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  1. Yeah, I get it, but these aren't all coming out at the same time some of these being announced are back-end of Phase 4, late 2021 and beyond. Also keep in mind they're all 6-episode shows from what I've heard. So you're looking at what equates to 2 movies worth of material per show? It's not a ton IMO.
  2. It's been a minute since I've been to Hall H (2013?), and I can't speak for D23, but typically these types of panels require people to 1) spend a decent chunk of change to travel/stay wherever this is held and 2) spend a significant amount of time in line for the panel (sometimes overnight)... so you don't really have a crowd of people who are casual fans, they're all pretty amped up, to the point where you could pretty much say anything and the crowd would go crazy.
  3. I agree but I think we are nowhere near the peak yet. You have to look at it like this, Endgame had references to a couple dozen different movies and it just did 2.8B in box office. If the people are getting tired of trying to keep up with it all they’re saying the exact opposite with their wallets... and Disney is all ears!
  4. Well prepare to live without it, he’s in Eternals
  5. Ironically those were mostly cancelled because of Disney+, and from what I understand they have some agreement to wait a couple years before they can begin development for those characters to integrate into the MCU/Disney+. Add to that, that those shows didn’t have the full Disney machine behind them, I don’t think this is a valid reason to doubt Moon Knight. My bigger concern would be this character has never been one people tend to care about long in comic form - how many Moon Knight books launched and cancelled shortly thereafter? It has a cult following, but does it have mass appeal? It didn’t for pretty much ever amongst comic book readers, so we will see how it does on screen. That said the MCU made us all care about GotG too.
  6. Lol, I’ve got 2 of them I found in some $2 bins at a con once upon a time... I too am rooting, but expectations low - no movie, or Disney+ tie in I don’t believe just an animated show on a Disney channel. Morpheus himself is attached to project though.
  7. nothing major it seemed like on the Marvel side... just that Kit Harrington will be in Eternals and Black Panther has a release date.
  8. Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur #1 come on down... you’re the next contestant on the D23 hype train
  9. Yep, another 9.8 sold today of CM 17 - 2nd Print for $2,000... I’ve got 2 copies of the first print of 17, 0 of the 2nd print unfortunately.
  10. Yep. I’m more excited for this than any other Disney+ show. Her books have been popular due to good writing and a great character. Hopefully they get a good team and lead actress on board.
  11. Think it might be awhile before we see mutants not named Deadpool. Marvel going to wait until everyone forgets that Fox ever made that last X-Men film.
  12. someone out there dropping some serious cash on Ms. Marvel...
  13. Rumor is - possible Kit Harrington... but pure rumors at this point.
  14. Yeah I’m expecting the rumored cameo in Captain Marvel 2 to be a thing that we see happen, even if it’s a simple end-credits scene.