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  1. Dave paid fast and has great taste and communication. Easy to deal with!
  2. Jeff was great to deal with and has excellent communication. I would not hesitate to do a another deal with him.
  3. Jeff is a great guy! and loves comics! very easy to deal with and I would not hesitate to trust any transactions with him.
  4. I don't know if its just me but the current heritage auction has so many great items my head is spinning. seems like some collectors are cashing out or something . The choices are insane.
  5. I keep hearing the fact police saying things about false info and people believing it. Some of you guys need to look in the mirror.
  6. Its not a print run indicator, its how many books are packed in a case. FACT ! It is internal to match their stk numbers
  7. Price happened and keeps happening, higher. still anywhere from 175 to 400 possible copies out there theoretically. 10 copies in one year is very very small .
  8. I think the deductions on case packs are totally wrong ! case packs SIZE are the amount of books shipped in SINGLE case from the printer. case pack 1 means one case is x amount of books and can be ordered by the case under that stk number. case pack 1 has a different stock number because its a qualifying order and needs to be approved in the system and cannot be ordered by the case. . A case pack from the printer , a case of the variant would still be 225 books (ams 667) in a case. how it is solicited and sold is another story. case pack 1 also lets them qualify the order. the Hans variant had a case pack of 225 because once you reached the percentage you could order a case. the Genesis 3 said case pack one because they had to count and qualify you to order . books still come from the printer in cases. The solicits are diamonds internal system to the retail end, not anything to do with received items, except lot or assigned codes.
  9. 5.5-6.0 ish love that cover ! foxing, long 4 inch color breaking crease, rusty staples
  10. I would take the full book but pages are cool and more affordable.
  11. Valiant man , I respect your info and opinion more than most on these boards. I also agree 100 percent that if you look at it like this it should be 450 copies. I think I know who J talked to and its no ordinary rep. The insider rumor about this book, Just a rumor was that hardly anyone ordered the 100 copies to qualify for the book and even with damage estimates one case was ordered. The other thing Jay has been saying is that the rumor was that a good part of that case was damaged, I have personally heard this as well. I also agree that someone does have some copies and is slow playing it to not crash the market and there could be 450 copies, but in my opinion i just don't think there are. I do really think there is some truth in what Jay has been saying about this book. I do not own 1 copy and never have. I remember when the book was solicited saying "why would you order 100 copies, whats in that book?" the More time that expires, we will get answers. If a bunch of low grades come out that might show that there are some damaged copies. If someone was hoarding it seems like they would release some damaged or low grade copies as well. 100 percent agree that diamond could also ship the variant to accounts that did not order 100.
  12. I have been to many retailer summits and on this topic, he who should not be named 2nd print (RMA) is correct about these. Some of the case pack arguments are not making any sense tho and really all of this arguing is really becoming a moot point. why he choose to go to this topic as an example of the main subject is just another example of spinning the web. "look kids, Comics!"
  13. No, Ran out of time, Whats listed is all for this sale. Thanks