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  1. nice looking book, just looking for 9.8s ATM T~
  2. Would like them all in 9.8 with nice wraps paying around GPA Also will buy high grade raws for Thor 225 and Fantastic four 244 ~T
  3. Looking for CGC 9.8 blue, willing to pay over GPA
  4. Was my old 9.4 and now my new 9.6
  5. WTB Marvel Spotlight 32 9.8 White pages DM if you have a copy you looking to move. Thanks T~
  6. What can I say more about this man? Don is Fantastic guy to deal with.. Spent over 30k on 4 different Deals in one month. 100% trustworthy, This man has stolen my heart.. ~T
  7. Walk through Did not get it pressed maybe could have got the extra .2 But the Pages scared me and did not want to pop the staples from the cover.
  8. That 510 9.8 sketch you got for 3500$ is looking good now. Or was it 3k? still a good score.
  9. Picked up two books from Justin, 4K value. Perfect packaging, Great experience. Thanks again Justin