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  1. Hah I do tend to like the peculiar occult things :), thanks for the compliments!
  2. I think eBay may be the better venue for this, I'm going to close this down
  3. - No HOS or PROBIES please - US only - No trades - PayPal preferred - first wins Up for grabs in time for Halloween is a Hellboy Deluxe Talking Board #87 of 500 worldwide. This is a very cool little occult piece made by Dark Horse Deluxe + Mike Mignola, in 2004. This deluxe edition (features hardwood board and box). Box features an engraving of the Right Hand of Doom on the lid. Inside of the box is lined with felt, Wooden Planchette comes with felt tipped feet for seamless contact with the other side, with its own velvet drawstring bag. Features original previously unpublished art by Mike Mignola and includes Hellboy Deluxe Talking Board, wooden Planchette, and instructions, and Certificate of Authenticity hand-signed by Mignola. I'd rate this in great shape. Board has some superficial scratches to the back, top is nice. The wooden box has steel corners, also has some cosmetic marks here and there, see pics. Planchette and cert/instruction are in great shape. Feel free to ask any questions! $200 PP shipped securely via Priority mail in original box, to the US only, this thing is very solid and heavy!