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  1. I received the scam message from Ben67... Here is another one, I received today, that seems to be similar. And, again, the profile used to send the message seems to be a newly-established ghost account.
  2. Yes; and that David Sonnhalter email tries to tell you he got scammed by PayPal in the past and will only do Venmo or cash app. When you push back, he’ll try to get you to pay by ach transfer or money order. And, if you check that Ben’s CGC profile, it’s essentially a newly-established ghost account.
  3. Bump... anybody looking to sell this book? Thanks!
  4. I had the same exact experience as relates to a X-Men 49 want to buy post... definitely Sam and his buddy, if not the same person, are working scams. I have a whole chain of emails to support this fact.
  5. P It’s more than fair to want to see the back cover before making an unequivocal commitment to purchase, especially of a book that size; however, while you’re waiting for it, if someone wants the book to the extent that they will unequivocally purchase without seeing the back cover (and do), it just means you weren’t able to buy the book.
  6. The other was an unequivocal, “I’ll take it!”
  7. “I want it, but would like ‘INSERT WANT’ first” is the definition of a condition, in my opinion...
  8. One was a conditional offer, the other was an “I’ll take it!” You don’t have to use the emoji.
  9. If you have an X-men 49, please message me. Thank you.
  10. Looking for a 9.0 or higher. Please feel free to post here or PM me; thank you!