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  1. Frustration is not the same thing as sour grapes. Sour grapes implies jealousy. I doubt.either filmmaker is jealous of any of these movies. And yes, calling them despicable is really overboard. But I'll give a pass to the man who gave us THE GODFATHER films and APOCALYPSE NOW.
  2. Sour grapes from the creators of RAGING BULL, THE GODFATHER 1 and 2, and GOODFELLAS? I doubt it. I'm sure that their frustration comes from the fact that thoughtful, adult movies don't get the green light like they used to, and movies that are full of CGI and often empty spectacle are all that's offered at cinemas anymore. I'm sure they're not thrilled with garbage like Disney's remakes.either. I've enjoyed most Marvel movies, but many of them play like episodes of a TV show. The only Marvel movies that transcend this and are "cinematic" in the sense that.Marty.and Francis mean are the first IRON MAN, the two GOTG, RAGNAROCK, and IW. The first AVENGERS movie was great, defines the word "thrill ride". Sorry, but this is how I feel after 11 years of being inundated with these movies.
  3. Thanks. I really like BB 111. Has a great Joker story. Thanks very much!
  4. If still available, Prize 43, the two Brave and the Bold's 111. Thanks!
  5. This is the first one I remember. I was with my mother at a supermarket. We went down the magazine aisle, and it caught my eye. I was only two years old, but I still remember her buying it for me. Not my copy.
  6. My prize donation is The Fantastic Four Omnibus Volume 1. I'll post pictures tomorrow, but it's a nice book.
  7. Just like Arthur's "relationship" with Sophie was completely delusional, I think his encounters with Wayne were tainted by Arthur's fury at him for "abandoning" his mother and himself. The Joker is a very unreliable witness. The punch in the face could have been real though. People are touchy about total strangers approaching their children. And.with good reason.
  8. When the Joker kissed Dr. Sally on the Murray Franklin show, that was a homage to Miller's Dark Knight Returns when Joker kisses Ruth.Westheimer on Letterman. Of course, he had his Joker venom lipstick, and Ruth died with a smile on her face. Loved it when Bruce slid down a pole to see Arthur. I think quite a few incidents in the film are Arthur's delusions, including the Thomas Wayne stuff. His perception of Wayne is different from everyone else in the film. Plus it doesn't fit with past incarnations of T.W. But of course this movie isn't canon, so everything is open to interpretation. This may be the best comic book movie ever made.
  9. An amazing film. Phoenix nails it. So many scenes that made me uncomfortable and downright scared. Cinematography drawer, the music gets under your skin in the same way that Arthur does. I'm totally floored by this movie. It might be the best film ever derived from a comic book character. Definitely a 10.