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  1. A threesome of GREAT boardies that still remained!! the always phenomenal @telerites & @Miamiknight3434 and the uber talented @Cat-Man_America who always brings the substance to his posts!! LOVE that Prize Brother!! and I meant to post WBTTBs!! (Welcome BACK to the Boards!!)
  2. What up JTMF!! Still remember that name (classic!!) glad you came back bro!! I have to second what @RareHighGrade and @lou_fine stated exactly absolutely nailed it. Classic covers are INSANE right now many books feel like they have even went into multiples of what they used to sell for like All-American 61. Schommy covers as you stated are Timeless and will never go out of style. A lot of folks without the means to afford these high grade books and younger generations are jumping into the GA waters which is a good thing but I do feel not enough quite yet to sustain these prices down the road but I like to remain optimistic as my kids and all their friends are into superheroes so who knows. Lets all pray they never stop printing!! Still not many super young folks have made it to this section of the boards though. I'm a vintaged 37 so consider myself pretty darn young and feel like I am on the younger side of folks that post over here so I have always appreciated the wisdom in this section over the other sections of the boards it is also much more civil here haha!!. A lot of folks have migrated over to the faster paced apps like Instagram and while I am a newer user over there it lacks the serious substance that you get over here. A lot of GREAT boardies still remain from after the Great reset haha!! I won't list names because there are too many but I have no doubt you will remember many of them. We have lost a couple great posters over the last few years at least from my personal recollection for example I don't see Jon Berk really post anymore after his historic auction but his mark is forever etched in stone. Stick around I was one of those that had a hard time adjusting and made multiple gripe posts about it as well but I have gotten completely used to it now and can in fact hardly even remember what the big difference was that I was so upset about. Oh I remember... it was that I couldn't use the full view site from my phone so it was a TON of scrolling which hurt my eyes and my fingers but they added a pinch zoom view so they completely fixed that issue for me personally. Good to hear from ya hope all has been well, you were here in the beginning long before myself so I wont skip on my opportunity to can give you a WTTBs
  3. Some of the time the text stories were actually about what was taking place on the cover of the book.
  4. My sincerest of apologies Cat. While we may never have met in person over the past 7 years I have greatly enjoyed all of your contributions to this community. You always have the most well thought out posts and your opinions on many things are always such a treat to read about. I always knew from the first post I ever read of yours that should we ever cross paths in the world not so virtual we would have a spectacular time tossing a few back and discussing everything geek and life related. You are never shy and post pics and stories of your adventures which included many sweet things you stories about your successful and kind significant other. May she rest in peace my freind. Again, from my family to yours, our deepest condolences my brother, sincerely, Gino
  5. Great book C!!!!!!!! Here is a recent pickup. Feels pretty appropriate today. I live in Ohio which only made this book more appealing to me. In one of the story’s the Big Red Cheese battles the seven deadly enemies of man which I actually read (i don’t read that many GA books overall compared to other ages even though my biggest passion is for GA i’m more of an art guy but don’t hear what i’m not saying i do read them occasionally and this one seemed very similar to the movie plot for Shazam which was also cool.
  6. Gosh I love this book!!!! great copy!!!
  7. I am so pleased you like it!! Same right back at ya bro!!! These boards Rock don’t they!!
  8. Thanks for the kinds words y’all. When i saw the WTB and who it from i knew we had to strike a deal!! There are few things more exhilarating in this hobby than finally tracking down a tough book especially one of this caliber and cool factor and just like receiving gifts giving them can be just as rewarding. I myself have landed a few really cool books from our WTB threads over the years and paying it forward is the least we can do. Knowing an awesome book went to a fantastic home makes all the difference in the world too!! Congrats again bro glad to be a part of it!! Now find me a Speed 18 hehehe!!
  9. Whats up @Simon Comics WTTB bro!!!! Good to see you over here man you will see and learn a lot more about GA art and such on the boards vs places like IG trust me!! This place ROCKS with its wealth of knowledge!!
  10. I totally agree to what both @Zolnerowich and @sagii have both stated and all of us follow eachother on IG now too!! I wish I had followed less folks over there just so my "Feed" would be less nonsense and more kewl books like you folks post but I feel bad unfollowing people as I am still newer over there. The "community" feel to IG is there but it is not and never will be as tight as the boards at least to me. While I don't post as many long winded posts as I used to or share quite as many books that is all part and partial to the fact that I now have a small herd of children now ncluding a baby so I have to wait for him to fall asleep to really engage and like @Zolnerowich said the speed at which you can zoom in and out of IG is miraculously fast if you just want to see a few neat things and be on with your daily business. The other reason is the fact that I just haven't been buying as much as stuff as I normally do. Don't judge me hahaha I have been doing lots and lots of upgrades around our home and putting together savings plans for the kids. I still buy and hunt things and will continue to do so and I for one will NEVER leave the boards as long as we are awarded the privilege of using them and in the upcoming years as the kids get older and older I am sure I will devote a little more time to these boards as they do indeed hold a very dear place in my heart.
  11. Jesse is a nice kid from the conversations i have had with him and he is really digging deep into getting to know Joe’s stuff the best he can. He is actually printing covers that his Grandfather illustrated and signing them and he sells them on instagram. The prints are nice quality and on nice paper stock. Not that his signature really adds value but it seems to be supporting a good cause here was his last set as you can see it’s not just covers but splash pages as well
  12. This is a mic dropper!! Only 3 complete copies our 1.8s and a 4.0 😲