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  1. First part - I do. Second part - if I didn't already have one, absolutely not (for me)!
  2. I never actually collected ECs, but I've aways had a lot of them around because they're so cool. The horror and sci fi annuals were always some of my favorites to come across. Nothing like that many stories in one book!
  3. I only have #5. I recently posted it in the yellow cover thread. I'll post it here when I get to the computer.
  4. What are your thoughts on the first appearance of Dr. Occult, as a precursor that paved Siegel and Shuster's way to creating Superman? Or Funny Pages 6/Funny Picture Stories 1, first appearance of the Clock, the first masked hero?
  5. Wow. If it's rare, it's rare. Grab it where you find it. And that thinking that "it probably doesn't exist in unrestored high grade" is completely erroneous (at least for some books).
  6. Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly - First Sub-mariner, by the great Bill Everett. Whichever New Fun or More Fun has the first Dr. Occult by Siegel and Shuster.