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  1. That's all the books for now. I'll try to add more later in the week when I get some time. PMs welcome especially on multi-book deals!
  2. Green Lantern 25 1st Larfleeze and Atrocitus CGC 9.8 Has some Newton Rings throughout, visible at angle $135
  3. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Freshman Force #1 Cease & DCist Variant CGC 9.8 Pretty obvious Newton rings and outer slab scuffing ... so let's make it cheap. Been selling for $60 in 9.8. $40
  4. Batman Adventures 10 CGC 9.8 Great Catwoman cover small Newton ring area between cat and Catwoman $105
  5. ASM 298 6.5 CGC I bought this one in a lot already graded. The stain at the top is what really brought the grade down IMO. $35
  6. East of West 16 Image Expo SS Hickman & Dragotta CGC 9.8 I think this had a print run of 500 copies $175
  7. I've been buying and selling on the forums since 2013, just not too much since the board redesign migration - see kudos link in my signature. No HOS or PL members. Shipping will be Priority Mail USPS to the USA: $15.00 for 1-4 slabs. Other countries PM please. Payment via Paypal only. No returns on CGC books. First claim in the thread is the and trumps any pending discussion. Enough rules, now to the books
  8. Is he even on the floor? or a table? I'm really confused by the perspective.
  9. Closing this for the time being. If you're interested in something PM me, it may still be available.