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  1. Beautiful baby and family. Congratulations, Gino!
  2. It just wasn't a good movie. Fun at times, yes. But the editing kills it. There's no time for the story to.breath. And some major plot points are left unexplained. I think the behind the scenes story about the making of this trilogy will be more interesting than the movies themselves.
  3. I had to return a book to Chuck this week because it was color touched with mascara.
  4. Get better soon, Joey! And when you're able, relax and take it easy for awhile.
  5. The Prequels destroy the Sequel Trilogy. They tell a cohesive, coherent story. GL knew where he wanted to begin, and where he wanted to conclude. Hayden acted with his body language and especially with his eyes. The dialogue may not have been great, but Hayden was speaking in a cadence similar to the masked Vader. Standing with his arms behind his back, looking at the landscape of Naboo as he would later use the same stance staring into space or watching the Millennium Falcon escape his clutches. His words to Padme in the Naboo scene... "Your soothing" - is said in the same way that James Earl Jones speaks his lines for the classic Vader. And there are many more instances of this in 2 and 3. Many people didn't like some of Lucas' decisions, but quite a few didn't understand them either.
  6. On topic, I directed Poverty Row to these boards in 2002. As for fighting on the forums, the first year had some of the best. This place.would lose some of its character if it ever becomes the Palsy Walsy club. If you don't believe me, then let's meet at Phil's Parking Lot to talk it over.
  7. If it's set during the era of the Republic, hundreds of years before Episode 1(and without the Skywalker baggage), it could be great.
  8. He's gonna look great in that Danny DeVito makeup! I wonder if he'll bite someone's nose off?
  9. If we're talking about comics from any age, it's probably this one just because it's so cool. But for GA, and really all ages, this is my favorite book. I saw the cover reprinted in the book Batman: From the Thirties to the Seventies when I was 8(a Christmas present), and just loved the cover. The interior stories are also great too, with striking Jerry.Robinson art.
  10. One of my favorite EC's. Every story a classic. One of the more gruesome issues.