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  1. I traveled from Las Vegas and it really was well worth it for me 🙂👍
  2. I also managed to hit up that same dealer and walked away with a shortbox of great books!
  3. A great villain will always make for a great and unforgettable movie (Heath Ledger's Joker, Michael B. Jordan's Kilmonger, and Thanos just to name a few). I believe we don't give enough credit to the supporting character's in a lot of the comparisons. Most of the comics are directly affected by the announcement of upcoming movies but take a look at the prices on some of the first appearances in comics for the baddies that have done well on the big screen in these releases. I really believe that a Shang Chi film that does justice to Fu Manchu and is written well could be the equivalent to the Dark Knight Trilogy. You have the son (The living weapon) of the most powerful Super Rich underworld bad guy in all of Asia and they are mortal enemies. Introduce all of the Rogue's Gallery from the pages of Master of Kung Fu and throw in an Iron Fist crossover & Colleen Wing. I'm ready to buy my tickets!
  4. Definitely one of the most important and under rated books of the bronze age. It's a beauty good luck!
  5. Those are some really nice Charlton's that you don't see come up for sale often. I'm sure it's because a lot of them haven't survived in high grade in order to be submitted for slabbing.