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  1. Looking for a low grade copy of Silver Surfer 1. Must be CGC. Please PM me with offers. Thanks.
  2. I'm so confused by today's market. I think it used to make sense a few years back, and I was on top of what was hot, flipping like crazy, etc. But now? I can't make heads or tails of it.
  3. Well, now that i think about it, the big budget comic book movies usually come out in the summer, which means spring is hype season, which means record sales. Just a thought.
  4. I just took a quick look at the some 7.5's on ebay. There's currently multiple copies under 3k. Looks like things are slowing down a little for this grade (not sure about the other ones). Can't wait to see how it will spike back up once Disney announces some Wolverine news, especially a Hulk vs Wolverine film.
  5. $750 shipped. Last ebay auction a 6.5 sold for $777.
  6. Hey all! Just one book for today: Silver Surfer 1 CGC 6.5. Rules: First trumps all PMs US shipping only Paypal only No Probies/HOSers Will ship USPS Priority, and will require a signature. My Feedback Thanks for looking!