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  1. I suppose the only key page of some significance I own is Preacher #42, page 23 where Jesse is reunited with his mother: When I mentioned to Ennis & Dillon at SDCC 1998 (where I bought it for what now seems like a very measly amount) that I never intended to let go of the page they insisted on signing it in a way that would help me keep that promise... The first page of the epic miniseries Archie: Freshman Year by Batton Lash, Bill Galvan & Bob Smith might also be considered as "key". Archie #587 page 1: The gang looks really young in that story, thanks to Bill altering a few things when he drew them. The first appearance of Archie's female counterpart, Archina, in the "Reversedale"-story from Archie #636, page 4: Art by Gisèle Lagacé and Rich Koslowski. I believe that some Archie collectors would call the entire issue "key" and I don't mind since I own all of the interior art (the covers were digital).
  2. Don Rosa & Sergio Aragonés discussing something important in San Diego 2017:
  3. This is something that provides hours of enjoyment of beautiful and interesting OA. Thanks to everyone who participates and makes the effort to post their best acquisitions from the previous year. And to Brian & Bill for organizing! In this company every single vote your own art get is just icing on the cake...
  4. As every year I am so impressed with all the beautiful art everyone's acquired during the previous year. This is really a great opportunity to see a lot of great stuff! Thanks to Brian & Bill for doing this. Here are my votes:
  5. OK, here are my Best of 2018 nominees (CAF Lowry gallery): Published Splash Pages, Pinups: Oscar Hjelmgren - A.M.O.K. title page - Herman Hedning 8/2014, p51 Very detailed title page from an A.M.O.K. episode which pays hommage to the science fiction-movies from the 1950's. Published Interior Panel Pages: Joëlle Jones - Batman #39 - p15 A page with Selina Kyle in her civil duds which let Ms. Jones show off many of her talents: Expressive faces, body language and myriads of details from the restaurant interior. All brought to life by her meticulous inking. I'm impressed! (And she did draw herself on the far left in the first panel due to "running out of ideas".) Published Strip Art: Al Capp - Li'l Abner - 1955-12-30 Ever since I started collecting OA "for real" I have wanted a Li'l Abner strip. And since this strip is from 1955 there is a possibility that Frank Frazetta was involved in its creation. But one can never be sure! Unpublished Commissions: Bill Galvan - Surfin' with Sabrina - front and back cover What if Sabrina Spellman used her magic to join Josie & the Pussycats during the height of the american surf music craze in the early 1960's and then put a spell on the legendary Bob Keane so he would give them a recording deal on his Del-Fi label (home of The Surfaris, The Lively Ones and The Centurions)? I passed the question along (with some very brief suggestions & guidelines) to Bill Galvan who responded "I think that sounds like a great commission idea!" Sabrina's bikini is designed to be totally in fashion 1964 (even though her aunts Zelda and Hilda settled for something more modest) and her appearance is in part modeled on Annette Funicello surfing in the Beach Party movies. On the back cover Josie, Valerie and Melody are carrying a surf board, Beach Boys style. Unpublished Sketch Covers/Convention Sketches: Natalia Batista - Are, the highway robber At the 2018 Gothenburg Book Fair Natalia Batista made this beautiful commission of one of the characters from her graphic novel series Sword Princess Amaltea - Are the highway robber. She is a member of the notorious gang led by Loki which makes the roads in the world of Amaltea very unsafe. Even though Natalia drew her in a somewhat relaxed pose it is pretty obvoius that she is the enforcer of the outfit. Don't mess with her (unless she wants you to)! Runners up. Published Splash Pages: Dan Parent - Archie Meets Batman '66 #3 - p11 A great splash page from Archie Meets Batman '66 issue three where the villains of Gotham City has taken over Pop's Choklit Shoppe and made it their temporary headquarters. (It was digitally inked by J Bone so this is the only physical copy. Modern times are here!) Published Interior Panel Pages: Mike Parobeck - El Diablo #14 - p14 A page layout which shows Parobeck's genius: Easy to read and the drama is underscored by the expressive body language and the leaning angles. Note how the first and last panels interacts, framing the scene in time. Unpublished Commissions: Fernando Ruiz - Julie Newmar as Catwoman Fernando's take on the first and foremost Catwoman - Julie Newmar! Unfortunately the strokes applied with a "glitter pen" doesn't show in the scan. Like Alex said, this topic is one of the highlights of the year. Let's see what everyone else has got to show!
  6. UNPUBLISHED Fernando Ruiz Commission - Julie Newmar as Catwoman Click on the picture to see it on CAF.
  7. PUBLISHED Dan Parent Archie Meets Batman '66 #3, page 11 Click on the picture to see it on CAF.
  8. UNPUBLISHED Agnes Garbowska Commission - Little Harley Quinn Click on the picture to see it on CAF.
  9. PUBLISHED Fernando Ruiz Archie #613, page 8. Click on the picture to see it on CAF.
  10. PUBLISHED Dan DeCarlo Josie #25, page 1. Click on the picture to see it (and the other 7 pages) on my CAF.
  11. PUBLISHED Tony Strobl Donald Duck #73, "Riverboat Shuffle" restored panel. Click on the picture to see it in my CAF.
  12. PUBLISHED Mike Parobeck El Diablo #14, page 14. Click on the picture to see it in my CAF.
  13. PUBLISHED Dan Parent Archie Meets Batman '66 #3, page 13. Click on the picture to see it in my CAF.
  14. Even though Amanda Conner has drawn 100+ covers with Harley Quinn I believe she only sells a limited selection every year not to flood the market and keep the prices up (she revealed how many in an interview I can't find right now, maybe in Washington Post). One can argue if this is the right tactic, but if the character's popularity doesn't fade that is one way of getting the most $$$ for your artwork. She used to have Albert Moy as an agent, but now she sells her artwork by herself through the Paperfilms website and the prices have gone up significantly. I remember Albert selling the Power Girl covers for four figures but nothing compared to what her Harley Quinn covers cost now. I suppose she isn't pressed to sell so she can hold on to it until someone is prepared to pay what she is asking for it. And I also like to think that the scarcity of her older artwork for sale has something to do with collectors and fans buying out of love and not for speculation and keeping it. I can only speak for myself, but unless someone is offering me a ridiculous amount there is not very likely that it is ever leaving my own collection. One reason is that it would obviously be very hard to replace without overpaying someone else. As always a piece of OA is worth what someone is willing to pay, so if Conner's newer artwork doesn't sell for what she is asking for the prices will eventually go down if she wants to move it. Overpriced? Maybe. But only time will (as always) tell.
  15. Li'l Abner from December 30, 1955: Click on the picture for a much bigger scan in my CAFgallery. (Should there be som traces of Frazetta here?)