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  1. In order: Byrne Aragones Jim Lee Paul Smith Romita Sr Kubert Sr N Adams McFarlane G Perez J Buscema
  2. Prize 65: A Reader's Digest of 4 Books
  3. If we're still going by the 5 min rule then ill take Prize 65...if not
  4. Been waiting all day to use this right?
  5. Prize 66: Various Trades, DVD Rom - donated by adampasz
  6. Can't believe there is still a couple things from my favs list!
  7. My earliest memory of him was at the age of 12 from a Saturday morning cartoon called Spider-man and his amazing friends. His voice added such a wonderful, exciting touch to the cartoon and it was from this program that I started collecting comics. Since then I have been a fan of his wonderful creations. I would simply like to say thank you to an amazing man and may he rest in peace..