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  1. 1) Really glad to see this thread surface again (sarcasm) 2) Really glad the ad explains that "this is a small reproduction of the magazine" so folks wouldn't think it was 4" x 5".
  2. My Arrow #3. Nine universal on the census, none higher than 6.0. Heritage has sold three unrestored copies, two in fair, one CGC 3.0 (slightly brittle pages). This is a 9.something.
  3. I was reading it in the john and there wasn't any TP!
  4. OOOoooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOO If he had made it one word (ComicLinl), I think I would have gotten it on my own!
  5. Funny Pages Vol. 3 #4. July, 1939. Jack Cole World's Fair cover, Gustavson Arrow story. 5 copies on the census. The highest is a 7.5 (Larson). The next is a 7.0 (Church). The Church copy is the only one Heritage has ever had for auction (in 2010).
  6. Some of the Centaurs in my collection are difficult to find at all. Throw in really high grades, and fuhgedaboudit. I'll post some as I think of them. Keen Komics Vol. 2 #2. Heritage recently offered the first copy they ever had for auction (a 4.5). Three copies on the census, that 4.5 copy, one 6.0 and one 4.0.
  7. Did anyone post Tec 5? I didn't see a Tec 5. Anyway, here's my Tec 5. (with the glare unfortunately right over Mr. Flessel's signature)
  8. I had a girlfriend in Mount Prospect, so Arlington Heights was part of our old stomping grounds.
  9. Five covers from my collection that should be in the top 20 (in my humble opinion):