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  1. Isn't that book the one that started moving the wheels in motion?
  2. 3 is my favorite, both for cover.and.content.
  3. Free shipping in the US and Canada. Returns accepted. PayPal preferred. First in the thread gets the book. Brave and the Bold 34 1st SA Hawkman and Hawkgirl by Joe Kubert. Off white to white pages. VG (4.0) 200.00
  4. An article from Variety on how postponing BW could affect the Marvel Universe.
  5. DC had an 1-800 line in the seventies called Direct Currents. They claimed they would have new announcements every Friday, but it was li!s once a month. I can even remember the number - 1-800-223-7760.
  6. David Alexander charging triple for the Adventure 26 when he knew he needed it to complete his DC collection.
  7. Except for the moustache issue(which was really overblown anyway), I think Cavil shined as Superman. Shame we probably won't see him again in the role.