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  1. Thanks Nic! Good to hear from you again!
  2. Whoops - meant to post in golden/silver/broze
  3. The virgin and trade raw set is sold out now apparently - just checked the site. As long as virgin = smaller print run I think the appeal and higher values will keep up across the board. It would for sure be interesting to see how things would go with virgin variants if they were printed at the same ratio as the trade dress all around.
  4. Looks like this had a fairly quiet release yesterday and still available https://bigtimecollectibles.com/collections/peach-momoko-collection/products/spider-man-1-peach-momoko-exclusive-variant
  5. Rhymenoceros


    Best thread ever (!)
  6. Modern:In CGC's hands: Mon 7/13Received: Mon 7/20 CC charged: Tue 7/21
  7. I bought too much stuff today so letting this set go. This is the last set of the Spider-man books I currently have available. Each book is contained in a stamp size mylar pouch, attached with archival photo-rated mounting squares onto a Silver size 60pt ComicProLine clear backer board so both sides are easily viewable. The set was then placed inside a Silver Age Mylites 2, then in a Golden Age toploader with a dust protector on the top edge, and lastly inside an archival art rated crystal clear bag to best fit. The clear/white stand shown is not for sale. Sorry for any weird reflections in the photo. See scans for more detail. More info: https://taint-the-meat.com/2017/01/16/marvel-mini-books/ An excerpt from the above site: "..they were acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest comic books ever published. Secondly, the covers came in six different colours — blue, red, orange, green, yellow and pale green — which makes them one of the earliest examples of variant cover marketing that are now common place in the industry. And lastly, keen-eyed reader’s will spot the appearance of a certain caped superhero at the end of the Spider-Man story, a full decade before the official Superman vs Spider-Man team-up of 1976." — All books appear to be unread. The bindings are known to be very fragile and well-loved and these are very solid. SOLD
  8. Shipping to the USA with Priority Mail is included at no additional cost. No international shipping at this time. Payment via PayPal only, due within 24 hours of claiming. No people on any Hall of Shame or Probation Lists. I reserve the right to not sell to anyone I don’t feel comfortable selling to - whether they be on a list, they have a poor reputation of not paying, history of scamming others online etc. This has never had to happen so far, but just a friendly note to cover myself. No returns unless I happen to have missed something, and we can work it out. I don't foresee that happening but I try to be easy to work with and practice the Golden Rule in general. First posted in the thread by timestamp claims an item.