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  1. Ha! No, just a tale of yesteryear in the land of Torontoros at the perennial gathering dubbed Fan Expo! In all seriousness - just sharing. I don't doubt a word you all have said.
  2. Heard about his reputation after I bought a Sandman 1 from him. Subbed it out of curiousity and got a 9.8. Appears I'm one of the lucky ones. Edit: For the record I believe he graded it 9.4 on the sticker.
  3. Looking for a page featuring Matty Roth Please PM if you have something that fits the bill Thank you
  4. Southern Bastards is the best comic on the stands (when it's on the stands) and I've got my fair share of issue 1 and 4. Scalped 43 is good for reading and if you're completing a run. That's it.
  5. Anyone familiar with the Spanish version? I picked one up at a convention but can't find any info about it online.
  6. Had a great time hanging with friends and filling holes in my collection. Big thanks to Kevin for all he does and Jim (Guardian Comics) for hooking me up with those Deathstroke books I asked for.