're either up or you're down. Unless you are day trading Crypto, you should rather quickly have an idea on how you're doing. Given that the entire market is down like 87% from the start of last year to today, you almost certainly are down.
  9. jaybuck43

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    I assume it's like my bank. I walk in to TD Bank to do a transaction. They pull up my account and the teller goes "O Jaybuck43, I see here that you don't have our TD Bank Rewards Credit Card. You're prequalified for a credit line of $25,000 with an introductory interest rate of 0.0% for the first year! This would be a great time to apply, as you could transfer over a balance, or have extra funds for the holidays. Would you be interested in starting the application today, it only takes a few minutes." The reason I know this whole -script by freaking heart is because it happens EVER. DAMN. TIME I go to the bank.
  10. jaybuck43

    Anyone know who Investment Grade Key Comics is?

    I bought an ASM #1 and a ToS 39 from him. Very easy to deal with and fair terms.
  11. jaybuck43

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    It's not. It's a stock photo.
  12. MCS has a 6.5 for sale. https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=620141
  13. jaybuck43

    2 Strange X Men Books

    There are 8.1 million issues in circulation. It literally won the Guinness world record for highest selling comic book of all time back in 2010. It's... not worth much.
  14. jaybuck43

    Stan Lee RIP

    So very sad. Thank you Sergeant Lee for your service, and for everything in creating all of our childhoods!