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  1. And deal with landslides, wildfires, and earthquakes 🤷‍♂️ Folks living on the coasts may bring you more happiness 99% of the time by getting to skip the seasons but it does come with inherent risks and it seems no ever learns this lesson. I had to shovel out of well over a foot of snow to drive over an hour to work last week. Not a single national story about it because we do it every single year. btw - this is my pitch to get you both to move to OHIO!!! ☺️
  2. Craig is a great guy who will be a phenomenal asset to these boards!! Super smooth transaction he picked up a real golden age rarity too!! Enjoy the book my friend keep chasing those hidden gems!! Thanks again, Gino
  3. Epic is an understatement!! The best stuff in the cosmos really!! They were fun to watch no doubt
  4. I’m so sorry to hear this news my condolences. Anything to help. Lets do an earlier ASM. For $100 donated to the GoFundMe you get an ASM 21 CGC 3.0 second gen slab and my personal copy from growing up so it’s got provenance maybe not history making provenance but I can promise it was very well loved. Shipping on me to the US. God bless, Gino
  5. Great thread idea! I’m cheating here but actually have a few others I consider keepers so here is a majority. Some of these I have I had for almost a decade now which is as long as I’ve collected Gold. Some are simply too hard to replace either do to rarity or the current market pricing. I have had some rather grand offers on some of these and turned them down. The Our Flag is probably the book at the top of the keeper list. Mystery Men 30 and AA61 closely behind. I would like a second copy of AA61 but prices are to the moon right now.
  6. I hope you’re all watching closely taking notes folks because this is how they collect in the pro’s!!! Big League books right here BP!!
  7. That’s a great observation and agreed they seem almost interchangeable!! The Baffler 😂🙌 that would have been hilarious!! From what I saw over on comicbookplus Fate from Hand of Fate wasn’t even in the first issue I saw then later issues he went book length. I think the Unknown actually had his own stories in super mystery but as you said i’m sure they could have switched up the names of the characters and wouldn’t have mattered other than the title of the book. I tend to agree with @sagii that they probably just removed the soldier part of the Unknown Soldier to get to that name but as fa
  8. What’s even crazier is the Punch 12 was the same price as Rat Patrol #2 albeit in fine-NM condition but still!! Those 2 were definitely not equal long term investments I couldn’t even feed my family 1 meal if I traded in a Rat Patrol #2!! Maybe it’s a cool story though i did have to look it up tanks vs Jeeps sounds cool!!