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  1. Blurbs. Imagine how much this book would be worth if Son of Frankenstein was the cover feature.
  2. One book today. PayPal is preferred. Returns accepted. First Take in the thread gets the book. MURDER INCORPORATED 4 Awesome Classic GGA lingerie cover! Condition: In a G-F-NM scale this one would be around a Apparent VG. Looks like around a VG but bottom half of the last page (ad page) has been ripped out (see Pic). Otherwise a couple edge tears, some spine wear, small stain on back cover and tiny chip on front cover present. 200.00
  3. I posted this in the cigar thread, but it fits in here nicely too.
  4. One of the best issues. The cover story is really creepy.
  5. This came in the mail today. Thank you, Mr. Storms.
  6. I think horror comics filled a void. In 1947, major studios like Universal and RKO cancelled production of Horror movies, because they wanted to make more prestigious films. The older horror classics were still in circulation, but if you wanted new horrors, the comic books filled the void. And they made most horror films from any era up to that point look like nursery rhymes. Eventually Universal started losing money, so in the early fifties they made two Gothic horror vehicles for Karloff, and then we got the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Tarantula, the Mole People- and Universal was on its way to solvency again.