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  1. I'm sure.. maybe climate conditions play a factor? I'm in the midwest and have the damndest time with magic tape and gerber mylite 2s. They always break so I switched to gift wrap tape for mylars. Maybe it's just tape removal technique? Ha! Anyway, I've solved my dilemma with gift wrap tape and just using a new piece everytime.
  2. Magic tape works ok for standard poly bags but for some reason mylites and magic tape are a terrible combo at least in my hands. I made the switch to Scotch Gift Wrap Tape and that doesn't tear much at all when trying to remove it.. but it can be a little too strong on some cheap polys. Be sure to use a new piece each time you open the bag too. I guess on that note, I always try to remove the tape completely before removing the book. Just burn through some tape but it's pretty cheap considering the possible damage of not removing.
  3. I have a friend who claims to have smoked up with Kevin Smith at his (my friend's) apartment in I think 2016. I have zero proof of my own, but to my best knowledge the story is legit.
  4. Judging a collectible item based on how little the contents inside were used, then putting it inside of plastic so you can only see the outer art and never enjoy said contents again...
  5. 39% at 6pm is pretty good for my 3 year old phone. Not complaining one bit !
  6. Please do wear that with a banana and post pics
  7. Ha, if you're looking for self-confidence.. listen to whatever McAfee says. I have zero confidence in his opinions but he certainly has no lack of confidence. ETH as a platform offers a lot more than BTC. It's not designed to replace bitcoin but just does different things using distributed ledger tech and smart contracts. https://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/031416/bitcoin-vs-ethereum-driven-different-purposes.asp
  8. I see Bitcoin as a bit like Myspace. The first to more widely revolutionize the spread of a technology does not necessarily dominate the market forever. Bitcoin transactions are VERY slow compared to the transaction confirmation speeds on other cryptocurrency networks... or using an existing fiat-backed service. Bitcoin is the household name, but there are many cryptocurrencies already partnering with existing big brand technology companies. If you want to go further down the rabbit hole, look into Ethereum and Stellar. Those are my recommendations for getting in low. One last note: I firmly believe any cryptocurrency investment at this time is a long hold.
  9. Nice! I like you've mixed in all the fandoms to really make it your own. Sounds like you've got plenty of hobbies to pass the time being homebound!
  10. Thread is closed. Thanks for the purchases.
  11. One final morning bump before I close down the thread this afternoon. ALL REMAINING BOOKS 15 % OFF
  12. Everybody wants a snowman cover in April, right? Liberty Meadows #7 SS Frank Cho CGC 9.6 1 of 7 graded copies.. $55
  13. They replied back with the most acceptable answer they could probably come up with that the books sold during a "half off sale over a year ago" so I removed my post... Yeah... lesson learned when dealing with them.
  14. Batman 609 CGC 9.8 1st Appearance of Hush $90
  15. Batman 32 Tony Moore Variant CGC 9.8 (the removable label is on the bag) $45
  16. Batman Adventures 10 CGC 9.8 Great Catwoman cover small Newton ring area between cat and Catwoman $105
  17. East of West 16 Image Expo SS Hickman & Dragotta CGC 9.8 I think this had a print run of 500 copies $175