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  1. Looks like we are buying more than selling ! ! Buying some cheap but cool GA books takes some of the pain away Well it aint that bad Rick ! We are having fun ! That's what matters sometimes fun can be expensive ! Ummm..expensive fun
  2. Voyages #1 - 1981 Cover by Frank Brunner and stories by Toth etc. Interior pages are white VG+ Asking $15
  3. Scream Winter Special -1975 A bit worn out on the spine and backcover but is ok G Asking $15
  4. Edge of Spiderverse #2 Gwen stacy Third Print NM Asking $8
  5. Spiderman/Deadpool #1 First Print NM Asking $40 REDUCED to $36
  6. Thanks ! the artwork is good interesting choice of story as well
  7. First Kingdom #2 - 1974 (Independently Published b&w interiors) Complete looks good eye appeal no nicks tears etc VG+ Asking $15 Size is biger than a golden age comic but smaller than a mag