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  1. I know a 9.8 is reaching but if anybody has either grade shoot me a pm. Thanks! Matt
  2. Yeah I was working with him on purchasing it and he got an offer during negotiations that he accepted. I've missed out on a couple of chances. Thought I might have some luck on here.
  3. Yeah I bid on the last one that sold and got sniped at the end. I'm willing to pay GPA on it if anybody has a nice one.
  4. Looking for a blue label copy in 9.6. PM me if you have one you're willing to part with. Thanks!
  5. Looking for a blue label graded copy 6.0 or lower. Pm me if you have anything available. Thanks!
  6. Hey there! Looking for a 9.8 copy of Pip. If anybody has one for sale just shoot me a pm. Thanks!
  7. WTB Best Cellars 1 9.8 Hey guys! Looking for a graded 9.8 copy. If anybody has one that they're willing to part with PM me. Thanks!
  8. WTB Best Cellars #1 in 9.8 Hey guys! I'm looking for the Goons first appearance to add to my collection of Goon comics. If you have one available shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  9. WTB Marvel Premiere 15 9.8 Shoot me a pm if you have one you're looking to part with. Thanks!
  10. I know there's only a couple of them out there but worth a shot! Let me know if one of you are out there!
  11. Thanks! Yeah I saw that I just missed one on here not long ago when I was out of town. Bad timing but fingers crossed!