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  1. Larryw7

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Really sharp copy with great colors!
  2. Scorpion should play a part since he was in the mid credit scene in Homecoming.
  3. Larryw7

    Fantastic Four 5

    Depends what you mean by the Marvel universe. If you're just going by the SA and BA you'd be correct, although I think the personal clash between GG and Spidey is just as interesting as the more cosmic stories. If later books after Norman's "resurrection" are taken into account, he became one of the most Machiavellian villains in Marvels history, manipulating and interacting with every major Marvel character.
  4. Larryw7

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    They had a wonderful time in gay Paree.
  5. Larryw7

    Metropolis is Suing Voldemort

    A Newton Ring dispenser.
  6. Larryw7

    Metropolis is Suing Voldemort

    You sound like someone who's frickin' insane.
  7. For me, it was Dr. SHock in Philly. He not only ran all of those great B pictures, but also introduced me and other young audiences to truly classic films like the original Frankenstein and Dracula, Edgar Ulmer's The Black Cat, and The Bride of Frankenstein.
  8. Nothing beats Gamera the Invincible.
  9. Larryw7

    Hey Cal, where are you ?

    I missed a Stu post.
  10. Larryw7

    Nickel City Con 2018 Report

    1984? I'm sure I had that issue stashed away somewhere at the time. Because I like the articles.
  11. Larryw7

    Is grading current? Strictly speaking.....,

    Where in the Hell do you find this stuff?