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  1. The Shield Wizard is amazing and tough to find. They also don’t note this cool little fact. The Shield Wizard swiped its own publishers cover from 2 years earlier with Pep 32. Notice in the Pep from 1942 instead of 1944 the Shield and company were fighting off the Nazis instead of the Japanese. Subtle differences but both are awesome!! Also girls head in a vice cover 😬😂
  2. Finally have the 3 Our Flag Covers with the FLAG on them!!
  3. @Robot Man if anyone has ever seen them it’s RM!!
  4. I live in a town named Avon and it does indeed ROCK!!! ☺️
  5. Well looks like we can give this thread another bumparoosky with this nice little copy of Our Flag 3 from the John Berk Collection. So happy to have added this one!! Now twinsies with @sagii with this toughie!! 🤟☺️
  6. Thanks Brother!!! An elusive club too I might add!! Glad to hop in and get comfy
  7. Won the book I was attacking tonight went a bit higher than expected in fact got bid up exactly to my max can’t say that’s a first haha I would hold off until extended bidding if I could to put in my max but can’t always be there for live and this was one of those times and I thought my max would take it easily but someone else wanted it too apparently. Either way i’m stoked and now a Proud owner of a Berk Our Flag book which I couldn’t be happier with. I now have all 3 issues where our Red, White, and Blue hero appears on the cover of this short run!! Prices seem pretty healthy from the stuff i watch.
  8. In this Life or the Next and @Comcav says I choose this life to consume all this gorgeous Gold!! Little insider reference there bro!!
  9. totally agree and an all time CLASSIC for sure inside and out!! If I didn't have one I tell ya this would be mine!!
  10. Here is another classic you need to look very closet but we have some skulls there.