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  1. Weird, I swear that wasn't listed in the exhibitors when I checked... I must be losing it thanks !
  2. Anybody know where Steranko may be in order to get a sig? I know he's doing a spotlight panel, but I can't seem to find where he might have a table or be signing any of the days.
  3. New submission 25 modern, reg track CGC picked up at post office 7/8/19
  4. The one that really stuck with me recently as being bad was called "Wiener-Dog" (2016). Seriously a terrible movie.
  5. I got a decent deal on Ebay last night... So the market definitely crashed.
  6. Only a kneaded eraser. No chemicals. I've done small sections before and submitted books but never this much on one book. Erasing isn't considered restoration and when done carefully can produce good results on mainly non printed areas.
  7. I know there is no "sure fire" answer to this question. I had a raw copy of a late 60's X-men book with a dirty cover and thought I'd try to chronicle the back cover dirt removal before and after. I'm no expert but with about 15 mins of work in non-restorative careful techniques, I was able to get a decent amount of the dirt off. Hoping to get an approximate idea of how much this might improve the grade on average. maybe .5 or 1.0 difference on a mid-grade book? I just took a quick photo of the work I did. I can always snap a photo of the front cover and put it in the PGM forum but wasn't sure where the best spot would be for this post. Thanks in advance for any valuable insight.
  8. Lightbox type setup with multiple diffused light sources is definitely my advice to get the best images.
  9. gotcha - I have never had CGC provide me with images so good to know. I'm sure it would take awhile to manually adjust levels. They may need to adjust their white balance and be sure to set it before each photo session if they are concerned about keeping colors consistent (might not be?). I'd be curious to see what their images looked like over the years and pay special attention to where the glares are on the photos. If I had a good enough sample size I might be able to provide more insight on how they've improved their system.
  10. @RedGiant is this the actual "scan" file CGC gave you? I always thought they actually scanned them but I guess not. The corner edges are too jagged to not be photoshopped. I'm a graphic designer and use photoshop pretty much daily. The white areas on the outside of the slab are made up of PURE white, also pointing to an alteration. If I had to guess on their setup, I think CGC has a studio setup with a camera mounted to a frame, pointing down, with lots of indirect lighting to cut down on glare. They then take that photograph and put it into photoshop, likely using a re-used layer mask that is the size of the CGC case. They fill the rest of the area with white on the edges (already part of the mask). They then edit the levels while looking at the actual book to compare the actual book to the "scan" image - at least that's what I'd do to maintain fairly accurate consistency. If their camera is setup with a good white balance then they may be able to skip the last step.