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  1. What are your comic collecting goals for this year??

    You'll laugh, but I'd rather have been 1 or 2 than some of the JSA issues. I love the early stuff. Four has a great cover. 3 or 8 would be nice, but I doubt that ever happens.
  2. MCS Grading and My Experiences

    Thanks, I was hoping it was just a mistake.
  3. MCS Grading and My Experiences

    I was just looking at MCS listings on eBay, and they're using stock images for GA: I hope this isn't going to be a common practice.
  4. What are your comic collecting goals for this year??

    My biggest goal has already been obtained: a pre Robin Tec with a Batman cover. I bought Tec 36 about a month ago. Another goal is to obtain some early DC books. I have Adventure 41, More Fun 62 and 65 that I bought last year, plus various Batman's and Tecs. So I would like to get an early Action(from the 20's; earlier issues are mostly out of my reach), and an All Star. I'm also enjoying late SA and early BA in high grade, and since they don't break the bank unless it's a key, I hope to get some more of those as well.
  5. Probably because he didn't want someone who he owes money to see that he's buying stuff.
  6. I don't even think there's an adequate answer to this post. But if someone thinks Batman and Superman are heading into Tarzan territory, then they are a few fries short of a Happy Meal.
  7. Is this place deader than ever?

    Remember when posts were anonymous? That's when I started posting. The Wild Wild West days.
  8. I liked the Prequels too. I understood many of the complaints, but there were so many great action scenes, and I loved seeing so much of Palpatine. He's one of the biggest highlights of the entire series. I would love to see Disney make a Darth Sidious movie as part of their anthology series.
  9. No arguments from me on that point. I've never seen such whining over movies as I did when TPM was released. AOTC had a better reception when it was first released, but then really was attacked months after. At least ROTS was well accepted without too many complaints, and is still highly rated on most movie sites.
  10. At least TPM and AOTC felt like Star Wars. Maybe poorly executed Star Wars, but clearly a true part of the story.
  11. MCS Grading and My Experiences

    I've had great experiences with MCS when I buy gold or silver. Always undergraded. I got a Mystery Tales 14 from them that they graded a 4.0 that is easily a 6.5. The gloss is so striking that you can see reflections on it.
  12. Is this place deader than ever?

    Damn straight. Thanks to the wonderful people on the cgc boards, I was able to survive for a year after my heart transplant because of their generosity. I wasn't yet getting disability, and because I wasn't working, I didn't have a prescription plan and these meds are expensive. So God bless the members of the cgc forms. I'll never forget what they did for me.