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  1. Looking for some Fortress cases in good condition. Please let me know and thanks!
  2. How is that a 4.5? Does it have interior defects? Beautifully presenting 4.5.
  3. Awesome book! Daredevil is my favorite Marvel hero and my DD1 is the prize of my collection. Good luck with the sale and nicely presenting copy!
  4. Anyone have a copy they are wanting or willing to sell? Thanks! Michael
  5. BEAUTIFUL COPY!!!! Hard to find in that condition for sure!
  6. What are 9.2 Blues going for right now?
  7. A very, very, very hard book to find and an absolute key issue. Took me about 4 years to find my copy... Awesome!
  8. ToS39... Stark/Iron Man are more relatable and, therefore, will continue to be more impactful to pop culture (not just movies; toy's, kids running around in Iron Man shirts, etc.). And, I think movies, but more so pop culture infusion most certainly impacts the SA (and every) market, look at any number of books (or books that have relatively recessed contrastingly for the same reason). Also, kids developing a personal connection to a particular character grow up to be (SA/) collectors as adults... And we are talking about upside "down the line" right?
  9. Do you have pictures? Also, would you consider trading down into a CGC 9.2 WP?
  10. I'd love to hear people's thoughts on how many books in the census population are erroneous. With people resubmitting for new grade, SS re-subs, etc.? I know this really became a problem in the sports card census. I have a few books that still show as registered copies, even though they were SS resubs. And, CGC said they review and update the data every few weeks, but would remove these ghost Certs. Now, a few years later, the books haven't been removed. Which means book populations are likely skewed, overstating graded population reports.