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  1. Added an original FRANKENSTEIN card.
  2. Not comics, but still of interest I think to some collectors on the boards. Great original lobby cards. If you want GGA, you can't do better than the Gilda Title Card.
  3. Night of the Stalker, Detective Comics 439.
  4. I received this as a Christmas gift in 1977 when I was eleven. It's the most read book I own. My father loved EC, and knew I would love this book.
  5. Uncle Ben is mentioned all of the time in the comics, no one is asking for another Origin story. Just keep true to the mythology.
  6. Mine as well. I didn't eat lunch for a couple of weeks and used my school lunch money to buy it.
  7. My father offered encouragement, and even bought books for himself sometimes. My mother didn't have a problem with it, as long as it didn't conflict with school and studying(little did she know about the times I would have a Bat man or Flash comic inside my textbook when I was "studying").
  8. I think Holland is fine. I like him a lot in the Avengers movies. He works great with the ensemble. But his first solo flick was really irritating. It ruined the supporting cast from the comics(even though NEd and MJ are perfectly likable), and the Tony Stark relationship shouldn't replace Uncle Ben's influence. Ben hasn't been mentioned once in any of the new movies. I know we don't want to see another Origin movie, but they could at least mention Uncle Ben. Michael Keaton was great, and the films saving grace.
  9. Another book. This Magazine is Haunted 3 Pretty scarce no back cover cream to off white. 100.00 SOLD
  10. Strange Mysteries 15 A crazy Superior book with a classic GGA Skull cover This is a pretty scarce book. The cover is detached but not split. There is a nickel size piece missing from the top edge of the back cover. Pages are cream to off white. 280.00 shipped Paypal is preferred Returns are accepted.
  11. I haven't really liked a Spidey movie since Raimi's SPIDER-MAN 2. I hope this one is good(the trailer isn't very promising).