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  1. Just saw this one today. Not my vehicle. And yes it's snowing in October in Iowa right now!
  2. Thanks for the feedback ! I will definitely take all this into consideration. Shout out to @bounty_coder for the huge reply!
  3. I'm taking a video production class and I've decided to make my final project based on "What makes a comic book valuable?", since it's something that comes up a ton when speaking to non-collectors who stumble upon some books. It has to be 3 minutes max, so I'm going to focus on probably 3-4 key factors in determining value and briefly explain each. Right now my big three are: Significance, Condition, and Demand (Rarity, Print Run, etc.) They could probably use some polishing up or additional points. I'm in the process of building my outline, followed by the -script, shot list, production and editing. There will be a little story to go along with it. Any and all opinions on what the focus should include are appreciated!
  4. How about we start an actual petition online that people can sign requesting a formal acknowledgment and statement from CGC that they are solving the Newton ring issue? If it becomes a PR issue and enough people complain they will have to solve it. It has become a huge issue just this year. I will not be submitting anything until something changes pertaining to NR.
  5. I received my reholder for NRs last week but just now had time to look it over. Here's the messed up part.. out of the 10 books they redid, only 2 are any better. Those two are in Thicker holders, putting less pressure on the book. They also have the old fashioned "cradles" holding the book on the side and bottom. They sent me my 2 copies of paper girls #1 in 2 separate thicknesses of holders - almost to say they can fix it but choose not to. This is unacceptable and I can no longer recommend CGC to anyone until this is fixed. The "optically clear" advertising is now blatantly false. See photos. The right one is the thicker holder.
  6. "Received" 8/5 Scheduled 8/6 Finalized / shipped 9/10 but can't see grades or tracking info yet.. only graders notes.
  7. Dang.. that's just frustrating. My batch of 10 reholders for NR issues just moved to Grading/QC. Hoping for some improvements.
  8. No movement yet on the free reholder for Newton Ring issues. Is it common to even go into SFG for a reholder ??
  9. Pretty sure it was Devil Dinosaur #1 in about vf/nm
  10. Reholder updates to fix Newton Rings on my 10 slabs. My first time sending back for this. Package received by CGC: 8/19 "Scheduled for grading": 8/20
  11. Update, Brittany sent me an email back with info on how to get a complimentary reholder service and use the online submission forms to coordinate and expedite it. It's nice they have it built into their system in a way... even if it's a pain to deal with at least they will be covered at no charge and they have a system in place. I plan to get the books sent back out to CGC here in the next few days and will keep you guys posted on the progress and (hopefully) better slabs.
  12. Just got back a 25 book modern submission. 10 of which have very noticeable NR I've just "dealt with" a book here and there but this is my first substantial order with them present. I had 3 copies of the same book (part of the 10 submission) and ALL 3 have NR pretty bad, so it's definitely a size of the slab issue i think. I started trying to do the board trick but couldn't bring myself to risk damaging a book or case for something that shouldn't be there to begin with. I will email Brittany and hope for the best.