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  1. SS#4 is just the greatest cover of its generation and a few others!
  2. So who snagged this book?
  3. Action 1 Cgc 8.5 white in next CC auction

    Even if I win the lotto I wouldn't spend $2M+ on a book that potentially has rusted staples.
  4. Bronze Age Treasuries

    Barely. I would have to speak with some of these sellers before I was to buy one again.
  5. Bronze Age Treasuries

    Did you grab those other high grade pence copies?
  6. Action 1 Cgc 8.5 white in next CC auction

    That's kind of annoying. Rusted staples, what rusted staples. Typical big dollar book manipulation.
  7. Bronze Age Treasuries

  8. Bronze Age Treasuries

  9. Bronze Age Treasuries

    Some issues I never got around to posting:
  10. What is the BACK story on the "sample copy" ? Is this from something similar like a Jacquet estate collection?Very cool.
  11. Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    Great books guys.
  12. Heritage May Auction

    I am guessing that there is not a lot of Maneely's stuff floating around?
  13. Iron Man #132 CGC 9.8 + Others

    Thank you!
  14. Iron Man #132 CGC 9.8 + Others

    Thank you. I think that is probably it for now. I think there are only a couple books left, if anyone is interested please drop me a PM.
  15. Iron Man #132 CGC 9.8 + Others

    Asking $50. SOLD.