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  1. Who is your least favorite inker?

    Text Blaisdell. His scratchy inking did not work with Irv Novick's pencils on the late seventies Batman. But he did do good work in the forties and fifties.
  2. This is a great report for those of us that couldn't make it this year. Thanks for posting!

    Crime and Punishment to Crime Patrol.
  4. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Kane painted some clown pictures in the sixties. What a Renaissance man!
  5. Great Title Logos & Awful Title Logos

    I always thought this one, courtesy of Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson, was really cool.
  6. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    But I thought Bob Kane wrote and drew these stories by himself!
  7. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Yeah, but the faceless guy.
  8. Wow, Peter, that's a beauty!
  9. Unpopular Golden Age Opinions Thread!

    I've found that most people in my age group, who were born right around when the show was first aired, love it and it became an important part of their childhood. Kids who were 10 years or so older hated the fact that the show was a comedy and resented it. Meanwhile the camp humor went right over the younger kids heads, and they just saw the color, the adventure and(especially) the cool fight scenes. Also of note is that the first season adapted current comic book stories almost word for word. The arch Silver Age dialogue on the comics page doesn't sound as serious spoken as it does when read. It sounds pretty silly at times. Of course, as a little kid, I thought the Batman show was as serious as The FBI with Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and Hawaii Five O. And to stay on topic, I think Tec 69 is a very overrated Joker cover and isn't worth the big money it's going for. There are plenty of other Joker covers that are much better, and also harder to find, especially in grade.
  10. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    34 may have the crummiest cover of the bunch, but it does contain a very entertaining Batman story. That's why I plan on getting one soon.