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  1. 99 opening bid, free shipping
  2. Except for Wonder Woman and the films already in the can, I doubt most of these projects ever make it past pre-production.
  3. Larryw7

    The Marvel Magazine Thread

    This is an awesome thread. I've been enthralled with the Marvel Monster Mags since the day I purchased a remaindered copy of Tales of the Zombie from the local candy shop at the tender age of seven. When I opened the book, my eyes popped upon seeing a Gwen Stacy lookalike diving naked into a pool. I knew I had a real treasure, but I didn't want anyone else to see it. Unfortunately, my cousin Debra was at my house that day and immediately grabbed the mag from my hands as soon as I walked in the door. She quickly perused it and said "nudies!" at the top of her very loud lungs. So over my protests, the mag was confiscated before I even got a chance to read it. When Planet of the Apes and Monsters of the Movies appeared, I was grateful for Marvel b&w that were parent approved. I also started buying Famous Monsters and Creepy from Warren. Right now I just put a full set together of high grade Tales of the Zombie and Dracula Lives! I have multiple copies of the first issue of Tales, but I want a really nice set. Next on to Vampire Tales. These Marvel mags are addictive, and fairly cheap. Hopefully they stay that way until I complete my collection.
  4. I lowered the price on some other books.
  5. I lowered the prices on Avengers 4 and Batman 217, and offers are always welcome on any book.