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  1. I really really just don't get the NFT deal, how to you NFT an actual ring? Do you get the ring too or just a digital image of the ring? What is going on here.
  2. One artist i was in general conversation for about three years before he agreed to let go of a piece I originally asked about. Another artist, I have been talking to for over 11 years and I do enjoy the conversations with him but still not artwork. Not gonna give up.
  3. man, would love to go to this some time. Assuming that there is artwork that never sees daylight normally that comes out. Would love to see if there was any Sal Hulk pages.
  4. Sold on CL in June 2020 for $726 then sold on Heritage last week for $385. Guess that's a reverse flip
  5. I heard Sterinko is going the NFT route only so get his artwork while you can. That sketch above went for $20MM as an NFT last week.
  6. this really helped me understand what an NFT is:
  7. wasn't sure if I should put it in here but thought these were interesting: Looks like someone stumbled across a collection of these. I bought an old Hulk cover printing plate about 8 years back for $75, sounds like I got a good deal. Pretty cool to see these plates for those old covers.
  8. I would love to go to HeroesCon again as I really missed it last year but it also depends on if other collectors will be there. Part of the fun of cons is meeting up and talking art not only with the artists but with other collectors too.
  9. This NFT stuff really just makes my head hurt trying to figure it out.
  10. I enjoy doing stained glass but haven't had the time to do any in awhile due to crazy work. this is a piece I did a number of years ago to see if i could reproduce it. I do tshirt design as a hobby, take a look and buy a shirt or two or three:
  11. I went to it when it was in Philly two years ago. Seeing the props and tid bits on Marvel was cool but seeing the vintage original artwork and key pieces of art was beyond cool. Well worth the time if it comes near you.
  12. Surprised that Trimpe Hulk splash sold for that much, his Hulk pages are all over the place.
  13. Trying to raise some funds for some auctions coming up. Willing to let this go for $3500 to move it