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  1. Nice, love how you can actually see the prices on the books
  2. Just got back from seeing it again and taking the wife and kids, even better the second time. Still sold out shows and the parking lot was packed. We tried going to the 1:00 and 2:00 PM showings both sold out so had to settle for a 3:30 I think this is passing Force Awakens domestic hopefully Avatar worldwide
  3. Eric paid fast and was easy to deal with, hopefully we can do it again
  4. Saw it tonight with six friends and we all thought it was great. I really like seeing it on opening night with a sold out crowd everyone was clapping in all the right spots and laughing it up had a great time. Big moments, small moments, some feels. That's the way you make a movie, maybe the director of TLJ was watching and picked up some pointers on how to actually have your stars do something Can't wait to take the wife and daughter this weekend and see it again
  5. bought a book from my sales thread and paid quickly, couldn't ask for better
  6. Bob paid quick and was great to deal with can't do any better than that
  7. After the crapfest that was TLJ, this has got to be better
  8. Azkaban


    picked this up about 6 years ago, right in my price range
  9. Here we are again, what else needs to be said to my friend Sha, you're the best
  10. Azkaban


    Just got these today from @skypinkblu