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  1. 7.5 with a press and clean and 7.0 without. Nice book and the colors look bright.
  2. Thanks, I also didnt take the forum rule comment as heavy handed. I've been a board member for quite a while. just been off the boards for some time. I was looking at the situation as not trying to flood the forum with my pgm posts, so I decided to add the two books in one thread. thanks for the heads up on the rule.
  3. Sorry, didnt see that rule. Either way could this have been done via pm?
  4. So you think it will be a 1.0? I've seen worse get a 1.8
  5. PGM two books I purchased here on the boards recently. I'll be getting both graded but would like to know what others think about both. The conan I bought was advertised as a 6-7.0 and I believe it right there. Can also benefit from a press an clean as well. Really nice looking book. The DD1 is lower grade and I was thinking maybe a 1.5/1.8 First four pics are the DD1 an last two are the conan 1 Would love to hear others thoughts on these two books I picked up.
  6. Closing this for now. Scored a DD1, conan 1 and savage sword of conan 1 so this will be closed for at least a few.months.
  7. Bump for a book added to my list
  8. Thanks sha. Been a while that's for sure. Looking to maybe grab a few books here an there
  9. Bump for a great board member in sha. Wish I had a copy to sell you myself.
  10. A quick bump for my feedback thread to let people know I've been around for a bit and am legit. I will also pay above GPA. Lookong for a 3.0-5.0