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  1. Hey guys! Just one book for now: Shock Suspenstories 13 CGC 3.5 with White Pages! Rules: First trumps all PMs Paypal only, no returns Us shipping only No HOSers/probies Thanks for looking! My Feedback
  2. Just got back from Chapter 2. What i liked... The casting/acting. It was perfect! The humor. Really good laughs throughout. What i disliked... Aside from a couple very uncomfortable scares, i thought most of the scares were either hokey, or relied too much on being "jumpy". None of them were very entertaining. The pacing felt scattered Nothing memorable Too long Some of the jokes felt out of place Pennywise needed better dialogue, and more focus. He seemed like an afterthought. Overall, i left the theater feeling a bit frustrated/disappointed, especially after loving the first one so much. I give it a solid 6/10. Won't be watching it again.
  3. Bump! Totally open to offers on this one guys! Just don't lowball me, ok?
  4. I agree. As soon as they announce who the lucky actor is that gets to play Wolverine, we'll probably see another spike.
  5. The number of copies in existence certainly doesn't help!
  6. Just did a Sold Listings search on ebay for a 7.5 grade. The numbers are not impressive. I'm just not seeing any real growth right now.
  7. All very true! For me personally, however I would never purchase an unwitnessed signed comic for any significant amount of money. That's what i meant by "worthless".
  8. I'm not concerned about those collectors, but i certainly wish them the very best of luck.