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  1. If you're still looking, I have this copy $150.00 + shipping. LMK
  2. Hi Jason, Thank you for the quick payment. I will ship your book out today registered mail. Andre
  3. I'll take Tales of Suspense 49 CGC 8.0 and Tales to Astonish #65 CGC 9.4.
  4. I have a nice raw copy and I'll send you a scan this afternoon.
  5. Thought I'd show these off. I had the honor of meeting Barbara Leigh a couple years back at one of the Los Angeles Comic Cons. She was very personable and accommodating, signing whatever you put in front of her. I also bought her book and had her sign a couple Vampi issues(photo covers) I had on hand.
  6. Just checked GPA and $790 is easily above the latest averages by about $300+
  7. I bought and read this issue off the rack when it was issued so im really familiar with the issue. What I was curious about is every issue for auction yesterday had heavy bidding on it and a 9.8 copy closed at $790 which I thought was out of the ordinary.
  8. Avengers Annual #10 seems to be getting a lot of action. Any idea what's going on other than the Rogue Appearance ?