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  1. World's Finest 9 (and Human Torch 12) were my first two golden age purchases.
  2. I haven't been posting lately, but I have been acquiring. Boredom during covid19 leads to Pandemic Pickups? 3 universal (1 qualified) on the census.
  3. I was on a complete break from the late 90s to 2010. About a dozen years I didn't pay attention to comics or buy any comics. Not to save up for anything, I was just done with collecting. For the last ten years I've been buying collections and golden age when I happen to come across them. Still haven't actively collected for over twenty years, but happily scarfing up stuff every now and again.
  4. I haven't collected since the 1990s, and have probably bought 7 or 8 OPGs when they were released in the past 20 years. I also bought it every year that I was collecting, and probably for the first five years after I stopped. Then it became sporadic, lol.
  5. Back in the day it was indispensable, and anxiously awaited. Now I buy one every two or three years. That's sad. The Spirit of '76 was my first one also (issue #6). As far as All-American 16 and Batman 1, I have both books, I love both books, I can't agree with AA16 moving ahead of Bats 1 on the top GA value list.
  6. Great book! Do we know who drew the cover?
  7. Thanks. Definitely not airtight, just wondering if the contents would stay a few degrees cooler (or any other advantage) if the top flaps were left open.
  8. I just got a couple of those lockable BCW graded storage bins. If you aren't going to stack them, what are your thoughts on leaving the flaps open (if that's an option for you), versus keeping them shut? Any reasons to leave them open (temperature-wise, or otherwise)?
  9. Just the covers. I assumed it was like this book, lol.