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  1. Yes, Hollywood films have played a huge role. Go back and read where i said, "they both have their reasons". But, yeah, flippers play a role. That's kinda the idea behind flipping. Some just like to fish more than others. Collectors are to "blame" as well, so I'm certainly not discriminating here. Heard mentality? Yep, i agree with that too. But my main dispute was against your comparison between stocks and comics. The differences are so significant that they demand the prevention of blanket statements that would clump them together.
  2. The division i made is basically the same one you acknowledged in the first sentence of your post. This is such a huge difference, and is exactly why you can't compare the two when speaking in general terms. The variables are so much more complicated than stocks (in that sense). And no, this has EVERYTHING to do with flippers vs collectors, (and everything in between). Who do you think is driving up the total wealth?! BOTH of them are, and they both have different reasons for being so willing to drive up that wealth. You can't just say this is all about growth in total wealth, and then throw out the reasons for it. But this is a seperate point from the one I was originally disputing.
  3. That's a stretch, and there's a huge difference between the two. People are emotionally involved and ivested with comic book characters. This is generally not the case with Apple products. It's a major element that seperates comic books from stocks. Unless you're only in the comic book industry for the flipping aspects of it and don't care about the characters, it is an unbalanced and unfair comparison. People just aren't attached to stocks the same way they are to comic book characters, and this plays a large role on how the market unfolds.
  4. $500 cheaper? Which grade did you buy? 9.6? That's the only grade on the census showing a down arrow (probably because it's still early in the year). All other grades are at an incline.
  5. Maybe, maybe not (though I hope you're right). I just think It feels a bit unnatural and chaotic the way this book is rising.
  6. I would hate to accept a return for this one based off of Paypal's upcoming return policy. Incredible, legendary book though!
  7. You don't happen to have Adventures into the Unknown 1, do you?