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  1. Single handedly one of the coolest comic covers of all time!!!! this copy is a looker too!!
  2. What a monster book right here!!! Love em all though!!!
  3. @Straw-Man has a stronghold on those 1940 books!!!!!!
  4. geeze I thought they upped the, “likes” Apparently not enough now my thumbs hurt haha!! @sagii this thread is brilliant!!
  5. Many many books sold to Comcav hahaha!! Sorry folks he is just tooooo darn easy to work with!!!
  6. Science Comics #1 Fox Featues Suns from 2/1940 Great issue of this short run. 1st app of Eagle, Panther Woman, and Electro!! Wonderful Lou Fine cover a 1.5 sold for $1800 last year and another lower grade restored copy just sold I believe here on the boards and fetched over a grand. MY Price $1000 shipped
  7. Hey folks, Thanks for looking Payment via paypal in the USA Shipping is included in the price and will be shipped via USPS well packaged medium flat rate box. No returns on slabbed books although if there is a major issue PM me to discuss and we can work something out I am sure
  8. 😂 RM you were one hell of a cool Daddio man!!! Look at this!!! Stacks and stacks of wonderful stuff!! I had so much of this gear too looks like your kid and I shared the same interests hehe!! I kept all the backers to the figures and a few were in packages but nowhere near what we have here!! The freakin Party Wagon, Large Krang, the Sewer playlet all in the box WHOA!! Love the Ghosbusters stuff too that Ecto-1 is awesome!!! My folks kept all our stuff in a Non temperature controlled storage unit for decades in plastic bins and I have to say the stuff held up better than I would have guessed it would have. I had an original ghostzapper with the old batteries still in them and when I pulled it out by golly it still worked!! That’s insanity to me but still pales in comparison to how awesome these pics are!!! A goldmine of Coolness!!
  9. I can say this. My generation grew up on Turtles, we had basically one super movie and a few super hero cartoons. The exposure wasn't huge but it was there. In fact my close friend Scott and I were the only kids I knew in my entire school that liked comics. My nostalgia even for just the little we had was enough to have me crawling back in a major way over the past 20 years or so and eventually I got into GA comics. I grew up in a cornstalk town too. Now that I am grown up and moved to a bigger city I see thousands of folks my age showing up to these shows and stuff. People get the collecting bug. Even the new age social media kids will I see little collectors all over the place including my children even if not comics they collect, "stuff" its just in many peoples nature. Lets also look at the population in general. How much has it increased over the past 30 years. Exponentially!! That is just more folks that could possibly get into comics in general. I live on a block with a bunch of parents my age (36-45) who all have 1-4 kids. Every single halloween I see more SUPERHERO stuff than I could EVER have imagined. It is literally insane!! I take my kids to the bus and every other kid has a superhero book bag. They all have superhero toys in abundance!! Not just my kids either. When my kids and my neighbors kids come home from school they bring home Superhero books to read!! This is something I didn't do when I was little nearly as much as they do now. I had a few comics sure but so does my son and so do other kids on the block. I have taken my kids to a comic store multiple times and so have folks on my block. The nostalgia this generation is going to have for super heroes is going to be HUGE even bigger than my generation no doubt and my generation is certainly helping sustain these prices today if not help it go crazy insane. People like to read. Books too not just digital stuff. That includes almost every single child I know. As I type this my oldest 2 are having friends over and they are all literally running around using their imaginations that they are super heroes and villains chasing each other around. The stories of Gods and Supers and looking into the stars are as old as time. I'm telling you right now folks comics are going to be just fine. I know for one I got my kids accounted for and even if the small amount of the comics community that is on these boards makes sure to give their children and grandchildren a small amount of exposure enough children will get the bug one day to come back and start collecting this stuff. I am sure in 30 years when there are 10 Billion people on the earth a few will like comics haha!! sooooooo... Instead of focusing on whether or not the physical comics are worth investing in make sure you are doing your part to make sure your friends and most importantly your family (children and grandchildren etc) are getting exposure to these fantastic stories and that is the INVESTMENT that will ensure the Comic Market will be safe and sound as the seeds are planted for nostalgia and dreams.
  10. This one has been posted so here’s another vote. Definitely has to be thrown in the discussion
  11. I agree with almost everything you said you except for this part. We sometimes hear folks preach about always buying the best copy for investment but the fact is the best copy often prices many people out. Statistics seem to show that more affordable copies of keys and classic covers do quite well and may just be a better investment in the long term. Lets look at a few books for example. Hulk 181. I will only use highest recorded sales here for examples and use 10 years as an investment length. If you had purchased a 9.8 in 2009 the highest recorded sale was $26501. The highest recorded sale in 2019 was $37,100. While no one is barking at that it is a 40% increase in value and that is spectacular. Now lets look at a mid grade lets say a 5.0. The highest recorded sale of that grade in 2009 was $400. Much more affordable and a much larger buyer pool. If you look at highest sale in 2019 it was $2634. Now that is a great investment right?!! That is a 559% increase in value . So basically you could have invested in the highest graded copy in 2009 at $26501 and turned it into $37,100 or you could have purchased 66 copies in the 5.0 grade at the same investment price of $26501 but instead of turning it into $37,100 you would have turned it into $174,509!!! Which was the better investment the highest graded or the mid grade? Now I just quickly looked at 1 book but I would be seriously intrigued to see more figures like this and I am no mathematician by a long stretch so pardon any issues there. Does this same thing apply to Golden age stuff or even silver age keys. Maybe someone could take a look at the more blue chip GA books to see a comparison. Either way I know these are just figures and who the heck wants to sell 66 copies of anything anyways hahaha!!
  12. This was a CGC crossover service book. Was a 1.8 in the other guys holder. I’m happy it came back blue the # doesn’t matter to me nearly as much heck it just fits more into my collection more now hahaha!! What a classic!! @sagii check it out bro!!