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  1. Here is a Prize I am rather fond of 😊 If someone is interested in the 3.0 shoot me a PM
  2. That is one banger of a cool pickup right there!! You basically stole it imo I had it on my watchlist with intention of chasing and forgot (Doh!!) Sooooooo glad it went to you man just awesome!! So cool!!
  3. Absolutely my pleasure good sir!! Now if you can find me a Blue Ribbon 19 or Speed 18 in similar shape we are in business again!!
  4. How in the world did this Nedor Schomburg yellow robot cover goodness survive?!! This is simply too Exciting to pass up
  5. The only run I can say I have completed but man it’s a cool one!!! Once I get the US Jones 1 I will have completed that one as well hehe!! Man I just love the cover to V-Man 2 one of my all time favs!! Congrats!!
  6. This is good news to hear from the giants in our hobby!!!
  7. Yes and it is a standard that all of us have at our disposal to level the playing field. Again no one is saying you have to agree with the grade my friend but the standard was used in this case. Why not disclose? What could it hurt? Let the buyer decide with the all the available information unless you are hiding something and intentionally being shady. Here is a fun question. How often do you think people who do this (crack and re-list with, "their grade" without including CGCs assigned grade) list the book at a LOWER grade than what CGC assigned ?? Come honest now.
  8. If they could figure out a way to center the book in the slab it wouldn't be as bad imo but they seemingly never can because they always have to use the wedge. Makes it look off which is the reason I too don't like the magazine slabs. That and they are hard to store obviously.
  9. I don’t think I ever implied kissing anyone’s ring by any stretch of the imagination but when it comes to grading comic books CGC is viewed as a standard whether you agree with it or not and there is absolutely no arguing that. For your example of raw grades I guess yes I would disclose that if I used the spare a grade section and it depends who gave their opinion on the grade. Was it my opinion (someone who’s collected comics for years to read and appreciate but never really got too much into looking at books and counting spine ticks on high grade books as I collect rags anyways) or is it someone like Roy @VintageComics who is renowned for his subjectivity and accuracy to the pinpoint grade because if I bought a book from him raw and resold the answer is absolutely yes I would disclose his opinion whether mine was .2 away from his or not. In a market where 1 full point can make the difference in hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars the information is what is ultimately the most important. So here is a question for you using your own example. I don’t swim in this pool or collect near mint books but have always highly respected those that do as it adds an entirely new later to the equation of collecting. Let’s say you buy an AF15 in a CGC 9.0 and you pay about 400K for said book. You get the book and think it looks nicer more like a 9.4 and are pumped. Are you cool cracking the book and listing it as a 9.4 raw with a new price of 700K because that’s at least what it’s worth now in your subjective grade and if you do list it you are telling me you wouldn’t mention that you just cracked it as soon as you got it in the mail, list it’s flaws, and why you think the book is better than the grade it was assigned by one of the hobbies largest standards in grading?
  10. Full book all the way. Cap 3 comes to mind you could have had my copy I recently put up to market and had money to spare and that book has everything going for it. I also think buy what YOU love then if it declines in value any you will still appreciate it. I’m a GA guy but also love the Silver Age keys. I don’t really buy for investment purposes but why not AF15? I’m sure you could snag a 2.5-3.0 and just sit on it. I think that book has done pretty well over the past 10 years. It probably won’t quintuple in value like it has but it is a book that changes hands often enough to establish true market value. A page is a shot in the dark they don’t change hands often enough and there are too many variables. One page could be worth x amount and another completely different from the same book plus The market narrows very much for pieces I would think so the resell isn’t certain. I feel like this question gets asked a lot but good luck and let us know what you ultimately decide!!
  11. @Dr. Love I really couldn’t have said it better than @Black_Adam just did here. I have many many books with detached covers that make up for it on the presentation and affordability side so yes some could say I welcome them. Undisclosed is obviously frowned upon as @fifties stated but probably not a deal breaker for me personally if said book fit my other criteria. With that being stated this book doesn’t really get high marks for presentation with the mold and tape etc. so it better make it up on technical side if doesn’t want to be just a 1.0. BUT WAIT, it was a 1.0!!
  12. Look at this from the stance of my original post. This was never meant to be about any one book specifically I’ve been pretty crystal about that with more than one post. It was an example used with the the fewest amount of specifics as I could to get my question across which was, “is this a common practice in the GA community to crack and relist” and my question was answered by a few folks. This can turn into the subjectivity of grading and OS vs CGC grading standards that’s fine by me. Ive never done business with Worldwide this wasnt meant to be about them and to be quite honest this won’t deter me from doing so in the future either if they have a tough book I need at what I can live with price wise I’m a buyer whether that is raw or slabbed I agree with the old adage buy the book not just the label and I put a premium on cover presentation first and foremost. Everyone has their likes and dislikes, phobias of certain flaws etc this wasn’t meant to be about that but i’m ok if it goes there it is always an interesting debate. Crack and relist without mention of just being cracked was my question and any specifics used in this story were only meant to paint a picture 👍