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  1. Walking Dead is huge so he's busy as hell. He's involved with Thief Of Thieves and writes Outcast. Invincible is supposedly ending. So I guess we won't be seeing any other comics or if we do it will be a long time. Anyone know if he has any other comics planned?
  2. Anyone know what Ottley is doing after Invincible if it ends? I'm guessing nothing has been announced yet.
  3. I thought it was OK. I like the regular cover better.
  4. That I do. Good times. Don't pick up the phone! I'm getting a game!
  5. You think more people would participate if it was called "Read 1 or more comics in 2017."? Yeah probably not. But maybe. Right now I'm reading The Eternaut. This is back in print! Here's what I read. Prophet 21-45, Prophet Strikefiles 1, 2, Prophet Earth War 1-6 Transmetropolitan 8 Another Cold Morning Green Lantern Emerald Dawn 1 1-6 and Emerald Dawn 2 1-6 Green Lantern 2nd series 1990 1-8, 14-17 Green Lantern Mosaic 1-18 Injection 1-10 James Bond 1-12 Trees 1-8 Will probably read 9-14 soon.
  6. 10 was a little late and 11 keeps getting pushed back. Who knows when we'll get 11. The new issues are really good just not as jam packed or as long of reads as the first arc. I recommend waiting for the trade or waiting till you can pick up the new issues for cheap. At this rate it may never finish. I know big surprise right.