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  1. I just watched the trailer and read the plot synopsis and WHOA!!!!!!! and just think that takes place in 2022!!
  2. If we are comparing books to people old folks don’t deserve to be cast out like pariahs. They should be celebrated for a life hopefully well lived 😊
  3. missed the Adventure 78!! Great sale and pickup what a beauty of a copy!!
  4. David is THE MAN!!! Bought a nice Hulk #6 from him. Communication was excellent, shipping was super fast, and the package was absolutely bomb proof!! Looking forward to doing business again!! Thanks again my friend, Gino
  5. Hard to argue with that selection of amazing WWII books!!!
  6. I guess the question will be will the fans of the Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes even know the original BB appeared in more books than just his own self titled book?!! 🤷‍♂️
  7. In this market a couple million ALL DAY!!!! Kidding aside that is a beautiful set of books brother that I am sure you would do very well on. My personal preference or favorite of those 3 is #9 to me that an all-timer not just all-time Timely!!!! With X-Men #1 going up about 3K a week these days who knows. The spec game is seriously out of control to the point where SA books may soon pass GA classics and I can’t figure out the rhyme or reason when they are so much more plentiful but either the demand is that great or the flippers are just flipping back and forth to eachother creating new
  8. I didn’t see this till now but I would have enjoyed the prank!!! My son came from school a few years ago and said they made Brownies at school and asked if I wanted one. I said of course I do buddy!! He got in his book-bag and pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me and said there you go Dad hope you like it. On the paper written in brown marker was a giant letter E!! A BROWN E!!! Totally fell for it!! 😂