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  1. So do you guys think it's even worth getting it graded at a possible 8.0-8.5?
  2. Picked this guy up today. Very happy to finally add this bad boy to my collection!
  3. Recently received one of my personal affordable grails. Just want to know if it's worth getting graded. The biggest flaw is it has a small tear/ding on the right upper top backside. What grade do you guys think this will fetch and is it even worth getting graded? Thanks in advance.
  4. He already posted on his IG that he will have some available at SDCC.
  5. Was checking out on covers A & B unsigned and they sold out before i could hit submit...this was 3 minutes into the books going live. Luckily i was able to go back and grab the signed copies of the covers before they sold out also.
  6. Shoot me a PM of which book you want and maybe we can work something out. I will be there on Saturday.
  7. I also had some bad luck this last week with a few packages. Had a package stolen from my front door step, luckily it was only a $10 bluray. The real bad one was a Iron Fist 14 slab that i bought on ebay. Seller decided to throw the slab in a padded envelope with no protection at all and send it on its way like that.....so yea to no ones suprise it was completely wrecked. Seller offered to refund or pay for reholder but this is just ridiculous!
  8. http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/09/14/venom-is-getting-an-exclusive-custom-comic-book-movie-tie-in Not sure if there is already a thread for this but Marvel released a One Shot movie tie-in for the Venom movie which you can read digitally online now but physical copies are going to be given out opening weekend at AMC theaters. Does anybody have any other info besides what is said in the link above? Are these movie tie-ins usually worth the hassle? The only AMC theaters near me are horrible and nearly double the price as compared to the regular theater that my wife and i go to. I am honestly thinking of just buying a ticket to get the comic and not even using the actual movie ticket and then enjoying the movie at our regular movie theater. What are everyones thoughts?
  9. Yes i also still want the books. I have replied to your PM. Thanks again