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  1. paul747

    The 9.8 SS X-Men #94-143 Odyssey

    Nice set!
  2. paul747

    Journey Into Mystery #83 Club

    Sweet!! looks nice
  3. paul747

    X-Men 1, a risky buy?

    I agree to a point, I think that your example is not the case with the higher grade silver age keys, I think the numbers on these books are low and most are in collectors hands , I feel like flippers are not taking the risks on mega high value books. Dealers on the other hand definitely are responsible for some of the churn. I know there are a couple high value flippers , even here on the boards there are a couple, but not enough to really effect the higher grade market. higher grade silver age keys are pretty rare comparably. What if we are not in a bubble? what if demand for these books is real and here to stay? The internet and some big businesses are hinting that this is not going away. If you got into major comic keys in early 2000 you are sitting pretty, but even 2011 looked like a great entry point and I think Key books were severely undervalued. Who knows , even a clock is right 2 times a day .
  4. paul747

    X-Men 1, a risky buy?

    Safe bet to keep going up
  5. I don't think the grade is affected at all and your listing is honest. You could go back to CC and ask the to re-holder it.
  6. +1000 some of these prices are really low . GPA misses a lot of bigger book sales. One thing that just punches me in the face is how under valued DD #1 is! Also TTA #35 is so undervalued!
  7. paul747

    Is TOS 39 still as highly regarded?

    +1000 i think it will keep climbing!
  8. paul747

    Is TOS 39 still as highly regarded?

    Really? its up 100 percent in 3 years.
  9. Daredevil #1 FF annual 6 marvel spotlight 5
  10. paul747

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Deals all over eBay! some international bidder with oil money wanted a pedigree copy (not a pedigree,really) I have seen written in several places, people making a big deal about the fact that there are not many pedigree copies of this book. That's the only thing I can think of, I don't think the sticker added 30 grand to this book. Also I wonder if the person who purchased the book knew the entire story with the mile high pedigree.
  11. paul747

    The most affordable key comic book?

    Brave and the bold #28 , same deal. Great books that form legendary teams, but i don't think they will rise as much as traditional first appearances. ................or....................these are first appearances of legendary teams that will always be around therefor the team first appearances are grossly undervalued as compared to their peers.
  12. paul747


    I agree... CM17 2nd print....... ANMPO 1:75 ... and last ANMPO regular cover.
  13. paul747


    yea except for the second print where she is on the cover in full uniform using her powers! no mistake there.