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  1. Can you post the scan of the back, please?
  2. I called them about 30 minutes ago and so far, they are operating normally. From what I learned, social distancing measures that are in place have resulted in some staggering of work within Heritage, so shipping times may wind up being affected. They told me that any change to operations would be noted either on their website or on your homepage/dashboard if you have an account with Heritage. Fingers crossed
  3. Wondering how this might affect Heritage since they are based in Dallas. Anyone have any information to share? Not trying to hijack this thread so I apologize in advance if this is to purely be a discussion with respect to MCS.
  4. Congrats! Damn, i'm always late to the party on the big books!
  5. Yeah, I bailed out on the first 10 but did snag a couple of the later gerber 8s
  6. Yeah, that auction was nuts. Some of those early FF books jacked up quick at the very last second (like the 5).
  7. Ah, I just tried it a few seconds ago and it's much better. Either I've lost my mind or they fixed it
  8. Exactly. I hit the same problem. Searching for "Captain America Comics" brought up a whole bunch of unrelated matches and I had to sift through page after page to find all of the timely caps
  9. The search is horrible. They did a horrible job in my opinion, because it's all about usability. The old site was much more user friendly.
  10. Please post positive feedback from our transactions here. Thanks!!
  11. Chamber of Chills 21 procured. Still looking for the Cap 66.
  12. Looking for CGC Universal (blue label, range 5.0 - 7.0) copies of Captain America Comics #66 and Chamber Of Chills 21 (#1) - 1951. PM me if you have one or both for sale. Vince
  13. Sold via PM. Thanks to all who took an interest in this book. I appreciate you.