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  1. Not sure if this is something you may like, very desirable PCH cover in the best kind of low grade condition. Book is complete and looks great, everything attached, but missing a chunk of the back cover. Great way to get what is usually a very high priced comic. PM if interested
  2. Just back after some lengthy medical procedures. Lots of bills to pay so just listed MANY big books out of my keeper pile on ebay. Check them out here: 427Impaler eBay listings
  3. Antonio Morey Palmer is at it again, new eBay ID is: docalfa3 Stiffed a member ciorac here for $700 back in 2015, hit the "buy it now" on my ST 110 and never paid, no contact, etc. Maybe hoping i would just mail it out?
  4. Just posted these (among others) to my eBay page, have a look and pm if interested. EBay username: 427impaler
  5. Xmas time is always a good comic buying time for me, picked up these 2 hard to find books at an antique auction
  6. Looks to me like spine roll, the staples seem slightly shifted towards the front. Properly done it may improve the front cover appearance of the book, but as has been stated this IS a AF15 and it is not likely worth the risk of an “incident” extreme example of a repair on a beater:
  7. Let’s try this book again at “Black Friday” pricing. Haunt of Fear #16, CGC 5.0. Really great presenting copy, things holding it back would be the thin chip top right (SCS damage) and stain on the back cover. December price: $300 plus $20 shipping
  8. Bump for price drop and added ST 110 pics
  9. Wow, I'm having separation anxiety already.... Anyway, here is book 2, Giant Size X-Men #1 8.0 nice WHITE pages! SOLD!!!
  10. Strange Tales #110, Key appearance of Paste Pot Pete!! AAAnd Doctor Strange materializes for the first time. Still trying to find a decent slab scanner, if you need more pics ask away. GPA currently at 5K, REDUCED TO $4500 plus actual shipping cost. pics added as per request
  11. Looking to raise some capitol for, you guessed it, more comics. 2 very nice CGC graded comics up for your consideration, both purchased raw and submitted by myself. No pressing or cleaning to my knowledge. RULES: First "take it" in the thread wins and trumps any pm negotiations. No probies or HOSers Paypal or cheque, payment within 48 hours unless arrangements have been discussed. No returns on third party graded books Book(s) will be shipped within 24 hours of payment, bulletproof and tracked/insured. REFERENCES: Kudos are here: The Impaler's Kudos thread eBay feedback is here: The Impaler's eBay feedback