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  1. @Cat-Man_America @Robot Man I was just gonna ask for Cat to post his Police 26!! Absolutely LOVE this book and what a copy! !! So underrated and not seen that often either
  2. I see what you there and I like it 😊🤟 thanks BP!!
  3. Woke up this morning feeling like playing with some funny books. I found I am blessed to have a few more covers in my collection that have the Flame on them worth sharing. iphone 6s dont judge I like the home button haha!!
  4. that’s one heck of a BB group shot by BB nonetheless. I’ve said it before when it comes down to moving that 12 I’m your guy!!
  5. thanks Marty that’s saying something!!
  6. 7th page I found I don’t have an absundance of Flame covers in my collection most of Fox books I’ve hunted have either Blue Beetle, US Jones, The Eagle, or V-Man predominantly. I have about 3 of his covers if memory serves and a group shot will come sooner than later but for now this just in. My first and still owned copy which I love also has the Free Copy stamp on it but it is a married copy to a Flame #8 interior which imo does have cooler overall splash pages but the #6 does have this one and lets be honest this book is mostly cool bc of this awesome cover anyways. Colors are very rich in the new copy which has nice Ow-White pages.
  7. I’m in!!! Locked and loaded looks awesome!!
  8. WTTB!! I think I just saw this beauty on IG with NerdyGirl Danielle!! You must be the lucky winner congrats!!
  9. WOW!!!! I am only a few days late to this party but holy shnikes what a SHOW!!!!!!! Some really really tough books here!!! Congrats to all the winners and the seller BRAVO!!!! @Markentoth those V-Comics are soooooo cool man and @Comcav your pickups are FANTASTIC as always!!
  10. Looks like could possibly benefit from a clean as well. Tough one but I’m at 3.0 Q with 3.5 maybe 4.0 after clean and press