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  1. Jack Kirby late 1982 signed Tales of Suspense #40, Incredible Hulk #5 and Captain Victory #3 at Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Las Vegas.
  2. What I meant is by the time customers finish going through my $3 boxes they usually end up spending at least $20-$25.
  3. Is already been pointed out earlier and I totally agree, first you need a wall. My reason is that i don't want keys or semi keys in Excellent condition being handled in a box by someone who is rough and not concerned as to how they handle keys day a book with a really difficult dark cover that shows stress lines easily. And people will be more likely to at least stop and view what you have, at that point if they show interest in a specific book you may be able to suggest other items in your table boxes that might also appeal to them and generate additional sales. Lastly, I have found my best area of sales at shows lately to be my bosses that are priced at $3 each or 2 for $5. These boxes I fill with anything valued from $5-$25 whether it's Silver, Bronze or Modern but it's usually slow moving stuff. I find the average sale is usually $20-$25 and all I have to do is keep refilling the boxes as new shows come up. As I stated at the beginning a lot of what I have written has been said already and from what I have read you really couldn't get any better advice than you can from this room full of experts that most have tried every method saleswise and willing to share with you. Kudo to all for helping out a fellow dealer!
  4. Here's one I've been meaning to post but never got around to it. This was my first ever commission obtained by Doug Peters back in 2014. It took Sparacio awhile to complete but it was well worth the wait! Enjoy
  5. Neal actually signed it this weekend while at the Amazing Las Vegas Vegas Con, just above the Muhammad Ali in silver ink
  6. Ben waiting for awhile to get Neal Adams on this beauty!
  7. I have a 9.8 Darkhawk #1, I can send you a pic later this afternoon.
  8. Just be patient and persistent. It's the thrill of the hunt that excites and motivates me. There are still tons of heat books to be found. You may need to develop new strategies in order to be successful, but that's a small sacrifice to make if you're able to breathe new life into your collecting. Search in new places you'll be surprised what will turn up