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  1. Thanks @Buzzetta - I’m not sure what the policy here on shameless self plugs is, but you know I love to toot my own proverbial horn. I host a comic book talk show each week called Pete’s Basement. We’re on YouTube and our parent site by the same name. We review new weekly comics, mostly #1s - as only a bunch of foul-mouthed New Yorkers can. We’re not everybody’s cup of tea but we think we’re funny! If you’re looking for good collectibles reviews, check out Gem Mint - his show is great.
  2. Thanks @Buzzetta - Shaping the talented youth of today is always fun. ~~ @vane Your daughter did a great job on that Batman piece. (Also - Happy Birthday!) My best advice to start her out with is, get her the Adobe programs - and a Mac if she doesn’t have one already. (There may be some PC fans here who will say they’re exactly the same now for less than half the price, but I still find the interface to be so much friendlier with Apple) Anyway, I use Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign every day. I started out wanting to be a comic book artist, and ended up a fashion designer - I have no explanation how, but it’s a fun gig and I literally color every day like some glorified 6yr old. If your daughter really has a passion for art, and it looks like she’s on the right track, investing in the Adobe Suite programs is a great stepping stone. And as a student, I’m pretty sure she can get the subscription for like $20 a month or something like that. There are tutorials all over YouTube to get her started - That’s still my go-to for when I don’t know how to do something. Getting the entire suite will give her access to literally have facet of the art world to see what she likes best. If you want a full list of the Adobe CC programs, lemme know. After that, I’d suggest looking into college courses taught by industry professionals - usually they teach just for fun or to supplement income cause let’s face it, art is fun but those of us driving Lamborghinis are few and far between. I won’t say you need a specialized art college, but if she decides to go that route, keep a steady balance of art courses and business courses (which I wish I did). Ok, before this reply becomes a novel, I’ll quit here. I’m happy to answer any questions ya have.