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  1. I will say this that is an ideal looking 1.8 with nice pages. As someone who collects these grades or, “entry level” copies this is what you look for. You always pay a premium but it’s most likely a lot of folks best shot at owning a major key. Not a bidder just wanted to chime in if anyone wins it here that’s my kind of copy right there 👍
  2. cool book!! Love the rare ones. Nice granite too BP!!
  3. I too love this book!! One of my favorite Timely covers period. What a splendid copy!!
  4. I’ve said it before and I will say it again MAN YOU HAVE SO MUCH COOL STUFF!!!!!!
  5. Thanks Gentlemen!! Yeah Dan is actually credited as doing a couple Prize comics covers I think issue #34 is another as well which is (side note) the first app of Airmale who was a biologist that developed, “flight fluid” 🙌😂 Interstingly in issue 43 the book I posted the Airmale story is credited to R. Patenaude who just so happens to be an artist I enjoy the work of greatly. It’s Airmale last app as he is drafted. Cool little ending imo Tough book with only 7 Blue labels and 1 slight resto copy. Here is the slight resto copy it is also mine I subbed it myself so technically I own 2 of the 8 total cgc copies haha!!. Could be reversed I am sure But I am still upset they labeled it with brittle pages because I have handled brittle pages and don’t agree with this assesment. Looks nice in the holder though if anyone is interested in this second copy shoot me a PM 👍 Snagged some interior shots prior to getting er’ slabbed
  6. Got this little Prize in the mail yesterday!! Was looking for a blue label and this one has nice OW-White pages...check er out @sagii
  7. Geeeeee whiz!!! Now that’s a special copy of a special book!!!! I would bet that is a Mile Higher than any other known copy grade wise!! It’s a 10.0!!!
  8. that is wonderful info!! An actual exchange!! So this is awesome this book may have indeed been from the library and just made it out when policies were different. This is what I am crossing my fingers happened making the book that much cooler imo. Really hoping for this and not a kid with a stamper his old man gave him going to town on all his funny books haha!! Although that would be kind of cool too I guess!! Thanks pal!!